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"This is my life, Maya. My life! It was never supposed to be yours!"
―Kazi Kazimierczak to Maya Lopez[src]

Kazimierz "Kazi" Kazimierczak is a prominent member of the Tracksuit Mafia, being a childhood friend and the second-command of Maya Lopez. Working close with Wilson Fisk, Kazimierczak became heavily involved in Fisk's plot to take control over New York City, but the Tracksuit Mafia's plans were hindered by Clint Barton and Kate Bishop. Kazimierczak was later ordered by Fisk to assassinate Eleanor Bishop, however, she was rescued by Barton and Kate, while Kazimierczak ended up being attacked by Lopez who found out the truth about the death of her father.


Early Life

Meeting Maya Lopez

"Mój tata pracuje...[4] with your dad."
"I'm deaf... My dad works with your dad?"
"My... dad... works... with... your... dad..."
―Kazi Kazimierczak and Maya Lopez[src]

Kazimierczak trains at the Karate Academy

Kazi Kazimierczak was a son of the Tracksuit Mafia member, who worked together with William Lopez.[5] In 2007, Kazimierczak was training in karate at the Brooklyn Karate Academy in New York City. In a sparring match, Kazimierczak was defeated by a child larger than him. After a water break, Kazimierczak watched Lopez's match against the child who defeated him, and witnessed as Lopez swiftly took down her opponent despite an even greater size disadvantage.[3] Kazimierczak later went to talk with Lopez, telling her that their fathers work together, but Lopez was deaf and could not hear anything. Kazimierczak then pointed at their fathers, and Lopez repeated what he said to her in American Sign Language, which Kazimierczak tried to replicate. Kazimierczak and Lopez quickly got along and became close friends.[5]

Working for the Tracksuit Mafia

"Look, you've been working under William Lopez as a lieutenant for, what, four years? And now under Maya for a few more years. You know this operation better than anybody."
Clint Barton to Kazi Kazimierczak[src]

As an adult, Kazimierczak joined the Tracksuit Mafia, operating under William Lopez as his lieutenant and second in command for four years. In 2018, he survived the Snap. He was not present at Fat Man Auto Repair when Ronin attacked, having been aware of Wilson Fisk's plot to take out William.[6][7] Following Lopez's death, Kazimierczak continued to work for the Mafia, now under the leadership of Maya Lopez, who took over her father's position.[2]

Hunt for Ronin

Robbery of the Black Market

Kazimierczak raids the auction

"We've got ninety seconds to find the watch. Everything else is secondary."
―Kazi Kazimierczak to Tracksuit Mafia[src]

In December 2024, Kazimierczak led the Tracksuit Mafia on a heist to steal a Rolex watch recovered from the Avengers Compound from a black market auction. The robbery went away when Kate Bishop, disguised in the Ronin suit, attempted to fight them off.

Kazimierczak watches as Ronin escapes

Believing Bishop to be the same Ronin who had massacred the majority of the Mafia years prior, Kazimierczak confronted Bishop. After a short fight, Bishop fled from the auction in order to rescue Lucky. Kazimierczak pursued her and Lucky down the street, but fled at the sound of approaching police sirens.[1]

Interrogating Hawkeye

Kazimierczak closely watches Clint Barton

"I'm sorry, Clint Barton can't take your call right now"
―Kazi Kazimierczak to Kate Bishop[src]

Once the Tracksuit Mafia had succeeded in capturing Clint Barton, Kazimierczak answered a phone call to Barton's phone from Kate Bishop. Kazimierczak looked on as Ivan Banionis attempted to interrogate Barton to no avail, and as Bishop dropped through the ceiling of the building trying to save Barton.[8]

Kazimierczak following behind Maya Lopez

Kazimierczak walked with Maya Lopez as she approached the two archers. Kazimierczak looked on as Lopez freed Barton's hands to speak with each other in sign language, but when Lopez noticed Barton was not fluent, Kazimierczak secured Barton's hands once again. Kazimierczak translated for Barton and Lopez as Barton explained that Bishop was not Ronin and that the whole ordeal has been a misunderstanding. Barton told Lopez that Ronin was dead by the hand of Natasha Romanoff, but Lopez did not believe him.

