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"Life is a fragile thing. We must cultivate the beauty... and prune back the rest."

Kasius was the leader of the Kree Watch and overseer of the Lighthouse, ruling over the remains of Earth, decades after its destruction. He had all but enslaved the almost extinct human race to ensure that Inhumans could still be bred and sold for profit. However, Kasius grew tired of ruling over what remained of Earth and its population so he devised his plan to destroy humanity once he had amassed enough of a personal fortune. When Deke Shaw sold Quake to him, he then decided to focus his efforts on reselling her to the highest bidder, inadvertently allowing all of Quake's allies to rescue her, causing a Rebellion. This failure caused Kasius to breakdown, as he killed his own brother and attempting to kill every human. Once all of Kasius' plans failed and Sinara, his closest ally, was also killed, he chose to drink the Odium and battle Alphonso Mackenzie. Kasius eventually lost his final battle and was finally killed by Mackenzie.


Early Life

Military Disaster

"I was cornered, outmanned, and overrun. Two of my trusted generals dead at my feet, enemies closing in."
"And so you ran."
"What option did I have?"
―Kasius and Faulnak[src]

A member of a respected and influential Kree family, Kasius was given command of a fleet and sent to fight against the Kree's enemies. However, according to Kasius, the task he was given by his father turned out to be a suicide mission. When he attempted to retreat, two of his trusted generals attempted to prevent him, but they were both killed by Sinara, a low-born warrior who agreed that the battlefield wasn't a place for someone like Kasius.

Kasius managed to hide Sinara's involvement in the assassinations of the generals, and the two had eventually become inseparable. Kasius' retreat cost the Kree Empire a key strategic outpost and the lives of thousands of warriors, which disgraced Kasius' name.[5]

Exile in Disgrace

"You're like this planet, brother. Once full of promise and father's hopes to be molded into something magnificent, and now just a broken speck of dust confined to the darkest edge of the galaxy."
Faulnak to Kasius[src]

Regarded as an utter disgrace by his own family and having failed to prove himself as a worthy heir for their confederacy, Taryan chose to banish him from Hala, leaving Faulnak to take his place.[2] Kasius was eventually sent into exile to govern the remains of Earth, a planet that was torn apart a few decades earlier by the legendary Inhuman "Destroyer of Worlds".

Ruling over the remnants of humanity on a dead rock in the darkest edge of the galaxy, Kasius spent much time trying to regain his father and brother's approval, but without success.[5] Kasius ruled his domain from the Lighthouse, a giant former human survival bunker that had been converted by the Kree into a space station. He ruled the station and its human inhabitants as a strict master, treating the remnants of humanity as slaves.[6][7]

Ruling the Lighthouse

Recruiting Jemma Simmons

Kasius is introduced to Jemma Simmons

"A life spent, a life earned, yes? You thought this law did not apply?"
"I only did what I thought would make you happiest in the end."
"That is the superior answer to any question, really. This was a fight over food, Sinara? The pressure must be building up there. Tell the guards to give them some breathing room, for mercy's sake."
―Kasius and Jemma Simmons[src]

Having heard of Jemma Simmons, who had saved the life of his own servant Reese, Kasius ordered Sinara to bring her to him. Simmons found Kasius in his suites, picking grapes in his personal quarters as he overlooked the remains of the Earth and noted that not even Hala had views like it before noting that she was the one who had saved the life. Kasius questioned Simmons about her medicine skills and warned her about intervening in his affairs, while also commenting on her beauty. As Simmons claimed that the man would have died, Kasius asked where she had learned her skills, with Simmons claiming that her mother taught her.

Kasius reiterates the Lighthouse's rules

Kasius then questioned if she had thought the Lighthouse's law of "A life spent, a life earned" had not applied to her, however Simmons defended herself by stating she had only done what she had thought would make him happiest at the end, which pleased Kasius as he claimed this to be the superior answer to any question he could have asked. Confirming with Sinara that this fight had started over food, Kasius understood that the pressure must have been building among the humans, so he ordered their Kree Watch to back off before they would carry out a Renewal for the sake of the humans.

Kasius mentions Jemma Simmons' beauty

As Kasius was commenting on his previous views of humans being inelegant creatures which she was clearly not, he offered Simmons some of his own personal grapes before he then noticed that she did not have her Metric installed and that she also did not have a scar, despite her claiming to have removed it herself. As Kasius continued commenting on how Simmons was a perfect beauty with no scars and such impressive medical abilities, he questioned how she could have ever come from a place as tough as Processing as she had first claimed. As Simmons took her hand back, Kasius wished to see how his servant's scars had faired under Simmons' handiwork.

Kasius examines all Reese's body wounds

Upon the orders of Kasius, Reese then entered into his suites and received praise from Kasius for that, as he claimed that the mere fact that Reese had walked there in agony showed why he was the finest of his servants. Kasius then studied the wound on Reese's stomach, which Simmons noted could be saved from scarring, while he noted that this wound could be hidden. However, after noticing Reese was injured and would probably be scarred on his face which meant he was no longer perfect, Kasius ordered Sinara to execute Reese using her Kree Spheres which punched straight through Reese's chest.

Kasius turns Jemma Simmons into his slave

Despite Kasius continuing to note how perfect and talented she was, Simmons was utterly disgusted by Kasius' merciless act of violence against a defenseless man, until Kasius furiously ordered her to be silent. Frustrated by her constant questioning and in order to make her his new servitor, Kasius planted inside her ear Reese's Silencing Implant before speaking with Sinara while Simmons reacted in fear due to her sudden deafness. Later, after Simmons was dressed as one of his servitors, Kasius welcomed her and complimented her appearance, just as his guests arrived in a large spaceship.[7]

Testing an Inhuman

Kasius' kind hosting is rejected by Basha

"Did you set our little healer up to fail? Because I think she's pretty? Or did you really think she'd succeed? You want to see me happy. Then tell me, what does Jemma have that makes her so different makes her capable to succeed in this?"
―Kasius and Sinara[src]

While awaiting the arrival of Basha, Kasius had some of his make up redone by his personal servants and commented on his own fashion choices. Just as Sinara arrived with Basha's Emissary, Kasius warmly greeted him and offered a Martini, which the Emissary rejected before informing Kasius that Basha would not be joining them as she preferred to eat of her ship. Despite being mortified by Basha's rejection of his hosting, Kasius insisted he was not offended.

