"Живым, пожалуйста.[2]"
―Kazan to Russian[src]

Kazan was a member of Russian Mafia member and Sergei Konchevsky's uncle. Kazan was interrogated by the Punisher to find out why Amy Bendix was being hunted down by John Pilgrim, who shortly after tracked down Kazan and executed him.


Russian Mafia

Working with Konchevsky

"Dima was my nephew. I wouldn't lay a hand on that boy."
"Someone did. Someone who's chasing the girl."
―Kazan and Punisher[src]

The Russian Mafia was contacted by Nikolai Poloznev who hired them to find compromising information of David Schultz. Kazan's nephew, Sergei Konchevsky traveled to Chicago where he hired Fiona and her crew to make photographs. However, Kazan eventually finds his nephew's corpse in Chicago and decided to find who killed him.[3]

Attack on Kazan's Gym

"I think you're in the wrong place, my friend."
"Yeah, well, I wonder what was waiting for me at Turk's, huh? What could that be?"
"What does the Punisher have to do with my business in Chicago?"
―Kazan and Punisher[src]

Kazan getting paid a visit by Turk Barrett

Working at his gym, Kazan was visited by Turk Barrett who wanted to talk with Sergei Konchevsky, claiming that he had just collected something from Chicago which he believed Konchevsky would want to see. However, considering the fact that Konchevsky had been killed while in Chicago, Kazan told Barrett that somebody had murdered Knonchevsky and ordered his men to apprehend him.

Kazan hold Turk Barrett hostage in his gym

With Barrett having been captured by the Russian Mafia, Kazan forced him to call up Frank Castle, pretending that his meeting with the Russians had gone to plan, claiming that Kazan wanted to get his hands on all the photos and the girl that Castle had promised. Castle had appeared to accept this while he questioned if Barrett had sorted out the price yet before they had then arranged to have the exchange back at his shop. Having seemingly managed to arrange their ambush for Castle, Kazan listened to Barrett, knowing now that Castle will accept the ambush before they hung up the phone.

Kazan angrily confronts the Punisher

As he sent his thugs to Barrett's shop in order to ambush Castle, Kazan kept him at the gym despite that he had done everything that he had asked. Before Kazan stated that he did not trust Barrett, Castle entered the gym, as Kazan had asked him what he will do with Russian Mafia business in Chicago, noted his suspicions on Castle killing Konchevsky. However, Castle denied it, noting that someone is searching for photographs and witnesses and that he needed Kazan to talk. Kazan refused and asked his enforcer in Russian that he wanted Castle alive.

Kazan being forced to talk by the Punisher

While Castle managed to brutally take down all hostiles before he came to him, Kazan told him that he is not the enemy before being choked with a barbell, being forced to tell him everything about the photos. Despite knowing he would be killed, Kazan gave up and said that they were hired by Nikolai Poloznev before Castle knocked him down and left the gym. Later that night, Kazan and remained Russian Mafia members were executed by John Pilgrim who was sent by Anderson and Eliza Schultz.[3]


  • Bilingualism: Kazan spoke his native Russian and English fluently.







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