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"Not asking questions has been my thing because you've made it clear that you don't want them asked."
"And I like that about you."
"Be prepared to like me less."
―Kenneth Fuchs and Brigid O'Reilly[src]

Kenneth Fuchs was a police officer for the New Orleans Police Department who briefly dated Brigid O'Reilly and helped her to arrest James Connors before being brutally murdered.


Dating Brigid O'Reilly

"I like making girlfriend pancakes."
"I'm your girlfriend?"
"You are eating the pancakes."
―Kenneth Fuchs and Brigid O'Reilly[src]

Fuchs gives his phone number to Brigid O'Reilly

Kenneth Fuchs stood to watch next to the alley where Rick Cotton had been wounded by Tandy Bowen. As Brigid O'Reilly approached the crime scene, she gave Fuchs her cup of coffee, leaving him puzzled about what to do with it. Fuchs later found O'Reilly in her car and gave her back her cup of coffee, with his phone number written on it. This started the relationship between Fuchs and O'Reilly.[6] They even ended having sex in O'Reilly's cop car.

Brigid O'Reilly and Fuchs discuss James Connors' possible involvement in drug dealing

Back at the New Orleans Police Department Station, Fuchs noticed that O'Reilly was deeply focused on her computer screen. He approached her and jokingly started conversation with her, only for O'Reilly to detail her theory of how she suspected James Connors was involved in the drug dealing activity across New Orleans.[7] However, as O'Reilly went deeper in her investigation, Fuchs warned her about the dangers of it. Later, as O'Reilly and Connors exited the police station together, Fuchs gave her a worried look.[8]

Fuchs later welcomed O'Reilly in his apartment after she had been asked about the shooting of Duane Porter. Fuchs comforted her as best as he could, making pancakes for her which he called "girlfriend pancakes", prompting O'Reilly to ask him whether she indeed was his girlfriend, which Fuchs confirmed since she was eating the pancakes. Fuchs then assured O'Reilly that he would help her to arrest Connors.[9]

Working with Cloak

Fuchs listens to Tyrone Johnson's plan

"You saw that kid. I mean, what he can do."
"I'm from New York. I've seen it before. I ever tell you about my friend, Misty?"
―Kenneth Fuchs and Brigid O'Reilly[src]

Later, Fuchs invited both Brigid O'Reilly and Tyrone Johnson in his home to discuss the latter's plan in order to arrest James Connors. Johnson explained that he intended to pose as his deceased brother Billy and use Connors' guilt and fear to make him believe Billy's ghost had returned to haunt him. Both Fuchs and O'Reilly advised Johnson against it, stating that it was too dangerous. Therefore, Johnson decided to trust them and demonstrated his powers to them, convincing them to go according to his plan.

Fuchs records James Connors' confession

During the chase of Johnson by Connors, Fuchs remained hidden as Johnson made a final appearance in front of the corrupt detective. Fuchs then used his phone to record Connors' confession about the murder of Billy, enabling O'Reilly to arrest Connors. Fuchs and O'Reilly then brought back Connors to the New Orleans Police Department Station and discussed Cloak's powers, although O'Reilly was far less impressed than Fuchs was, mentioning her friend Misty Knight from NYPD. They then shared a kiss to celebrate their victory.[9]

Murdered by James Connors

Fuchs' body in the refrigerator

"A great guy, a solid cop. It's a damn tragedy that he got involved with the wrong people."
James Connors[src]

Fuchs returned to his home, expecting Brigid O'Reilly to visit him the next day. However, Fuchs was brutally murdered by James Connors who bludgeoned him with a bat and stored him in the refrigerator. Fuchs' body was discovered a few hours later by a horrified O'Reilly.[9] The forensic then came to collect Fuchs' body and O'Reilly found the bat used to kill him.

Fuchs' colleagues gathered in a bar to pay a tribute to him and recall how a good policeman he was. Connors joined as well, calling Fuchs a great man and pretending to regret his death, causing O'Reilly to violently attack him as she suspected him to be involved in the assassination of her boyfriend.[1]


"I know you know whose attention you're coming after, and I..."
"And what? You reckon it won't work?"
"No. I'm concerned that it might."
―Kenneth Fuchs and Brigid O'Reilly[src]

Kenneth Fuchs was one of the few honest members of the New Orleans Police Department. Although he admitted that the potential involvement of James Connors in the drug dealing in New Orleans had made the city safer, he was willing to help Brigid O'Reilly to arrest Connors. He genuinely cared for her and expressed his concern that her investigation could put her in harm's way. However, he never attempted to stop her and refrained from asking too many questions, which O'Reilly appreciated. Fuchs was also reluctant to let Tyrone Johnson assist them in the arrest of Connors until he witnessed Cloak's powers, which greatly amazed him.






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  • The killing of Fuchs was a reversal of the "Women in Refrigerators trope", when a female character is hurt or killed in a story in order to force a male character to do something.


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