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"You're a good soldier, Kathleen, that you wanna go back up the rabbit hole, you go with nothing but my thanks."
"I'd just be staring out the window wondering who was screwing it up in my place."
Thaddeus Ross and Kathleen Sparr[src]

Major Kathleen Sparr is an officer of the United States Army and an aide to Thaddeus Ross. She assisted him in the pursuit of Bruce Banner following the latter's transformation into Hulk, but was later subdued by Emil Blonsky.


Chase of Bruce Banner

Working with General Ross

"Under no circumstances is Banner to be engaged directly."
―Kathleen Sparr[src]

Sparr was among the United States Army officers in charge of the Bio-Tech Force Enhancement Project. Following the incident with Bruce Banner that transformed him into Hulk, Sparr accompanied Thaddeus Ross in his hunt for Banner. When Banner's blood contaminated a soda that was drunk by a man in Milwaukee, she informed Ross in his office at the Pentagon.

She traveled with the Strategic Operations Command Center to Brazil and coordinated the ambush from the command truck. After the attack failed and Banner traveled to Culver University, she again commanded the battle from the command truck.

Sparr personally questioning Samuel Sterns

She used the S.H.I.E.L.D. computers to track Banner's communications to Samuel Sterns at Grayburn College. When her unit apprehended Banner in Sterns' lab, she interrogated Sterns, but was knocked out when Emil Blonsky struck her across the head.[1]


"An enemy has an agenda, and we fight to block it."
―Kathleen Sparr to Thaddeus Ross[src]
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Behind the Scenes

  • In the script, this character was named Major Cabot (a reference to her actress Christina Cabot).


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