Katie Thompson is the wife of the welder Hank Thompson.


Katie Thompson went to the garage and welding business of her husband Hank Thompson and told him that someone who referred to himself as an old friend was at the front door of their home as he and their son were playing with his model trains.

When Phil Coulson came to the front door moments later, Hank lied to Coulson, saying that Katie and their son were not home.

Sebastian Derik placed Katie and her son within a closet in the garage and told them to stay quiet as he captured Coulson and Hank. Hank freed himself from being tied up and tried to rescue his family. Derik heard Hank moving and threw his knife as Hank was freeing Katie. Hank caught the knife and used it to free Coulson; as the two struggled the Thompson family ran to the nearby road.

Outside, the Thompsons flagged down a passing SUV that had Skye and Alphonso Mackenzie, who were seeking the Thompson residence to find Coulson. Katie was beside her husband as he told them that two men were fighting in their house. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents told them that they would take care of the situation.

Afterwards, Coulson took Hank to the Playground and told him his past. He also asked Hank to return to S.H.I.E.L.D. as an agent. Hank declined, citing that he awakened everyday happy with Katie and their son.[1]






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