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Kevin Singleton was the main enforcer of Harold Meachum. Singleton was assigned by Harold's son, Ward, to destroy Danny Rand's files - which he succeeds in doing. Singleton along with another one of Harold's henchmen, Gary were gunned down by Hand soldiers under the orders of Bakuto.


Working for Harold Meachum

Destruction of Danny Rand's Files

"I know you sent that guy. You were the only one with me the day I broke my arm."
"What guy?"
"Why is this so important to you?"
"Do you hate me that much?"
"Yes. Because the Danny Rand that I knew... he's dead. And I want him to stay that way."
Danny Rand, Ward Meachum and Joy Meachum[src]

Singleton attacking Danny Rand

Singleton was ordered by Ward Meachum to destroy the files of Danny Rand in a hospital Rand was once in. However, unfortunately to Singleton, Rand had come to the hospital as well to retrieve his files from information given to him by Jeri Hogarth. Rand had asked Singleton is he had known anything about his records, unknowing of Singleton's intentions. While Rand was distracted looking for his medical records Singleton hits Rand in the back of the head, knocking him down.

While Rand is knocked down Singleton starts to pour Ethyl all over the files. Barley conscious due to Singleton's blow, Rand manages to harness his chi and summoning the Iron Fist. Singleton, before he is able to set the files on fire notices that Rand had gotten back up and attempts to punch Rand again and knock him out. However, Rand, empowered by the Iron Fist punches Singleton's hand, breaking it. Singleton lights up the match he was going to use to burn the files on Rand, however, Rand kicks the lit match away before Singleton could use it.

Singleton also attempts to stab Rand with his knife but Rand uses a knife to block it. Singleton and Rand have a brief battle in which Rand wins. However, when Rand goes over to prevent the lit match to hit the files it is too late and files are set on fire, destroying them. While Rand is distracted with saving a woman from the blaze that Singleton started Singleton manages to escape the scene.[1]

Assassination of Lawrence Wilkins

When Singleton's boss, Harold Meachum had discovered that his old associate Lawrence Wilkins had fired Ward and his sister, Joy Harold went to go kill Wilkins and had ended up bringing Singleton with him. Harold has Singleton cut the phone line to prevent Wilkins from calling the police. When Harold had come to confront and kill Wilkins he had Singleton guard the door to the room. When Harold kills Wilkins he has Singleton come in to clean up the mess and makes Wilkins' murder look like a suicide.[2]

Recruiting Gary

Singleton with Gary and Harold Meachum

"You vouch for him?"
"That's Gary. He helped us with the Miami thing."
"Oh. Well, let's hope tonight's a little less messy than that."
Harold Meachum and Kevin Singleton[src]

When Harold comes back to his penthouse to talk to his daughter, Joy he sees Singleton and another man named Gary. Harold tells Singleton that he wasn't allowed to bring any random people into the penthouse. Harold asks how Singleton had gotten Gary and Singleton reveals to Harold that Gary had helped Harold and Singleton was an event that had happened in Miami. Harold then says that he hopes that tonight wouldn't be as messy as "the Miami thing" and Singleton and Gary leave. Joy asks Harold how long Singleton has seen him and asks why Singleton was at the penthouse, Harold responds by saying that Singleton was there for precautions.[3]

Ambush at Harold Meachum's Penthouse

"We have a visitor."
"I thought I told you that Danny wasn't allowed here"
―Kevin Singleton and Harold Meachum[src]

When Harold and Joy were talking to each other about the past Singleton comes in and informs Harold that they had a visitor. Harold tells Singleton that Rand wasn't allowed in however it is revealed that it was not Rand but Ward, who had escaped Birch Psychiatric Hospital. When Ward says that he wants to speak to Joy alone Harold orders Singleton to figure out how Ward had escaped Birch. However, when Ward tried to drag Joy away Harold orders Singleton to stop Ward, only for Ward to pull out a gun he had stolen from Gary. Although Singleton offered to put a stop to this, Harold told him not to while Joy agreed to go with her brother. However, Bakuto and several Hand soldiers barge into the penthouse and, before Singleton is able to shoot anyone the Hand soldiers shoot Singleton and Gary under Bakuto's orders, killing them instantly.[4]


  • Expert Combatant: Singleton was the head enforcer for Harold Meachum and shown to be an expert combatant. Singleton was even able to knock down the Iron Fist, Danny Rand although Singleton weakened Rand by hitting him in the back of the head while Rand was distracted.


  • Knife: Singleton had a hidden knife which he used to attempt to kill Danny Rand in the Destruction of Danny Rand's Files. However, Rand had used a book to block Singleton's blow with his knife.
  • Glock 19: Singleton and Gary carried these handguns in order to protect Harold Meachum at his penthouse. However, once Bakuto and his men arrived, holding Meachum's whole family at gunpoint. Both men reached for their pistols, but they were quickly gunned down by Bakuto's men.





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