Kasius requests Jemma Simmons' assistance

As the Emissary left, Kasius then requested some good news but was informed by Tye that his Inhuman charge Abby had still been failing in her training ahead of the ceremony which Kasius had been organizing for Basha. Enraged by all this bad news, Kasius began smashing the Martini glasses and roared at Tye in utter fury. However, it was then suggested by Sinara to let Jemma Simmons train her due to her skills as a medical practitioner, as Kasius switched off the Silencing Implant in her ear and informed her that he had a problem which he hoped, for both their sakes, that she could fix quickly.

Kasius wishes Abby good fortune for her fight

Simmons was taken to Abby where she found her still suffering from seizures which he plagued her ever since her own Terrigenesis, with Sinara reactivating Simmons' hearing while Tye gave her the task of fixing Abby. Having given Simmons just a few hours to give Abby some pointers in controlling her Inhuman powers, Kasius and his men came in ended the lesson and took Abby to his arena. Ignoring Simmons insistence that they needed more time to finish her training, Kasius told Abby that he looked forward to seeing her performance in the ceremony before then ordering Tye to take her away.

Kasius discusses Jemma Simmons' skills

Having silenced Simmons once again to keep her from speaking out against his methods again, Kasius spoke with Sinara and questioned if she had intended Simmons to fail to help Abby and be punished, believing that Sinara was jealous that Kasius had found her pretty. Although Sinara did not answer him, Kasius came to believe that she had only wanted him to be happy before he questioned what made Simmons so difficult and thus capable of helping Abby with her new abilities where Tye had failed. Sinara answered that it was Simmons' compassion which made her different from all the others.[8]

Abby vs Beast

Kasius personally welcomes Basha's arrival

"Basha, my dear, I do hope you enjoy tonight's exhibition."
"You promised me a warrior."
"You'll find, with Inhumans, looks can be deceiving."
"I hope so. I've come a long way."
―Kasius and Basha[src]

Kasius and his own people greeted Basha upon her arrival, with Kasius expressing his hope that her journey onto the Lighthouse was not too difficult. They discussed how Kasius had been able to build a new life for himself using the remains of the Earth, with Basha still making some quietly insulting comments to her host which Kasius chose to ignore, instead leading Basha to come and watch the upcoming ceremony.

Kasius watches as Abby battles the Beast

Kasius and Basha took their seats as Abby stepped onto the battle ground, with Basha noting that Kasius had promised her a Inhuman warrior and had presented her with a small child, with Kasius noting that with Inhumans looks could be deceiving. Kasius then watched as Abby got thrown around in battle when faced off against Basha's unnamed champion, who proved himself considerably stronger than the terrified girl. However, just as Abby looked to be destroyed, he witnessed Abby using what she had learned from Jemma Simmons' lessons to defeat and finish off her dangerous opponent.

Kasius agrees to sell Abby onto Basha

Once the battle between Abby and the Beast was over, Kasius and Basha cheerfully discussed his work with the humans, with Basha noting how impressed she was with what he had done on Earth, making his disdain for the planet well known as they drank Martinis together, with Kasius being quietly insulted by her words. As they were drinking, Abby was brought into the room by Tye before Kasius allowed Basha to purchase Abby for her use, with Basha handing over her valuable coins in exchange for the Inhuman Control Device which would give her power over Abby's Inhuman abilities.

Kasius ignores all Jemma Simmons' protests

Witnessing Abby being taken away towards Basha's Ship, Simmons desperately tried to protest as Sinara stood between her and Abby and threatened Simmons with her two deadly Kree Spheres. Kasius, however, insisted that they should not be rash now, noting that Simmons had demonstrated her worth to him by nurturing Abby's powers since her Terrigenesis and ensuring her victory in the fight. Kasius and Sinara prevented Simmons from having a say in this, ignoring Simmons protests over him selling Abby away, with Kasius noting that without Simmons' work, she would not have made such a high price.[8]

Obtaining Quake

Kasius successfully captures Daisy Johnson

"Word of your presence has piqued much interest. In fact, bidders are on their way. And with the price I'll fetch for you, I'll finally have the means to leave this horrendous place once and for all."
―Kasius to Daisy Johnson[src]

When Kasius and his men had been tipped off by Deke Shaw that the newly arrived Daisy Johnson was making her way to Kasius' level to rescue Jemma Simmons, they set about capturing the legendary Inhuman. Having witnessed her using all her powers, Kasius and his forces trapped her in between two glass walls and started pumping gas in it. As Kasius, Sinara, and Kree soldiers arrived with Shaw, Kasius was pleased that they got the Inhuman who destroyed Earth in his clutches.[8]

Kasius tests some of Quake's Inhuman blood

With Johnson his captive, Kasius had her Inhuman blood drained for testing while he explained how he saved humanity, explaining that when he arrived the Earth was nothing more than a dead organism which he had seen potential in, noting that he had had a vision and now, with her arrival, that vision could finally come to fruition. Kasius went on to explain that when he arrived on the Earth he had done everything he could to help the humans, only to find they were still clinging onto their stories of heroes, one of which was the story of Quake and how S.H.I.E.L.D. would return in order to save them.

Kasius gives Quake the chance to aid him

Johnson insisted that she had not intended to arrive there, only for Kasius to note that Jemma Simmons had arrived at the same time, with no Metrics and skills far beyond what she should have ever been capable of. Kasius questioned how many more than traveled from the past with her, but Johnson insisted that there was nobody else, so Kasius then noted that he believed Johnson had come to aid him, which she denied. Kasius explained that he had bidders coming to the Lighthouse to buy her, which would finally allow him to leave, threatening to torture Simmons if she did not obey.[1]

Paying off Deke Shaw

Kasius sees Quake's powers demonstrated

"Life is full of regrets. Still."
"How can I help?"
"Should you come across any additional time travelers or anyone who helped them, I'd be grateful... and generous."
―Kasius and Deke Shaw[src]

Kasius invited Basha back onto the Lighthouse in order to watch the demonstration of Quake's abilities. Once Ben had been removed from the training area, Kasius had Tye explain the situation to Quake before he turned off her Inhuman Control Device on her neck, giving her access to her Inhuman powers. While Quake at first refused to demonstrate her abilities, the threat of harm coming to Jemma Simmons convinced her as she knocked Tye backwards with her powerful shockwave, much to the utter amazement of Basha and the great personal delight of Kasius.