Kazimierczak asking Kate Bishop questions

Believing that talking to Barton was getting them nowhere, Kazimierczak and Lopez moved on to interrogating Bishop. Kazimierczak asked why Bishop put on the suit if she was not Ronin, but Lopez, overstruck by rage remembering the murder of her father, began to strangle Bishop. Kazimierczak pulled Lopez off of Bishop and tried to calm her down.[3]

Hawkeye and Kate Bishop's Escape

Kazimierczak threatens Kate Bishop's life

"Ivan, come with me. Tomas, go with Maya."
―Kazi Kazimierczak to Ivan Banionis and Tomas[src]

Clint Barton managed to free himself from his restraints and began to run away from the Tracksuit Mafia. Maya Lopez immediately began to pursue him, so Kazi Kazimierczak ordered the rest of the group to assist her while he stayed behind to watch Kate Bishop. He held his gun at Bishop as she tried to break free of her restraints, but was also distracted worriedly watching the fight between Lopez and Barton.

Kazimierczak fighting against Kate Bishop

Barton managed to shoot an arrow past Kazimierczak's ear at Bishop's restraints, freeing her. Taken by surprise, Kazimierczak was disarmed by Bishop and the two engaged in a fight. Barton interfered, temporarily incapacitating Kazimierczak, allowing the two archers to run away.

Kazimierczak furiously pursues their targets

The Tracksuit Mafia split up into multiple vehicles to pursue Barton and Bishop in a chase through the city. Kazimierczak drove a truck accompanied by Ivan Banionis, but their vision was soon impaired when Bishop shot their windshield with a putty arrow. Kazimierczak and Banionis pursued the archers through Rosie's Christmas Trees, but were halted when a cable arrow from Bishop latched onto dozens of Christmas trees, pulling them in the way of the vehicle.

Kazimierczak watches their targets escape

Kazimierczak eventually were about to catch up with Barton and Bishop on the Manhattan Bridge until the entire back half of the truck was destroyed by the archers using an arrow enlarged by Pym Particles. Kazimierczak and the rest of the mafia tried to stop Barton and Bishop with their guns, but the duo managed to escape onto a train and the mafia lost them.[3]

Warning Maya Lopez

Kazimierczak with Tomas

"Remind me. Who's in charge?"
"You are."
"Right. Look into Clint Barton."
Maya Lopez and Kazi Kazimierczak[src]

Kazimierczak and the rest of the Tracksuit Mafia had to abandon their hideout due to its existence no longer being a secret. As they packed their belongings up, Kazimierczak pulled Maya Lopez aside, asking her to talk.

Kazimierczak speaking with Maya Lopez

Kazimierczak warned Lopez that continuing to go after Ronin is dangerous and that the Mafia is supposed to be keeping a low profile, worrying that Wilson Fisk may find about their actions and would be mad with them. Lopez ignored Kazimierczak's warnings, and instead reminded him that she is in charge and tasked Kazimierczak with looking into Barton.[3]

Threatened by Hawkeye

Kazimierczak leaving Fat Man Auto Repair

"She's chasing a ghost. I think you know that. But I can't convince her of that. And I'm guessing you're the only one who can. This is the final warning. Just get it done."
Clint Barton to Kazi Kazimierczak[src]

The next day, Kazimierczak went to Fat Man Auto Repair as it was now the base of operations again. As he left and got inside his car, he was greeted by Clint Barton in the backseat, who had taken the gun and knives that Kazimierczak had hidden.

