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ТРЕНАЖЕРНЫЙ ЗАЛ КАЗАНА,[2] also known as Kazan's Gym, is a private gym owned by Kazan and the base of operations for Russian Mafia.


Attack on Kazan's Gym

"Konchevsky and his crew work out of Kazan's Gym in Brooklyn. They are not good people. You want to take 'em all out, the gym is the place."
Turk Barrett to Punisher[src]

Turk Barrett being captured by the Russians

Kazan's Gym was visited by Turk Barrett sent by Frank Castle who wanted to talk with Sergei Konchevsky about Chicago deal. Thinking that Barrett can know something about his death, Kazan ordered the Russian Mafia members to apprehend him. Later, he forced Barrett to call Castle and lure him to his shop and then sent there his men to ambush Castle.

At the gym, Barrett asked Kazan to let him go but Kazan stated that he did not trust him. Meanwhile, Castle entered the gym and Kazan asked what he has to do with Russian Mafia business in Chicago and asked did Castle killed Konchevsky. However, Castle denied it, noting that someone is searching for photographs and witnesses and Kazan need to talk.

The Punisher Promo S2 15

Punisher furiously forcing Kazan into talking

Kazan refused and asked his people in the Russian that he needs Castle alive. Castle managed to brutally take down all hostiles before he came to Kazan. He choked him forcing to tell him everything. Kazan gave up and said that they were hired by Poloznev before Castle knocked him down and left the gym.

Later that night, Kazan and remained Russian Mafia members were executed by John Pilgrim who was sent by Anderson and Eliza Schultz.[3]


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  1. Translates from Russian to "Only for members"
  2. Translates from Russian to "Kazan's Training Hall"
  3. The Punisher: 2.05: One-Eyed Jacks
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