Kasius coldly rejects all of Basha's offerings

Tye then turned the Inhuman Control Device back on while Basha expressed her shock at seeing the Destroyer of Worlds, with Kasius smugly claiming that he had merely forgotten to ever mention her presence there to Basha, noting that a host of traders were now on their way to try and purchase her. Upon hearing this, Basha offered to make Kasius a preemptive bid for Quake, with Kasius noting that while this would be appreciated, as Basha had previously made it clear that she preferred dining on her own ship rather than with him, this meant that she was out of the running for buying Quake.

Kasius pays off Deke Shaw for his services

As the annoyed Basha left, Deke Shaw arrived seeking his payment for bring Kasius Quake, so Kasius handed over one of the Rhodium coins which Basha had paid for Abby with, noting that a metal like that would be worth more than all of the credits Shaw had ever been able to earn. While Kasius thanked Shaw for bringing him Quake, he noted that Sinara was concerned about the prophecy which told of Quake and others from the past saving the Earth from its destruction, destroying what Kasius had built. Kasius ordered Shaw to seek out anybody else who may have arrived, which he promised to do.[1]

Testing the Travelers

Kasius requests water from Jemma Simmons

"I can't abide untruths. And it's unnecessary when we can get to the facts ever so quickly. Of course, there's no way I can tell for certain if you're being honest. But he can."
"I already told you. It's just me and Simmons."
―Kasius and Daisy Johnson[src]

While relaxing inside his suite, Kasius listened to his classical music while tasting the foods brought to him before then ordering Jemma Simmons to bring him some water, only for Sinara to burst into the room and throw Simmons to the ground, smashing the glass on the floor. Sinara then presented Kasius with the welding device which, Simmons had used to burn Reese's wound, noting that there was somebody else who had assisted her in saving Reese, making Kasius suspect that more people had traveled through time.

Kasius has Quake brought before himself

Kasius then ordered Tye to bring Daisy Johnson to him, as he stood opposite her with Simmons. Kasius explained that he now believed the pair of them had lied to him regarding the other person who had aided Simmons, as that person seemed to know her. Johnson still insisted that it was just herself and Simmons who had traveled through time, noting that for some twisted reason, Simmons was unable to hear what they were saying. Kasius then had Ben brought into the room, noting that he could confirm if they were telling him the truth or not with his own Inhuman mind reading powers.

Kasius demands the honest truth from Quake

Turning off Ben's Inhuman Control Device, Kasius asked Simmons who the woman who helped her was, although Simmons insisted that she had no idea who the woman was, which Ben informed Kasius was the truth. Kasius then asked if they had come through time together or separately, with Johnson questioning why this mattered at all as Kasius explained that the prophecy spoke of S.H.I.E.L.D.; therefore, if she and Simmons came separately, then more S.H.I.E.L.D. agents could have come without them. However, Johnson informed Kasius they came together and alone.

Kasius tests if Jemma Simmons is lying

With Simmons unable to hear them due to her Silencing Implant, Kasius had Johnson explain the story in detail, while he stood between them to ensure Simmons could not read Johnson's lips. She then told Kasius how their team became trapped in the Framework, resulting in the death of Jeffrey Mace, with Simmons' lover Leo Fitz being the one who caused Mace's death. She claimed that Simmons could not handle this and they spoke alone together before a mysterious man knocked them out and they awoke in the future. Kasius turned to Simmons and asked the same question, wishing to hear the same story.

Kasius attempts to reassure Sinara's worries

Much to Kasius' surprise, Simmons told the exact same story beat by beat, explaining her sorrow at witnessing Fitz kill Director Mace while working for HYDRA within the Framework. She told Kasius how Johnson had taken her to a diner to talk in private when a mysterious man had ambushed them, causing them to be sent to the future with no understanding of what had happened to them. Having confirmed with Ben that this was the truth, Kasius turned his Inhuman Control Device back on and had the Kree Watch escort all of them out of his suites, before reassuring Sinara that he was still concerned.[1]

Organizing An Auction

Kasius greets all of Quake's would be buyers

"Look at the sniveling horde. These same ingrates mocked me all these years, yet now they hover about, clamoring for my favor."
―Kasius to Sinara[src]

Having gathered together all those looking to buy Quake from him, Kasius greeted everybody in his suite into the Lighthouse where he offered food and drinks for his guests. With Sinara by his side, Kasius gave a speech to welcome everyone before the Kree Watch brought Quake before them in chains. As Kasius was speaking, however, Boshtok stepped forward and demanded they not have an exhibition, but instead have Quake fight to the death to prove her power to them, which had greatly surprised Kasius.[1]

Kasius discusses all his guests with Sinara

As more guests arrived, including Lady Karaba, Kasius looked over everybody and commented to Sinara that they had all once mocked him and were eager to gain his favor so that one of them may gain the chance to buy Daisy Johnson from him. Sinara made it clear to Kasius that she was curious about Boshtok which Kasius agreed with, noting that he was unfamiliar with him but had heard his fortune was vast. Kasius agreed to keep an eye on the Marauder due to their suspicions before he then greeted Gaius Ponarian and welcomed him back to the Lighthouse, with Ponarian happily telling Kasius that it was a pleasure to have returned after so many years.

Kasius introduces himself to Boshtok

Seeing that Boshtok was now speaking to Jemma Simmons, Kasius then went over to investigate, with Boshtok then complaining that Simmons had ignored his requests. Although Kasius explained they were only allowed to hear his own voice due to the Silencing Implant, Boshtok was displeased, forcing Kasius to allow Simmons' hearing to return. Kasius explained how Simmons had also traveled through time, so Boshtok asked if she was also for sale, only for Kasius to explain that she would be sold with Quake as she could be a good motivator for the Destroyer, with Boshtok noting he found pain was the best motivator.

