"Like you said, "Productivity is connectivity"."
―Kaya to Deke Shaw[src]

Kaya is an employee at Deke Shaw's Company.


Working for Deke Shaw

"We're having some trouble with gravity-belt technology, but your idea about a prosthetic hand that has its own energy shield, Engineering loves it."
―Kaya to Deke Shaw[src]
Kaya was recruited into Deke Shaw's tech company founded after the Battle of Chicago, and she frequently ran newly developed products by him so he could try them and approve their design. For example, she offered to give him a new smartwatch which would enable him to contact his employees at any time, although Shaw was reluctant to wear it due to his trauma with the Metrics. Kaya also informed Shaw of the progress regarding the marketing of the Gravity Puck and an Energy Shield-equipped prosthetic hand. She later had Shaw taste new mushroom pellets, although Shaw was not convinced by its taste.

Kaya later had to evacuate the office when it got attacked by Sarge's Squad who sought to eliminate Shaw since he did not belong in the timeline.[1]

Along with the other staff members, Kaya was briefly relocated to the Lighthouse, still working on tech she believed to be original when in fact Shaw had stolen ideas from here and there. As he introduced Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons to the company, Kaya presented them with the ShawDrive, a reduced version of the Remorath Phase Harmonic Teleportation Device. As an argument between Shaw and Fitz began, Kaya was asked to leave them alone.

Kaya then listened as Shaw seemingly had a breakdown, angrily explaining why he had founded the tech company due to not finding his place in a new world. She then watched as Shaw quickly equipped himself with the still unfinished ShawDrive and teleported away, and joined in the round of applause initiated by her colleagues, impressed by how the device had worked.[2]







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