Kazimierczak is questioned by Clint Barton

Barton warned Kazimierczak that continuing to pursue Ronin could only result in Maya Lopez's death, and insisted that Kazimierczak convince her to stop her quest for vengeance before it was too late, knowing that he was the only one who could and that both knew that Wilson Fisk did not want the attention. Barton then exited the vehicle, taking Kazimierczak's weapons with him despite him asking for it back.[2]

Kazimierczak trying to advise Maya Lopez

Once Maya Lopez sustained a few injuries, including an arrow to the shoulder, when Kate Bishop invaded her apartment, Kazimierczak assisted Lopez in treating her wounds. Lopez explained the events of the night to Kazimierczak, including the presence of another woman that Barton and Bishop did not seem to know. Kazimierczak once again told Lopez that her quest for vengeance must end, but she insisted that she was so close to finishing it. Kazimierczak agreed that would help her to capture and kill Ronin, but then made her promise that it would end there.[6]

Maya Lopez's Suspicions

Kazimierczak at Fat Man Used Cars

"You were in town. You were his number two. Why didn't you go to the meeting the night my father was murdered?"
"I don't know. I didn't get the call. What is this?"
Maya Lopez and Kazi Kazimierczak[src]

When Maya Lopez received a note from Ronin to meet her alone at Fat Man Used Cars, Kazimierczak positioned himself nearby on top of the store's sign with a sniper rifle, waiting for Ronin's arrival. Ronin managed to sneak up on Kazimierczak, holding his sword up to Kazimierczak's head before rendering him unconscious with a punch to the face.

Kazimierczak hugs Maya Lopez

Kazimierczak met up with Lopez after her fight with Ronin, hugging her in relief that she was safe. He learned from Lopez that Ronin was still alive and had escaped. Lopez questioned Kazimierczak about the night that her father was killed, as unbeknownst to Kazimierczak, Lopez learned from Barton that an informant sent by Kingpin had tipped him off the night of the massacre.

Kazimierczak is concerned as Lopez leaves

Kazimierczak explained that he simply was not called to come to the meeting that night and that was why he was not there, but Lopez seemed unconvinced and rode off on her motorcycle, leaving Kazimierczak standing there concerned.[6]

Battle at Rockefeller Center

Meeting with Kingpin

Kazimierczak sits with Wilson Fisk

"The people need to be reminded that the city belongs to me."
Kingpin to Kazi Kazimierczak[src]

Kazimierczak was speaking with Wilson Fisk as Maya Lopez walked into the room. Kazimierczak translated between Fisk and Lopez as Lopez apologized for getting carried away in her quest for vengeance against Ronin and requested time away to clear her head.

Kazimierczak listens as Fisk talks to him

After Lopez left, Fisk turned to Kazimierczak and voiced his grievances about the Ronin, Hawkeye, Eleanor Bishop, and finally Lopez, who he believed was betraying him and the Tracksuit Mafia. Fisk walked up close to Kazimierczak and demanded that the people of New York City be reminded that the city belongs to Fisk.[7]

Attacking Clint Barton

Kazimierczak aims his sniper

"I'm gonna enjoy this."
―Kazi Kazimierczak to Clint Barton[src]

Kazimierczak was tasked by Fisk to lead the Tracksuit Mafia in an attack on the Bishop Christmas Party at the Rockefeller Center to eliminate the various threats towards the Kingpin's operations. Kazimierczak took position in a building across from the party with a sniper rifle. Kazimierczak found Eleanor Bishop, but she was found at the same time by Kate Bishop, who pulled her away from the windows to a different room.

Kazimierczak is smokescreened by Barton

He changed his focus to Clint Barton and took a shot, missing and causing the party to turn to chaos. He continued to shoot at Barton as Barton fled across the room. Barton's allies shut off the lights in the building, hindering Kazimierczak's aim. Barton approached another window, and before Kazimierczak had the opportunity to shoot, shot a smokescreen arrow through the window near Kazimierczak, forcing him to abandon his position.

Kazimierczak fights Clint Barton

Kazimierczak left the building to pursue Barton. He found Barton and managed to attack him by surprise, disarming him of his bow. The two fought and Kazimierczak was managing to keep Barton away from his bow. A group of Tracksuits led by Ivan Banionis were approaching the duel to assist Kazimierczak, but Barton managed to grab his bow long enough to detonate the explosives he had set up in the area, collapsing the ceiling on the incoming Tracksuits, removing Kazimierczak's assistance. Kazimierczak and Barton continued to fight, but Kazimierczak was overpowered by the Avenger and was knocked out.[7]

Duel Against Maya Lopez

Kazimierczak catches arrow

"I can't walk in both worlds."
―Kazi Kazimierczak to Maya Lopez[src]

Kazimierczak later caught up to Clint Barton near the Rockefeller Center ice skating rink, accompanied by Ivan Banionis and another Tracksuit Mafia member. Barton shot two consecutive arrows at the trio, with the second arrow splitting the first. The two halves of the first arrow took out Kazimierczak's allies, but Kazimierczak caught the arrow heading towards him in his hand. As Kazimierczak raised his gun to shoot at Barton, Barton was knocked out of the way by Yelena Belova.

