"Where is he?"
"Dead. On a mountain in Kentucky."
Dinah Madani and Sam Stein[src]

Kentucky is a state located on the east south-central region of the United States of America.


Steel Serpent Trade Route

Lexington, Kentucky was one of the cities where Hand organized trade route for Steel Serpent's sale using the Rand Enterprises' resources.[1]

Attack on Gunner Henderson

Following the end of Operation Cerberus, Gunner Henderson hid in Kentucky because he knew about Morty Bennett's involvement in the operation. However, William Rawlins learned that Homeland Security discussed the soldiers who suspected to be involved with the Cerberus Squad, including Henderson and Frank Castle. Rawlins decided to assassinate all the last members of Cerberus Squad. As he watched the mission unfold on his computer screen, Rawlins sent a unit of Anvil agents to Kentucky to assassinate Henderson.

Gunner pic

Meanwhile, Micro found Henderson in a cabin in Kentucky and Punisher went alone to find him. When Castle found the cabin, Henderson shot him with an arrow. Castle convinced Henderson to talk with him and that he is not a threat. Henderson revealed why he filmed the torture of Ahmad Zubair and discovered that Bennett supervised the operation.

Meantime, a helicopter with Anvil agents landed in the woods. Assisted by Micro who spotted targets with a drone, Castle and Henderson took out the team. Rawlins, who supervised the operation, discovered that Castle is still alive. Castle and Henderson were badly wounded. Henderson died of blood loss, and Castle was rescued by Micro.[2]

At next day, Kentucky State Police found Henderson's corpse in the woods and contacted with Homeland Security. Dinah Madani and Sam Stein arrived in Kentucky to survey the site of Henderson's death. Madani determined that a gunfight occurred in the woods and that there were probably two men. She takes evidence to be tested for DNA and discovered that the survivor was Frank Castle.[3]



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