Ken was an old ally of Will Simpson's who was killed during a mission to assassinate Kilgrave.


Ken was asked by Will Simpson to join him on a mission to assassinate Kilgrave. The evening of the mission Ken, toger with Robinson and Simpson, waited outside of the house for Jessica Jones to deliver them Kilgrave. As soon as Jones left the house with the unconscious Kilgrave Simpson stopped her and asked her if he could kill him. When Jones denied him the opportunity and wanted to walk on she was stopped by Ken and Robinson, who tried to corner her. In order to get away from them Jones flew into the air and escaped with Kilgrave. This surprised both Ken and Robinson.

Knowing that Kilgrave was lost to them the team prepared to depart. On their way they were stopped by Elizabeth De Luca, an older neighbor of the house. De Luca handed Simpson a paperback with a bomb he placed earlier. Ken was ordered to run just as it exploded and was killed by the explosion.[1]




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