"I feel bad. What she's doing is wrong. But just give me something that I can use."
"Where to start? How about the offshore holdings and the Kaxton shell corporation?"
Malcolm Ducasse and Steven Benowitz[src]

Kaxton Industries is a shell corporation that publicly manufactures machine parts, but it is actually a shell corporation managed by Linda Chao.


Kaxton Industries developed hardware and tools, like saw blades, releasing them to the public. Melvin Potter acquired some of these Kaxton saw blades, and kept them in his workshop as tools.

Potter even used some of these saw blades as weapons against the man in the black mask when he burst in the workshop, believing Wilson Fisk would hurt Betsy Beatty as soon as he learnt that the masked vigilante had been at the workshop.[1]


  • In the comics, Kaxton Laboratories was once the employer of Wilbur Day. The company and Wilbur got into a legal battle over a hydraulic lift, during which Wilbur hired Matt Murdock as his lawyer. Wilbur Day later used the designs for the hydraulic lift to become Stilt-Man.


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