Kasius and Boshtok discuss the Inhumans

Kasius sent Simmons away to check on the harvest which Boshtok assumed meant the humans' food, before Kasius and Boshtok then discussed how members of the Kree Watch had recently had a Terrigenesis ceremony in order to find new Inhumans for his guests to also purchase, which had included Flint before he had escaped. Boshtok made it clear that he would pay whatever Units he needed to in order to acquire Quake, with Kasius noting that he had heard that he was a man of some expensive tastes and that they would soon learn if he did have the resources required.

Kasius and Gaius Ponarian discuss his exile

Kasius and his guests then sat down for dinner together as Ponarian asked how the Vrellnexians he had sold him were getting along, with Ponarian noting that he had hoped the creatures would provide him with a small triumph in the wake of his exile from the Kree Empire. Upon hearing this, Kasius insisted that he was never exiled from Hala, but had merely been sent away by Taryan to oversee the Earth project personally, with Ponarian then jokingly noting that Faulnak had remained behind to oversee the family empire and it's entire vast fortune, much to Kasius' great annoyance.

Kasius announces the fight will be beginning

Getting to his feet, Ponarian announced to the entire table that he had brought them all fresh Xandarian Snails to eat, much to Kasius' delight. Changing the subject, Lady Karaba questioned how Kasius kept the humans under control, with Boshtok correctly assuming that he had them kill each other in his Renewals. which Kasius then confirmed while smiling. Kasius then informed the group that the first demonstration would soon begin and one Inhuman would soon be withdrawn upon death. When Boshtok then insulted Ponarian and his snails, Kasius stopped a fight by laughing out loud.[2]

Inhuman Demonstration

Kasius introduces Ben and Melinda May

"For this select crowd, I've decided for a more unique opponent. One not of this time. This deadly assassin was trained by one of the galaxy's most despised organizations. But most intriguing, she is also a friend to the Destroyer of Worlds. Dear guests... may I present to you... Melinda May, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D."

Welcoming all of his guests into the fight pit, Kasius privately spoke with Boshtok as he expressed his delight of having a man like him present and invited Boshtok to sit next to him. Kasius then gave a speech in which he introduced Ben and his Inhuman power to read minds and predict enemy attacks. Kasius then introduced Melinda May who he explained had also traveled through time with Quake and had also been trained by S.H.I.E.L.D. to be a deadly assassin.

Kasius watches as Ben fights Melinda May

As the fight between May and Ben began, Boshtok questioned how many others had traveled through time with Quake, with Kasius noting only Jemma Simmons and May had so far been discovered, while Sinara was convinced that there would be more. Kasius and Boshtok discussed how Ben would fare in the Kree Empire's army, with Boshtok questioning Kasius over his relationship with his father, noting that Gaius Ponarian had made it appear that he had been banished, which Kasius denied was the truth. Boshtok noted that his own father had been disapproving and that his actions to win his approval had left him scarred, which Kasius understood.

Kasius discusses his father with Boshtok

Watching Ben easily overpower May using his Inhuman abilities, Kasius and Boshtok continued to discuss his reasons for selling Quake, with Boshtok theorizing that it was to redeem himself in his father's eyes, which he confessed was more or less true. Although May continued to fight, Ben proved that his power allowed him to overpower her; however, before Ben could finish her off, Boshtok claimed that the fight bored him and insisted that May be sent to Earth to fend for herself against the Vrellnexians while they prepared to finally see Quake fight, which Kasius reluctantly agreed to.

Kasius chooses to execute Ben for lying

Back in his suites, Kasius witnessed Karaba and Ponarian both attempting to bid for Ben, with Karaba offering five Culverian Blasters while Ponarian offering ten thousand Units. Kasius, however, informed the group that he would now not be selling Ben, much to Ponarian's annoyance as Kasius turned off Ben's Inhuman Control Device and allowed him to read his own mind, much to Ben's horror. Kasius then informed the group that Ben had just lied about Quake and Simmons being the only ones to travel through time and, despite all of Quake's desperate pleas, ordered Sinara to use her Kree Spheres to execute Ben.

Kasius tells Boshtok of Faulnak's arrival

News of Kasius selling Quake eventually reached Hala and Kasius was informed that his father was sending Faulnak in person to see the Destroyer and possibly buy her for his Kree armies. While Kasius was speaking with Lady Karaba, he was confronted by the furious Boshtok who demanded to know why his brother was also coming to bid on Quake. While Kasius delighted in the news, Boshtok made it clear that he was enraged and noted that he had been promised a chance to buy Quake, which Kasius promised to still entertain, but advised him to consider his other many Inhumans on offer.[2]

Inhuman Rebellion

Battle of Quake vs Sinara

Kasius welcomes Faulnak to the Lighthouse

"Tonight, she fights for your enjoyment. Dear friends, may I present to you Quake, the Destroyer of Worlds."
"This puny girl is your Destroyer?"
"Your rush to judgment has always been a shortcoming, brother. Allow me to switch off the Destroyer's inhibitor. Then you shall see her true nature."
―Kasius and Faulnak[src]

While his guests arrived in the fight pit, Kasius spoke to Sinara as he noted that their fate was soon to be at hand. He was then interrupted by the arrival of Faulnak, who Kasius welcomed into the Lighthouse while Faulnak immediately expressed his distaste for the place. Faulnak insisted that he had only come due to Taryan's orders, with Kasius claiming that it was an honor for their father to have sent his most trusted messenger. Faulnak then noted that Quake should not disappoint him, or he would express his mighty rage, which had somewhat unnerved Kasius.

Kasius and Faulnak discuss Quake's battle

Just as Kasius promised that Quake would soon be fighting one of his most prized Inhumans, Faulnak explained that he had no desire to see one of Kasius' home-grown experiments fight, but instead insisted that Quake must fight a Kree warrior to show her worth. Looking around the room, Faulnak suggested that Sinara should fight Quake, much to Kasius' horror as he insisted that Sinara was not prepared for battle, although Faulnak dismissed this by questioning if she was truly Kasius' greatest warrior, noting that he hid behind her as though she was, which Kasius was unable to answer.

Kasius orders Sinara to go fight Quake

Despite his reluctance to lose her, Kasius agreed to have Sinara fight to the death when Faulnak suggested that perhaps he was no longer seeking their father's approval. While Faulnak walked away, Kasius approached Sinara and noted that this battle presented him with a tremendous opportunity. Kasius noted that everything he had been working for would now come down to this one battle, which Sinara noted would be to the death. Kasius then confirmed this would be the case before telling Sinara that he had every confidence that she would soon provide them all with a great battle spectacle.

