"I'd never be able to live with myself if I knew these people died because of me. How the hell can any of you live with yourselves? I took the same oath as all of you and I intend to keep it."
―Ken Ogden[src]

Deputy Ken Ogden is an officer of the Larkville Police Department.


New Prisoners

As Larkville Police Department was informed about the shootout at the Tides Motel, Ken Ogden with the other officers arrived to arrest Frank Castle, Marlena Olin, and Amy Bendix. Roy Hardin ordered Ogden to watch for Castle who used his phone call to contact with Dinah Madani. Once Castle finished and refused to explain his actions to Hardin, he was imprisoned at the cell with Ogden's brother, Bruce, who was arrested for being drunk in public.[2]

Watching for Amy Bendix

"Hey, you think you could get me a Coke?"
"You got a dollar?"
"I'm not about to spend my own money on a suspect."
"I'm not a suspect, I'm the victim. Ask your boss."
Amy Bendix and Ken Ogden[src]

Ogden was tasked by Roy Hardin to watch over Amy Bendix, while other officers were examining her fingerprints. Talking with Bendix, Ogden told her about the seminar "weak eye theory" about taking advantage by looking at suspect exclusively in their weak eye. Bendix was slightly impressed and asked Ogden to bring her some Coca-Cola, however, Ogden did not want to spend his own money on a suspect. Bendix attempted to convince Ogden that she needs Coca-Cola and then took five dollars from him.

Later, Hardin informed Bendix that Larkville Police Department discovered her multiple identities and aliases. He asked her to explain, however, Bendix insisted that she is the victim. Understanding that they will not have a productive conversation, and ordered Ogden to lock her in the cell with Marlena Olin. Afraid to be locked with Olin, Bendix confessed that Frank Castle, in fact, rescued her from Olin.[1]

Attack on Larkville County Sheriff Station

"Hey, you keep standing up like that, you're gonna bleed out. You want to die tonight, kid? Is that what you want?"
"No, sir."
Frank Castle and Ken Ogden[src]

Suddenly, Larkville County Sheriff Station was de-energized and all mobile and radio communications were jammed. While other officers were trying to reestablish the power, Amy Bendix went to the vending machine to grab Coca-Cola. Ogden tried to persuade her, noting that her arm will be stuck in the machine, however, she pulled the drink. Impressed, Ogden noted that she still stole it from the machine in the police station. He asked to return him his money, at least, but she said that it stayed at the machine.


Ogden is informed of the mercenaries' attack

Later, Roy Hardin brought Frank Castle to the office, demanding to explain everything that led in their current situation. He told them about the confrontations with Marlena Olin and her mercenaries at Lola's Roadhouse and the Tides Motel, and they will not stop until everyone in the station will be dead. Hardin refused to let the convicts go and ordered Ogden to take a vehicle and drive outside of the station to deal with a jammer and contact the state police.

Covered by his colleagues, Ogden went outside of the station and took the vehicle. However, before Ogden could drive the vehicle out of the station, he was shot in the chest by John Pilgrim. Hardin brought him back to the station where his wound was treated by Murphy and Bendix. Pilgrim stated to Hardin that shot was not lethal but without medical assistance, he will die in three hours. Moments later, the station was attacked by Marlena Olin's Crew, forcing police officers to fight back, while Ogden was unable to evens stand.


Ogden is comforted by his brother

They were saved by Castle who uncuffed himself and used the rifle to take down all hostiles. Much to Bruce Ogden's horror, he noticed his brother, wounded and bleeding on the floor. He hurried up to take care of Ogden, saying that he warned him that this job is too dangerous for Ogden. Informed by Bruce, that mercenaries are going to blow down the station, Hardin proposed to turn Bendix and Castle to them, as Ogden was desperate for medical assistance. However, Ogden refused, claiming that he cannot let people die because of him and Larkville Police Department cannot do this either.


Ogden is approached by paramedics

Convinced by Ogden's words, Castle and the rest of the police officers prepared for the next attack. Castle noted Ogden who attempted to stand and said him to lay down and put pressure on the wound. Castle told Ogden that he can die from blood loss and Ogden agreed to lay down. Bruce went to take care of his brother, assuring him that nobody hurt his brother without going through him. While Ogden stayed with his brother and Bendix, Castle left the station and eliminate the whole hostile squad alone. As soon as the Homeland Security arrived at the station, Ogden was approached by paramedics to provide medical assistance for him.[1]


"Hey, you did good. What you did was as brave as anyone I ever saw. But now, it's time you sit there."
Frank Castle to Ken Ogden[src]

Despite his age and lack of experience, Ken Ogden proved himself as a responsible and loyal police officer. His sense of law was shown as he did not hesitate to arrest his own older brother for being drunk in public. Even when he was heavily wounded by John Pilgrim, Ogden convinced Roy Hardin to not turn Frank Castle and Amy Bendix, noting that they must protect people as police and he would be unable to live with himself if Castle and Bendix dies. Ogden even tried to stand properly to fight against Marlena Olin's Crew, ignoring his ultimate pain until Castle convinced him to sit down.









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