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"Great work, just a couple of adjustments. Can I get make up over here please, thank you let's go let's go. Let's see if we can try and get rid of the lines around her eyes, can we do that, great."

Kenneth was a motion picture director who was often displeased with the appearance of his leading actress Whitney Frost. When he discovered a scar on Frost's forehead, he confronted her and was accidentally absorbed into her skin by Zero Matter.


Movie Director

Mocking Whitney Frost

"Let's talk about your wardrobe; can we bring it in anymore?"
"No! I can barely breath as it is."
"Well then I guess someone's going to be skipping lunch today, isn't she? You are, you're my trooper, you're my girl."
―Kenneth and Whitney Frost[src]

Kenneth directing one of his movie scenes

Kenneth, who enjoyed drinking and being intoxicated,[2] was the motion picture director of a movie starring famed actress Whitney Frost. Kenneth watched closely as Frost spoke her lines in one of her scenes involving her declaring her love for an older man. Once he called cut on the scene, Kenneth asked the makeup artists to attempt to make her look younger, saying that her eyes had lines beneath them which needed to be covered.

Kenneth speaks to the lighting department

Kenneth spoke further and felt that Frost could look thinner, suggesting that the wardrobe department should tighten her outfit to make her smaller in the waist. Frost complained that she could hardly breathe in the outfit at the present setting; Kenneth told Frost to skip lunch in order to appear slimmer on film, before he left to talk to Ralph of the lighting department and complain about how he was not doing his job because Frost still looked old, not caring that his words were deeply impacting Frost's self-esteem.[3]

Absorbed by Whitney Frost

Kenneth speaking with Whitney Frost

"What is that?"
"That is not nothing! What happened to your face?!"
―Kenneth and Whitney Frost[src]

Kenneth entered the dressing room of Whitney Frost while she was having a conversation with Peggy Carter to tell Frost that she was needed for a scene. Later, Kenneth returned to Frost's dressing room and explained to her that the producers of the motion picture they were filming wanted him to fire her for a younger actress, but he threatened them with quitting, so they acquiesced. Frost was grateful to Kenneth for siding with her against the studio and hugged him.

Kenneth is killed by Whitney Frost's Darkforce

Kenneth then turned a friendly hug into a passionate one and would not let her go and told her that she was beautiful. Frost struggled to be released when Kenneth saw the black scar on her forehead; Kenneth was repulsed by its appearance and began screaming and yelling. Fearing that he would draw more attention to her appearance, Frost grabbed Kenneth's arm. Suddenly, Frost unwillingly transformed him into Zero Matter, watching to her horror how Kenneth was absorbed into her body.[1]