Kasius introduces both Quake and Sinara

With everybody sat down, Kasius then introduced Quake reminding everyone of her story of her destroying the Earth with her Inhuman abilities as she stepped into the fight pit to face off against Sinara, with Faulnak questioning if such a small and unassuming girl could possibly be the feared Destroyer of Worlds. Having turned off Quake's Inhuman Control Device, and knowing how deadly Quake's Inhuman power could actually be, Kasius first ensured that there was a forcefield between themselves and the upcoming fight, with Kasius then inviting his brother to give the opening commencement.

Kasius nervously watches the fight unfolding

However, rather than wait, Sinara began firing her Kree Spheres at Quake, starting the fight while Faulnak scoffed that Sinara was no longer obeying any of Kasius' orders. Kasius, Faulnak, and the others then watched the fight unfold, with the Inhuman and Kree proving to be equally matched in fighting abilities but with Quake's power giving her a distinct advantage, allowing her shockwaves to launch Sinara across the fight pit with incredible force. Kasius still found himself emotionally torn while watching the fight, wanting Quake to prove her value while not wishing to see Sinara killed as a result.

Kasius is suddenly attacked by Boshtok

Just as Quake defeated Sinara, Boshtok revealed himself to be a traitor as he drew an I.C.E.R. and struck Gaius Ponarian across the face with it. Before he could react, Kasius was then attacked by Jemma Simmons who slashed him across the face with a knife while Boshtok removed the forcefield. As Faulnak reactivated Quake's Inhuman Control Device, rendering her defenseless, Boshtok knocked out both Maston-Dar and Karaba before escaping with Simmons, who he passionately kissed. Kasius watched this unfold in horror, clutching his wounded cheek as they escaped.[2]

Hunt for Quake

Kasius tries to reassure Faulnak of his plan

"While your expertise is appreciated, I have the matter under control. There's a system in place, and it has served me well. Sinara will end this inconvenience. As you saw by her display in the Crater, she is the most capable warrior in my employ."
"Your best has proven inadequate."
―Kasius and Faulnak[src]

As the hunt for their escaped criminals began, Kasius returned to his suites and examined the scar given by Jemma Simmons, horrified by his new imperfection. While Kasius questioned if it would be noticeable, Faulnak arrived and claimed that new scars should be regarded as badges of honor for a warrior, noting that his brother's priorities were misplaced. Faulnak asked about Quake, with Kasius confirming that due to the Inhuman Control Device, she had no power, no ship and nowhere to run, so it would only be a matter of time before she would finally be recaptured.

Kasius watches as Faulnak takes over control

Faulnak, however, was unimpressed by this and intended to lead the chase of the fugitives by sending his warrior Maston-Dar, although Kasius reminded him that he was in charge of the Lighthouse and that Sinara could handle the task. However, Faulnak disregarded Kasius' opinion and ordered Sinara to bring all the human weapons they had for Maston-Dar who preferred using the human's own weapons against them, and Kasius silently told Sinara to comply. Having made it clear that he was now in charge, Faulnak ordered Maston-Dar to spill blood before smiling at his horrified brother.

Kasius desperately begs for Sinara's loyalty

Later, Kasius walked through his suites alone, obsessively touching his new scar before he met with Sinara alone and told her that it was in their best interest to make Faulnak believe he was in charge as he noted that he was his only way to return to Hala and regain their Taryan|own father's approval of him at last. However, Sinara still appeared quite disgusted by Kasius' behavior, with Kasius desperately trying to win her approval by defending his decision to put her in the fighting pit, only for Sinara to call his begging repulsive. Kasius, however, noted that he knew Sinara would discover where Quake was.[5]

Faulnak's Insults

Kasius discusses weaponary with Faulnak

"She saved my life! She's been by my side ever since. You call me weak. My strength comes from surrounding myself with loyalty."
"More platitudes. The only thing that runs deeper than the river of blood from your fallen soldiers is the shame you bring on our family."
―Kasius and Faulnak[src]

Kasius then remained with Faulnak, waiting for the fugitives to be delivered back to them, discovering Faulnak examining several human weapons including World War II rifles, with Kasius noting that while Faulnak was interested in the power behind weapons while he was fascinated by the craftsmanship. Although Kasius attempted to suggest that they could find a cross-section of interest with these guns, Faulnak insulted his brother's priorities again, claiming he had preferred killing his enemies with his Kree blade.

Kasius tries to defend his previous actions

Despite his attempts to make peace, Kasius was still belittled by his brother on several occasions, calling him a coward and weak for his shameful past in losing a key outpost of the Kree Empire, despite Kasius noting that he was put in command of his own fleet with no prior training. Enraged by all Kasius' excuses, Faulnak shot at him twice, claiming he should have drunk the Odium and died rather than running and insulting him for his own relationship with Sinara, despite Kasius explaining that Sinara had saved his life, as Faulnak reminded him how they were exiled from Hala for abandoning their post.

Kasius is furiously insulted again by Faulnak

While Kasius argued that he was not weak, but had built his strength by surrounding himself with loyal soldiers just like Sinara, Faulnak furiously claimed that he had brought shame upon their family and would be haunted by the blood of the Kree Soldiers he had failed. While Kasius stood silently, Faulnak then compared his brother to the Earth, noting that it had once been full of promise with the Kree's plans for the Inhumans, but was now nothing more than a broken spec of dust. Faulnak then promised that when Maston-Dar returned with Quake, he intended to immediately leave of them both.[5]

Committing Fratricide

Kasius and Faulnak ask for Sinara's update

"I can focus on greater things and have. I wasted so much time on my knees, seeking your approval. No more."
"You play God over a dead rock. But you're just a coward who hides, then stabs his enemies in the back."
"And in the front."
Faulnak and Kasius[src]

While Kasius and Faulnak continued to await news on their hunt for Quake and the others, Sinara eventually returned and informed them that the fugitives had escaped the Lighthouse to head to the Earth with the aid of friends. Faulnak was disgusted by what he called Kasius' incompetence as his Kree Watch had allowed Quake to escape and they had only just learned that there were still survivors on the Earth, while Kasius was unable to muster to courage to speak.

