"Meet Kevin Kennedy. On life support following an auto accident for over a year. He weighed 185 and has O negative blood. In 30 minutes, Kevin's family will enter this room with a priest, who will say last rites before the doctor takes him off life support and he dies."
Joy Meachum[src]

Kevin Kennedy was a dying boy and an applicant organ donor.


Visiting Metro-General Hospital, Joy Meachum informed Raj Patel that Kevin was soon to die, his parents soon to bring in a priest and say their final respects before taking him off life support. She also added that he was O-negative blood, a perfect match for Patel's nephew Terence Patel to provide a live transparent. He is, however, told that the liver would given if he sold Red Hook Pier to Rand Enterprises.[1]



  • Father
  • Mother


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