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"We make a good team!"
―Katy Chen to Shang-Chi[src]

Katy Chen, or Chen Ruiwen (Chinese: 陈瑞雯),[2] is Shang-Chi's oldest friend. Having met him in high school, the two lived normal lives in San Francisco where they worked in valet parking together, until she was drawn into her friend's conflict with his father Xu Wenwu and the Ten Rings organization after they were attacked on a bus. Traveling to China with Shang-Chi, they approach his sister Xu Xialing and enlists her help before they were captured by Wenwu. After escaping his custody with a stolen vehicle, Chen drove her party into the mystical realm of Ta Lo with the assistance of Trevor Slattery and his pet Morris. She later trained with a bow and arrow in preparation for the impending battle, where she would play an instrumental role by saving the Great Protector from the Dweller-in-Darkness.


Early Life

Friendship with Shaun

Katy Chen was born in a family of Chinese immigrants who left Hunan and moved to San Francisco, California. In high school, Chen approached a boy named Shaun when a bully attempted to fight him. Chen jumped in and distracted him by singing 'Hotel California' by Eagles, while stealing the keys to his Ford Mustang. Together with Shaun and Soo, Chen then went for a joyride in his car. Chen and Shaun remained friends ever since.[1]

Working Together

Chen and Shaun at work

After graduating from the Berkeley University, Chen started working at a hotel as a valet, as well as Shaun. However, Chen stole the keys of an expensive BMW that Shaun was supposed to park for yet another joyride. Shaun tried to talk her out of it, however, Chen was too stubborn and even convinced Shaun to join her. After a reckless ride on the streets, both Chen and Shaun were fired.

Chen and Shaun joined Soo and John for a drink at a bar, telling about stories about themselves. Soo, however, commented that Chen and Shaun need to stop fooling aroound and live up to their potential, although both of them did not like Soo's remarks.[1]

Revealing the Truth

Ambush on Shang-Chi

"I know that you don't like talking about your life, but a guy with a FREAKING machete for an arm just chopped our bus in half! Who are you?"
―Katy Chen to Shang-Chi[src]

Chen sees Shang-Chi fight skills

However, one day the bus was hijacked by a group sent by the Ten Rings and led by Razor Fist, who cut the bus' brakes, leading to an impact which knocked the bus driver unconscious. Katy took the wheel by herself while Shaun fought off the group. Eventually, he used Razor Fist's blade against him to cut the bus in half. The back half of the bus fell off, leaving behind the Ten Rings agents. The bus eventually came to a stop after hitting some parked cars.[1]

Search for Xialing

Chen sees Abomination fighting

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Katy questions Shaun about his true identity, and he gives a very vague explanation before telling her he has to go to Macau to follow an address which was on a postcard his sister sent him. She agrees, but only if she can come with him and if he tells her more. He explains that his mother died, and how his father trained him to be an assassin. Soon they arrive in Macau, where they follow the address to the Golden Daggers Club, an illegal fight club, where they witness the end of a battle between Abomination and Wong. Shang-Chi is then sent to fight in the main arena, where he is pitted against his sister, Xu Xialing, while Katy watches from the stands sipping a drink. She puts her bet on Xialing, who wins, and Katy receives a large pile of money, which Shang-Chi is 'outraged' about. Xialing actually owns the club, and it turns out that she did not send the postcard. The fights are interrupted by agents of the Ten Rings breaking in, including Death Dealer and Razor Fist. Xialing and her assistant run out into the elevator, abandoning Katy and Shang-Chi. Shang-Chi then tells her to step out onto the scaffolding of the building to try to get to the elevator on the next floor down. They run, but Shang-Chi is caught up fighting some of the Ten Rings. Katy is told to keep running, which she does, until an agent of the Ten Rings catches up to her and slashes at her. She grabs onto a pole, which then starts to lean away from the building and crack. Shang-Chi attempts to save her, but the scaffolding breaks and she falls, but is then caught by Xialing on a lower floor.[1]


Chen listens to Xu Wenwu's explanation

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At some point they are both captured, and brought to Xu Wenwu, who takes them back to the Ten Rings Headquarters via helicopter, where he reveals his plan to bring back Xialing and Shang-Chi's mother, who has supposedly been locked away behind a gate by the people of her homeland, Ta Lo. At first, the group agree, but when they realize that whatever is calling to Wenwu is not his wife, they attempt to tell him, but are thrown in a cell within the base.

Katy hears a strange noise, and Shang-Chi decides to head towards it, much to her disgust. Behind a metal door they encounter the actor Trevor Slattery, and a small, winged creature named Morris. Morris (as translated by Trevor) explains that it truly is not Shang-Chi's mother, rather a soul-sucking creature, known as the Dweller-in-Darkness. Morris is also from Ta Lo, and was taken to the base by Wenwu. It says it wants to go back, and will show them the way if it will help them stop Wenwu from unleashing the Dweller-in-Darkness onto his home. Katy and Shang-Chi agree, and Xialing appears, having destroyed the wall from the other side and escaping the cell through tunnels under the base.