Kasius learns of Maston-Dar's sudden murder

Faulnak insisted that they ready a ship to head down to the planet, noting that Maston-Dar would still be able to survive against the Vrellnexians that covered the planet. Sinara, however, revealed to them that Maston-Dar was now dead before confessing that she had killed him herself. Kasius feared that the murder of his servant would enrage his brother, but to his surprise, Faulnak instead burst out laughing as he, impressed by this bold action, Faulnak expressed a desire to hire Sinara in his place, as Kasius watched on in horror at the possibility that Faulnak could also take Sinara away.

Kasius furiously stabs Faulnak in the back

Mortified by what Faulnak was saying, Kasius took a bayonet from the table and stabbed his brother through the back, angrily stating that Sinara was not an object which Faulnak could simply purchase. Standing over his dying brother, Kasius confessed that he knew Taryan had sent him on a suicide mission with the Kree Empire, noting that the generals had been killed by Sinara, noting he had never been built for battle. As the mortally wounded Faulnak spat out blood, he accused Kasius of cowardice again for having stabbed him in the back, so Kasius responded by dealing a final blow.

Kasius rubs Faulnak's blood over his own face

With Faulnak finally dead, Kasius dropped down beside him and closed his eyes, reciting the words of a life spent, a life earned. The hands covered with all his own brother's blood, Kasius rubbed his hands across his own face as he approached Sinara and told her that once they would have captured Quake and blamed her for Faulnak's death, they would reach the glory they craved for, claiming that this would finally allow him to reclaim his father's approval at last and be allowed to return back to Hala as a hero, no longer the disgrace that Faulnak and the others had regarded them as for so long.[5]

Punishing the Humans

Kasius learns that S.H.I.E.L.D. has escaped

"If she's alive, reclaim our property. If not at least we'll have a trophy. All resources are at your disposal. While you're away, I'll focus on the human traitors who aided the escape. We've been far too lenient with those who serve us. It's clear they require a firmer hand. Their disobedience must be punished."
―Kasius to Sinara[src]

Kasius was informed that all of the fugitives had used the Trawler to escape to the surface of the Earth where they had vanished, greatly annoying Kasius as he slammed his fist down on the table. As he noted that it was possible that they could have survived the crash, Kasius claimed that Quake had proved herself to be a survivor. Seeing Sinara's reaction to the news, Kasius questioned if she wanted to go after Quake and the others, which she confirmed that she did.

Kasius decides to brutally punish the humans

Kasius granted her wish before explaining that he would now focus on punishing all the humans of the Lighthouse who he blamed for aiding the fugitives, claiming that he had been far too lenient on them for too long. As Sinara questioned if he meant the Renewal, Kasius walked over to the terrified Ava and claimed he intended to cause retribution. Kasius then ordered members of the Kree Watch to cut off the power across the Lighthouse, removing the heat and water, before they went to the lower levels and sent all the Vrellnexians back upstairs where they massacred dozens of the humans.

Kasius sends Sinara to recapture Quake

While the Vrellnexians were killed with Splinter Bombs thanks to the efforts of Alphonso Mackenzie, Yo-Yo Rodriguez, and Flint, Kasius had sent Sinara down onto the planet's surface in order to find and capture the escaped S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Using a camera on Sinara's helmet, Kasius confirmed that the fugitives had survived the Trawler's crash, although they could have been killed by the Vrellnexians. As Sinara requested her orders, Kasius ordered her to continue following their trail, noting that they knew the human's weaknesses and told her to show them no mercy when she finally found them.[9]

Uprising in the Lighthouse

Kasius learns of the uprising in the Lighthouse

"An uprising. Just as I'm on the verge of leaving this place, Destroyer in hand. No matter. Have the doctor awaken our latest acquisition. It's time to remind the humans I am not their enemy. I am their god."
―Kasius to Hek-Sel[src]

Much to Kasius' horror, Hek-Sel informed him that the humans had survived the attack and killed all of the Vrellnexians along with eight members of the Kree Watch. When Kasius questioned how this had been possible, Hek-Sel informed him that the humans had obtained guns, leading to Kasius furiously questioning where on the Lighthouse they had been able to find weapons. He was interrupted when one of his slaves dropped a box, leading to Kasius furiously threatening to kill her.

Kasius decides to prove himself to be a god

As the terrified humans, led by Ava, quickly left to continue loading his ship with his personal items, Kasius continued to ponder the concept of there being an uprising just as he was ready to leave the Earth once and for all along with Quake. Deciding on a new plan now that the Vrellnexians were dead and all the humans were rebelling, Kasius ordered Hek-Sel to have the Kree Doctor go and awaken the recently resurrected Tess in the wake of her murder at the hands of the Vicar. Looking out over the Earth, Kasius claimed that he would remind the humans that he was not their enemy, but their god.

Kasius awaiting his latest update from Tess

Kasius ordered Tess to bring him Flint along with every child under the age of ten, with all the Terrigen Crystals. Also seeking to reclaim Quake, Kasius demanded that the remaining S.H.I.E.L.D. agents motivate her to return, threatening to destroy the entire human race at the touch of a button if she had failed. While Kasius waited by the fighting pit, Hek-Sel eventually informed him that Tess had returned, only to discover much to his annoyance, that she had failed to bring what he wanted. Enraged, Kasius threatened to kill Tess with all the humans but she explained that she was not empty handed.

Kasius furiously threatening Tess' life

Tess revealed that the humans, led by Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez had taken over the entire research floor and were now threatening to take away his abilities to breed Inhumans until Kasius went to meet them, or they would destroy all the Terrigen Crystals and the Inhuman DNA he had been storing, using Kasius' own words against him as she noted that they would be able to burn everything at the touch of a button. Enraged, Kasius then chocked Tess before dropping her to the floor and storming out, ordering Hek-Sel to bring Tess with them in order to finally meet with the humans.[3]

Standoff with S.H.I.E.L.D.

