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"I bet Kelly must be really proud of you, hmm?"
"He's still mad I went to Temple instead of playin' for St. John's."
Pop and Misty Knight[src]

Kelly Knight is a father of Misty Knight.


"My dad used to drag me with him when he went to go get his hair cut."
"Daddy's girl."
"Always. They would sit around all the time and just argue about basketball. Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Robert Parish."
"Whoa, whoa, whoa, Celtics?"
"My dad is a Celtics fan."
Misty Knight and Rafael Scarfe[src]
Kelly Knight often visited Pop's Barber Shop to get haircut from his friend Pop and always brought his daughter Misty. Kelly was a huge fan of Boston Celtics and argued with Pop about basketball. Misty listened their argue and, because of this, became a fan of basketball. Like her father, she like Celtics.[1]

According Misty, Kelly got mad when she decided to play for Temple University instead of St. John but Pop was sure that he really proud of her.[2]






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