Kazimierczak is confronted by Maya Lopez

Kazimierczak's pursuit of Barton was also interrupted by the arrival of Maya Lopez, who arrived to confront Kazimierczak. Kazimierczak warned Lopez that she should have left. Kazimierczak attacked his friend, swinging his rifle at Lopez, who managed to disarm him and knock him down. Lopez pleaded with Kazimierczak to stop fighting and leave with her, but he refused. Kazimierczak told Lopez that it was too late for him, and that Kingpin would never let him leave.

Kazimierczak warning Maya Lopez

Kazimierczak pulled one of Barton's arrows from the body of one of his allies, and tried to attack Lopez with it. However, Lopez managed to turn the arrow on Kazimierczak, impaling his stomach with the arrow. Gasping for air, Kazimierczak held his friend's face as she lowered his body to the ground. Kazimierczak told Lopez to leave, warning her that Kingpin was coming for her.[7]


"You seem like a reasonably not stupid guy."
"If you're trying to flatter me, you're way off the mark."
"Oh, don't get me wrong, I think you're a doormat."
Clint Barton and Kazi Kazimierczak[src]
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Kazimierczak seems to be an incredibly sharp and astute person who deeply cares about his friends at the Tracksuit Mafia, as shown how he cherished his friendship with Maya Lopez.


  • Martial Artist:

    Kazimierczak fighting against Maya Lopez

    Kazimierczak is a somewhat skilled fighter, having trained in karate at the Brooklyn Karate Academy from a young age. He was able to temporarily hold his ground against Kate Bishop, though he was constantly getting hit and being knocked down by her throughout the fight, owing to her better knowledge in martial arts. He was able to briefly hold his own against Hawkeye, but was quickly defeated by him. He later fought against Maya Lopez, but was quickly overpowered and stabbed by her. His reflexes are great enough to catch an arrow shot at him by Hawkeye.
  • Expert Marksman: Kazimierczak uses a gun regularly for his criminal activities with the Tracksuit Mafia. He could also use a sniper rifle and target Barton.
  • Physician: Kazimierczak has some physician knowledge, being able to treat some wounds Maya Lopez sustained from one of her fights.
  • Multilingualism: Kazimierczak is fluent in his native Polish, as well as English and American Sign Language.


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  • Heckler & Koch USP Compact:

    Kazimierczak with his pistol

    Kazimierczak brought a pistol when he and the Tracksuit Mafia robbed the black market auction. He aimed it at "Ronin," but he was subdued.
  • Smith & Wesson SW99: Kazimierczak brought a new pistol when he and Maya Lopez pursued Clint Barton and Kate Bishop. He kept it in his car, where it was confiscated by Barton, who promptly disposed of it.
  • Winchester Model 70: Kazimierczak used a sniper rifle to cover Lopez while she waited for the Ronin's arrival, although the Ronin snuck up on Kazimierczak and knocked him unconscious. He later used this rifle to shoot Eleanor Bishop though was stop by Hawkeye. He can even use the rifle as a striking weapon.
  • Tactical Tanto: Kazi carried this knife in his car but was taken by Clint Barton.
  • Boxcutter: Kazi had a boxcutter in this car which Barton also took from him.

Other Equipment

  • Ski Mask: Kazi wore a reddish purple ski mask when committing a heist with the Tracksuit Mafia.


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  • Father





  • In the comics, Kazi Kazimierczak is a mercenary from Poland who moved to the United States after his entire circus family was killed. Taking on the moniker of Clown, he was often hired by several mob bosses, including Kingpin and the Owl.

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