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"Anyone crosses us, we'll paint the streets red with their blood. And when they're gone, we'll make your father proud!"
Nesbitt to Kelly Cooley[src]

Kelly Cooley was a member of the Kitchen Irish and the son of one of its leaders, Finn Cooley. He was shot and killed by the Punisher alongside several other mobsters.


Early Life

"I didn't want him to follow my footsteps, but he insisted. He came over to make his fortune and now look."
Finn Cooley[src]

As the son of Finn Cooley, one of the key leaders of the Kitchen Irish, Cooley was eager to follow in his father's footsteps, despite being ordered not to. When he grew up however, Cooley's father returned to Ireland and Cooley stayed in New York City, joining the Kitchen Irish under the leadership of Nesbitt.[1]

Massacre at the Burren Club

"This is a night for celebration, a night to discuss the future of our family, gratitude we feel for the support of his father."
Nesbitt to Kelly Cooley[src]

Cooley listening closely to Nesbitt's speech

Cooley was among the members of the Kitchen Irish who were called to the Burren Club for a meeting with Nesbitt. Once their leader finally arrived and Cullen had ensured that he had been given a drink from Grotto, the group took their seats and listened as Nesbitt gave a speech in which he claimed that it was time that the Kitchen Irish retook their place as the criminal leaders of New York City now that Wilson Fisk was locked away inside Ryker's Island for his own many crimes.

Cooley getting gunned down by the Punisher

As Nesbitt reached the end of his speech, he personally pointed out Cooley and promised that they would kill anybody who tried to stop them and make his father, Finn Cooley, proud as they regained control of Hell's Kitchen. However as Nesbitt was speaking, a bullet fired by the Punisher hit the Irish leader in the forehead and killed him, before the room erupted in a hail of bullets. Cooley drew his gun with everyone else and fired back, but before long he was shot directly in the chest and died from his wounds along with almost everyone else there.[2]



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