"Figured I could pull more weight, that's all."
"Why? Why would you suddenly feel the need for that?"
"I'm trying to steal your position of power in the family."
―Kevin Page and Karen Page[src]

Kevin Paxton Page was Karen Page's younger brother.


Early Life

"I undeferred you. I believe the traditional response is, “Thank you.”"
"No, how... how could you do this?"
"Because you gotta get outta here, Karen."
―Kevin Page and Karen Page[src]

Kevin Page was born in Fagan Corners, Vermont, the son of Paxton and Penelope Page and the younger brother of Karen Page.[1]

Kevin worked at the diner with Karen and their father, Paxton. When Karen decided she was going to take a gap year in college and sent in what was presumably her second deferment, Kevin went and canceled it so that Karen could go away to college at Georgetown. 

Fatal Accident

"What's the matter with you? I was gonna fix it! I was gonna fix it! You ruined it! Why? Why would you do that? Huh?"
"Because I already lost Mom... Watch out!"
Karen Page and Kevin Page[src]

One night after a heated argument at dinner between Karen and Paxton, Karen called her boyfriend Todd Neiman, a drug dealer to come and pick her up. After getting into an argument with Karen’s boyfriend outside the diner, Kevin drove over to Neiman’s trailer and lit it on fire. Enraged by the destruction of his trailer, Neiman grabbed a tire iron and began to beat Kevin ruthlessly until Karen grabbed Neiman’s pistol from his truck and shot him.

Whilst fleeing from the trailer fire, Karen questioned Kevin about his actions to which he replied that he had already lost his mother and didn’t want to lose his sister as well. Distracted by their conversation, Karen failed to see that she had drifted to the right side of the road and flipped the car on a guard railing. The responding medical services sent his body to Windler Medical Center where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

To avoid Karen going to jail for manslaughter of her brother, the sheriff falsified a report stating that only Kevin was in the car. Paxton blamed Karen for Kevin’s death and asked Karen to leave town for college. Karen went away sometime after.[2]


"What's your brother like?"
"Uh, he's sweet. He's a good brother."
Matt Murdock and Karen Page[src]

Kevin was kind young man who cared about the best for his family. Described by his sister as being very sweet Kevin loved, cared for, and was ultimately very protective of his older sister Karen willing to set fire to her boyfriends trailer (who he knew was selling drugs and having Karen help him) to keep Karen away from his dangerous influence. Kevin also supported Karen going to college wanting his sister to have a life of her own.








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