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"Do you have any idea what this means? We could kill millions of people, perhaps even billions."
"Pretty awesome, huh?"
Jemma Simmons and Kenneth Turgeon[src]

Kenneth Turgeon was one of the chief scientific supervisors at the HYDRA Laboratories working for Daniel Whitehall. When HYDRA learned there was a mole in the lab, Turgeon was accused and taken away by Sunil Bakshi for torture and questioning before discovering Jemma Simmons as the real mole.


HYDRA Supervisor

Working with Jemma Simmons

"I'll read all about it once you finish your report. Have it on my desk as soon as possible."
―Kenneth Turgeon to Jemma Simmons[src]

Kenneth Turgeon noted that Jemma Simmons arrived at the HYDRA Laboratories early one morning. As she was attempting to give her reasons, Turgeon told her to put it in her report on the cell samples she was examining.

Later, an unprepared, panicked Turgeon went to Simmons when he was asked by his HYDRA superiors to give a full report on Simmons' progress. She offered to help him by accompanying him upstairs. He was adamantly against it, so Simmons coached him on what to say. She explained to him that the cells emitted liquid nitrogen and their ability was environmental, not genetic. Turgeon wrote this in a file Simmons glimpsed; a picture of Donnie Gill was inside.

Turgeon was later accompanied by two powerful-looking agents when he told Simmons that she had been summoned upstairs.[1]

The Mole

"That's not mine! I've never seen that before in my life!"
―Kenneth Turgeon to Bobbi Morse[src]

Turgeon insists his innocence to Bobbi Morse

Weeks later, Turgeon and Jemma Simmons were partners, with nearby desks, on a project examining Bessie's blood when Sunil Bakshi commanded them to go to a meeting Daniel Whitehall was having about duplicating the powers of the Diviner. Turgeon was jealous when Whitehall called Simmons by name, asking for her input. Jemma Simmons then sent a secret message to S.H.I.E.L.D. Soon after, Bobbi Morse and Bakshi told everyone in the lab that there was a mole among them. While searching Turgeon's desk, HYDRA security officers found evidence that he was the mole. As Simmons watched, they hit Turgeon in the head and dragged him away.[2]

Turgeon struggled with his mouth gagged as he was strapped to a table by HYDRA operatives to be tortured; just as Bakshi was about to begin, he received a message revealing Simmons as the real mole.[3]


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  • The lapel worn by Turgeon is similar to one worn by Arnim Zola.