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"The frog trapped in the well does not understand the sea."
―Kenji Ozawa[src]

Kenji Ozawa was the grandfather of Colleen Wing who taught her Bushido.


"Your grandfather was right to train you the way he did."
"You didn't know my grandfather."
Madame Gao and Colleen Wing[src]

In the wake of the death of Azumi Ozawa, Colleen Wing was sent by her father to Japan to live with her grandparents.[1] While most of her family did not care about Wing, Kenji Ozawa saw the potential in her and decided to teach her the art of Bushido.

For her training, Ozawa used to send Wing on some missions, such as find three songbirds or track a tanuki, being very serious about it. Wing could not understand the point of her missions, as Ozawa was replying to her questions with riddles. Later, Wing realized that Ozawa's lessons made her able to observe the world around her what allowed her to become the great warrior.[2]

After the years of intense training, Ozawa admitted that Wing was ready to find her own way. Before Wing left Japan, Ozawa gave her his katana that was passed from generation to generation in their family. Eventually, Wing was recruited into the Hand by Bakuto, as Ozawa's training made her one of the most skilled warriors of the Hand.[3] Meanwhile, Ozawa passed away and his favorite proverb "The frog trapped in a well does not understand the sea." was printed in his obituary.[4]



"That's his katana, right?"
Danny Rand to Colleen Wing[src]
  • Katana: Ozawa carried the family relic katana that was passed from generation to generation. In conclusion of Colleen Wing's training, Ozawa passed the katana to her.




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  • In the comics, Kenji Ozawa is a former member of Japanese secret service who trained Colleen Wing in the way of samurai.


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