Kasius standing against his new enemies

"You will have no choice but to surrender. Stand down or experience death like your friend, many, many times."
"You're a real piece of work, you know that?"
"I am a god to be feared. Humans beg to be ruled. Without me, they'd have perished long ago."
―Kasius and Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

As requested, Kasius to meet with the Humans, protected by his four members of the Kree Watch including Hek-Sel. Upon arriving, Kasius expressed his surprise upon seeing Yo-Yo Rodriguez there before Alphonso Mackenzie warned him not to move under the threat of him destroying everything Kasius had for breeding Inhumans. Kasius however still remained unintimidated, noting that while they thought they were invincible, they would soon submit to his rule.

Kasius threatens his enemies with suffering

Despite all his threats, Rodriguez merely laughed in his face before calling Kasius a coward who hides behind those who do his bidding. Kasius then noted that he found it ironic that they were attempting to trade humans for Inhumans, noting that he felt the defining feature of their kind was that they would also turn against one another. Kasius noted that soon Sinara would have captured Quake and they would have no choice but to surrender to him, so he decided to offer them one final chance to stand down, or to experience the same horrific suffering as Tess had been through many times over.

Kasius attempts to massacre all the humans

Kasius claimed he was a God to be feared, only for Mackenzie to note that vengeance and torment were tools of the Devil, leading to Kasius threatening to show them a Hel they could not even imagine. As Rodriguez insulted him, Kasius witnessed the arrival of Flint who joked that Kasius did indeed have a funny way of speaking, so he showed them the detonator to his bombs and demanded that they surrender to him. Rodriguez made a move to steal it, but the shield generated by the Kree Watch blocked her path, leading to Kasius mocking her attempt as he had prepared for the attack.

Kasius loses his supply of Terrigen Crystals

As punishment for their attack, Kasius activated the bombs he had placed throughout the Lighthouse, intending to wipe out the humans. However, when all of the bombs were activated, Kasius realized that Mackenzie had been stalling in order to allow Gunner and the other humans to move the bombs downstairs and also take the people up. While Kasius reacted to his mistake, Tess ran to her allies while the others noted that the humans were safe from him. Enraged, Kasius noted that they were not safe from him before Mackenzie destroyed all of the Terrigen Crystals, as Kasius screamed in rage.[3]

Insight into the Future

Kasius learns the future from Yo-Yo Rodriguez

"Look at me, clawing at the walls of my own mind. I envy your sleep. You rest while S.H.I.E.L.D. stalks my every move. Scavengers. No, you're right. They plot to destroy my enterprise as they did the world my father lusted after."
―Kasius to Sinara[src]

Seeking to know what was coming, Kasius went to speak with Elena Rodriguez and was then informed that the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were returning to the Lighthouse onboard Zephyr One. As Kasius was then leaving the room, Hek-Sel came to inform him of this, only for Kasius to make it clear he was already aware as he ordered Hek-Sel to prepare a squad of Kree Watch to end the fight once and for all. As Hek-Sel questioned how he knew this, Kasius noted that while the Humans had a seer predicting the future, he had his own.[3]

Kasius discovers Sinara's hanging corpse

As Zephyr One landed in the Lighthouse, Kasius took his Kree team with him to find all his enemies, however to his utter horror, Kasius discovered Sinara's body, as she had been impaled on a steel pike during a battle with Quake. Mortified by what he was seeing, Kasius could only mutter the word "no", while Hek-Sel ordered their soldiers to search the entire ship and find these S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. However, despite a full search of the ship, Kasius soon learned that none of the agents had been found as they had used the Containment Module to get off the ship and arrive on the Lighthouse elsewhere.

Kasius remains beside Sinara's lifeless body

Having taken Sinara back to his quarters, Kasius stood vigil beside her body and stared at her for some time, mourning his fallen ally, calmly trying to reassure her that he was there. Desperate, Kasius ordered his Kree Doctor to fix Sinara and return her to life, as they had done with Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Tess: However, the Doctor still insisted that she was dead. Despite Kasius' insistence, the Doctor explained that the biology of humans was different from that of the Kree and therefore Sinara could not be saved, as the damage to her body was beyond repair, resulting in Kasius shooting him. Kasius handed Hek-Sel the gun and demanded that Tye be brought to him.

Kasius is given all Robin Hinton's sketches

While alone with Sinara's body, Kasius began telling her how he was struggling to control his own sanity while all the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were attempting to destroy everything he had built, claiming that he envied Sinara's sleep of death. Hek-Sel soon returned with Tye and handed Kasius the sketches drawn by Robin Hinton, which were the only items found on Zephyr One. Complaining that nothing else had been found, Kasius realized that everything the True Believers spoke of was coming true as the agents were trying to leave the Lighthouse and finally return back to their own time, with Kasius then noting that everything Rodriguez had told him confirmed this.

Kasius orders Tye to collect his Inhumans

Kasius also realized that for the agents to be there now would mean that Quake had not destroyed the Earth in their timeline yet, speaking to Tye about how Taryan|his father had been shunned by the Kree Empire for his belief in the Earth's promise. Kasius then ordered Tye to gather together the remaining Inhumans they had for a final battle against the agents, believing that if he killed them now, then the Earth would never be destroyed, allowing Kasius' father and his Kree armies to conquer the planet without any resistance. Tye, however, warned him that all the remaining Inhumans were barely trained to fight.

Kasius forces Tye to drink down the Odium

Upon hearing Tye's concerns, Kasius explained his family's tradition of dying with honor in battle by drinking the Odium, explaining how it granted the user enhanced strength and took away their pain for their final stand. Stepping closer to Tye, Kasius forced some of the Odium down his throat and watched with satisfaction as Tye's eyes turned black as rage filled his body. Kasius then ordered the enraged Tye to hunt down Daisy Johnson and the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and fight to the death, knowing that either Tye would be killed in the battle or he would die having destroyed Kasius' enemies.[10]

Losing the Lighthouse

Kasius learns of Hek-Sel's latest failure

"I, too, have failed. Lost Inhumans. Lost you. The glory we sought evades us. But if I pledge myself I could still give my father everything he desired, help elevate the Kasius family name. I know there's a path back to glory. A path back to you."

Before the attack could happen, however, the Kree Watch were then ambushed and killed by the S.H.I.E.L.D., resulting in them losing their forces and all of the remaining Inhumans being freed. Mortified by more failure, Kasius ignored what Hek-Sel was telling him and continued looking down at Sinara's body, noting that everyone from the Kree Doctor to Sinara herself had failed him, confessing that even he himself had failed.

