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"Is this Bakhmala? The Khalid Khandil mission, that was you?"
Black Widow to Sam Wilson[src]

Khalid Khandil is an Afghan criminal who was targeted by the United States Air Force and apprehended by Sam Wilson.


Khalid Khandil was deemed a target by the United States Air Force, who was tasked with apprehending him. To avoid being arrested, Khandil hid in the city of Bakhmala, in an area protected by soldiers using RPGs, preventing the military from sending helicopters to the area. To capture him, Sam Wilson and his pararescue unit were tasked with the mission of infiltrating the area using two sets of EXO-7 Falcon mechanical wing harnesses. Though Khandil's men were able to kill Riley with one of the RPGs, Wilson continued his mission and apprehended Khandil, bringing him into the custody.[1]