They break out of the cell, into the garage, where alarms start going off. Katy gets into Razor Fist's custom car, telling everyone else to get in. Katy drives at full speed towards the exit, where they are blocked by Ten Rings agents. Shang-Chi and Xialing fight them off, and Katy uses one of the unconscious goons' fingerprint to trigger the door opening. They escape, destroying the armored truck behind them. They soon make it to the entrance of the bamboo forest maze, which leads to the entrance to Ta Lo. Morris, as dictated by Trevor, directs Katy through the maze, and they make it out just in time.[1]

Battle of Ta Lo

Chen and her friends on Ta Lo

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Katy then drives through the portal, which leads to the pocket dimension of Ta Lo. She pulls up and all of them exit the vehicle, to find a gathering of the village. Xu Xialing and Shang-Chi's aunt Ying Nan greets them and Katy, and are all welcomed into the village. Shang-Chi and Katy inform Ying Nan of Xu Wenwu's plan, and she decides to help them all train. While she trains Shang-Chi, Katy is taught by Guang Bo how to use a bow and arrow, and it turns out she is a natural at archery, shooting very accurately.

When Wenwu and his army arrive, she is in the second line of defense with the other archers, and when the monsters controlled by the Dweller-in-Darkness attack, she is one of the main attackers, taking down many of them with her dragon scale-tipped arrows. She stays on the shore while Shang-Chi, Xialing, and the Great Protector try to trap the Dweller-in-Darkness, who almost sucks away the Great Protector's soul, until Katy uses her last arrow to attack its weak point on its neck. Shang-Chi, Xialing and the Great Protector were then able to defeat the Dweller-in-Darkness.

That night, Katy and the others attend the mourning of the deceased with lanterns. As the lanterns float on the lake and the Great Protector flies before them, Katy rests her shoulder on Shang-Chi in a friendly manner.[1]

Interrupted Dinner

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Katy and Shang-Chi returned to San Francisco and went out to dinner with their friends from high school. They tell them of the seemingly unbelievable events of the last week, but their friends clearly do not believe them, until an Inter-Dimensional Portal appears behind them, which reveals Wong. Wong enters their restaurant and tells Katy and Shang-Chi to come with him. Their friends stare in shock, along with the rest of the restaurant as they left with Wong to Kamar-Taj. Once in the Sanctum, they met Captain Marvel and Bruce Banner, who are there via hologram. Wong tells them that the Ten Rings set off a beacon when Shang-Chi used them and the location of where it went was unknown. Danvers asked Shang-Chi when his father had gotten the Rings and Banner noted that they must have been made a long time ago due to their nature. Danvers reported that the Rings weren’t alien technology, while Banner said they weren't vibranium either. Danvers then leaves abruptly after getting an alert, while Banner welcomes them into the world of heroes and signs off also. Wong tells them that their lives will never be the same now and tells them to get some rest. However, Katy suggests they go to karaoke instead, so she, Shang-Chi, and Wong go to a local bar and sing "Hotel California" together.[1]


Katy is feisty, reckless and loves to have fun in slightly questionable ways, such as going for high-speed joyrides in fast cars, despite not being a very good driver. She also loves karaoke, often bringing along Shang-Chi. She is also very loyal and brave, helping to defeat the Dweller-in-Darkness by shooting it in the neck with her dragon scale arrow.

In the beginning, Katy was satisfied with the life she had with Shang-Chi and her family as she didn't see herself doing anything else for herself. Also, Katy didn’t like her job valeting cars. However, during her adventure with Shang-Chi, Katy discovered that she had a natural talent for archery and found more about herself. Katy accepted her new life as a hero alongside Shang-Chi and has come to terms that the life she once had wouldn't be the same anymore.


  • Expert Marksman: Chen discovered an innate talent in archery while in Ta Lo, which proved crucial in their fight when she wounded the Dweller-in-Darkness by launching a dragon scale-tipped arrow through its throat from a considerable distance.
"Oh, my Chinese sucks."
―Katy Chen to Jon Jon[src]
  • Bilingualism: Katy is fluent in English, and can understand and speak a small amount of Chinese.



  • Bow and Arrow: Chen received a dragon scale-infused set of bow and arrows in Ta Lo, which she uses to incapacitate the Dweller-in-Darkness.

Other Equipment

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  • Razor Fist's Car: When breaking out of the Ten Rings Base, Katy steals Razor Fist's custom-painted BMW car.







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