"The patient knew the risks. We continue."
―Kenji Oyama[src]

Doctor Kenji Oyama is a surgeon who operated on Benjamin Poindexter after his spine was broken by the Kingpin.


Operating on Poindexter

"Doctor, if this fails, he'll be permanently paralyzed. T8 and T9 are falling apart. Even using cadaver material, reconstruction is hopeless."
"I disagree."
―Spinal Surgeon and Kenji Oyama[src]

Oyama treating Benjamin Poindexter's injury

Kenji Oyama was one of the doctors who were tasked to treat Benjamin Poindexter after he was injured by Kingpin in their final altercation. While performing spinal repair surgery on Poindexter, Oyama was reminded by his colleague that if the procedure were to fail, it would leave the patient permanently paralyzed. Oyama then decided to use Cogmium reinforcing framework and reminded him that patient knew the risks and continued the operation.[1]





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