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"Kevin Michener was orphaned during the Incident."

Kevin Michener was a young teenager who was orphaned following the Battle of New York. Having nowhere to go, he was found by Colleen Wing and brought him into Bakuto's faction of the Hand.


Born in the city of New York, Kevin Michener was present at the time when the Chitauri invaded New York, leading to a battle between the invaders and the Avengers. After his parents were killed during the Incident, Michener had nowhere to go and felt lost. Feeling that no one would care for him, his life turned around when he was found by Colleen Wing. Along with his friend Becca Yoo, he was trained by Wing to be brought into Bakuto's faction of the Hand. After graduating, he interned at the mayor's office.[1]



  • Father †
  • Mother †



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