"I got nothing. And you got nothing, except some payback coming your way."
―Kev to James Connors[src]

Kev is an errand boy who used to work for Duane Porter by delivering drugs in New Orleans.


Errand Boy

"Make sure your count and your product is right. Keep your head on, and don't go visit your little girlfriends."
"I got it, yo!"
Duane Porter and Kev[src]

Kev worked for Duane Porter, making drug deliveries for him all across New Orleans. One day, he arrived at Buildwell Wood Shop to get a bag full of drugs, and was instructed by Porter to pay attention and not get distracted during his run. As he departed, Kev quickly figured out that he was being followed by Tyrone Johnson. He thus confronted him, threatening him with a gun and ordering him to get away.


Later, while Kev was with a group of friends, they were approached by a NOPD car, prompting Kev to flee and ditch the bag he was carrying. He was quickly caught by James Connors, which Kev did not understand as Connors was also involved in the drug dealing in New Orleans. Kev was beaten up by Connors, who warned him that Brigid O'Reilly was conducting an investigation on him and his associates. As O'Reilly arrived, Kev received some more blows before being ordered to leave.

Kev then found Johnson carrying the backpack full of drugs and ordered him to give it back. However, Johnson refused and touched Kev, thus activating his inner fears and eventually causing him to flee. Kev then called Porter to tell him that he had lost the bag.[1]








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