Kasius decides to sacrifice his own life

Kasius then realised that the only way for him to regain the glory he desired would be to kill all the remaining humans himself, choosing to drink the Odium to fight to his death while killing all the agents, stopping them from returning to the past and saving the Earth for Taryan as a result. As he touched Sinara's face, he noted that this would not only be his path to glory, but a path back to her side in the afterlife, noting to Hek-Sel that the captured Yo-Yo Rodriguez had given up all the information she had to offer or she may perhaps be deceiving them in order to try and protect the humans.

Kasius collects Yo-Yo Rodriguez from her cell

Having decided to use the captured Rodriguez to send a message to the agents, Kasius departed with Hek-Sel and went to collect his own seer, Rodriguez. Upon arriving in her cell, Kasius and his Kree Watch found Rodriguez was seemingly waiting for him, having said everything she knew to Rodriguez to try and give them all the chance to save the future. Kasius took Rodriguez into his custody, knowing her relationship with Alphonso Mackenzie and the rest of the team could give him a clear advantage to emotionally manipulate the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and destroy them all once and for all.[10]

Final Stand

Kasius holding Yo-Yo Rodriguez at knifepoint

"I want to watch the light die in your eyes! My father will see me! He will have his world! Not just the sliver Quake left behind!"
―Kasius to Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

In his final and desperate attempt to succeed, Kasius took the future version of Yo-Yo Rodriguez into the fight pit and held her hostage in front of Alphonso Mackenzie, who furiously demanded that Kasius let her go. Kasius, however, held a blade to Rodriguez's throat and hid behind her to ensure that Mackenzie would be unable to shoot him with the Shotgun-Axe, with Mackenzie horrified at seeing Rodriguez had lost her arms. Despite Rodriguez still begging him to run and more members of the Kree Watch arriving there, Mackenzie refused to leave.

Kasius finally drinking down all of the Odium

Kasius mocked Rodriguez for trembling as he held the blade to her throat, questioning if she feared what was coming next for all of them. Having finished taunting Mackenzie and Rodriguez, Kasius smiled as he consumed a vial of Odium and slit Rodriguez's throat. As Mackenzie looked on in horror at the woman he loved being killed in front of him, Kasius felt the Odium taking hold as his eyes bled black and his body filled with a newfound strength. Kasius then lept down from the balcony while screaming before he engaged the enraged Mackenzie in a vicious hand-to-hand duel.

Kasius furiously fighting Alphonso Mackenzie

Fuelled by this newfound rage, Kasius ordered the Kree Watch to go and slaughter the remaining S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, only for Mackenzie to kill them both with the Shotgun-Axe before shooting Kasius in the shoulder. However, as he was now unable to feel pain, Kasius did not stop and continued attacking Mackenzie, using his new lack of pain, enhanced strength and his overall Kree biology to easily overpower Mackenzie, even throwing him across the pit while screaming about beating Mackenzie's body with his own skull. Mackenzie continued to fight but soon found he was unable to defeat Kasius.

Kasius getting deafened by Jemma Simmons

Having been beaten into the ground, the exhausted Mackenzie noted that since Rodriguez was now gone, there was nothing Kasius could do to hurt him, with Kasius responding by continuing to strike him. Kasius ranted about giving Taryan|his father back the Earth as it was, before it had been destroyed by Quake, believing this would be his final redemption in his father's eyes as his father would finally be given the Earth as he had desired it. Just as it seemed Kasius would finally kill Mackenzie, however, Jemma Simmons intervened as she snuck up behind Kasius and infected him with his Silencing Implant.

Kasius getting killed by Alphonso Mackenzie

Kasius then fell back as he was consumed by the same silence he had previously used on countless human victims including Simmons herself and Ava. Distracted by all of the pain and silence caused by the device, the enraged Kasius had furiously stepped away from the wounded Mackenzie and then attempted to destroy Simmons for what she had done to him, struggling to see her clearly. However, Mackenzie used the distraction to get to his feet before he impaled Kasius from behind with his Shotgun-Axe, bringing an end to his rule and Kasius' corpse then dropped down to the ground. His body was destroyed when the Lighthouse exploded.[10]


Remembered by Enemies

"Hey, it could be worse."
"True, we could be enslaved by an alien sociopath in a dystopian future."
Melinda May and Jemma Simmons[src]

Kasius would be remembered as one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s toughest enemies, along with Jiaying, Calvin Zabo, and Aida.[4] Deke Shaw would continue to be haunted by what Kasius had done to his life and that it had such an impact on him that he felt the Lighthouse had a pull on him even without the disgraced son of the House of Kasius.[11] When meeting Taryan, Quake gloated about how both Kasius and his brother died like cowards, stabbed in the back.[12]


"No man of honor can allow the tongues of his slaves to lie so boldly."
―Kasius to Leo Fitz[src]

At first sight, Kasius did not seem to be as rough and violent than the average Kree. Instead, he generally spoke calmly and quite politely, albeit in a very confident way. However, there was no doubt about his cruelty: he had Reese executed all because of a simple scar on his servant's forehead and Ben executed because he had lied to him, and threatened to torture and disfigure Jemma Simmons if Daisy Johnson did not obey him. Kasius harbored a high degree of bitterness regarding his exile (although he is not willing to describe it in such words) and was motivated above all by his own interest, which was getting a great fortune to win his father's favors. Thus, he was willing to let his faithful and loyal bodyguard Sinara fight to the death with Quake and intended to destroy the Lighthouse and all his human population once his work completed.

Kasius just prior to his exile came to realize that he was not a fighter whereas Sinara was. He showed a high degree of cunning as he tried surviving an unwinnable battle by fleeing whereas his fellow Kree would stay and fight until the end even if it was suicide. To Kasius, his attitude was pure pragmatism and not cowardice. He was also shown to care and be protective of Sinara, refusing to let Faulnak take Sinara away and killed his brother to prove his feelings for her.

Thus, Kasius was somewhat of an anomaly amongst Kree. He still had the Kree predisposition towards control and dominating his enemies, to an extent that bordered on megalomania as he considered himself a god ruling over humans. However, he chose to do it through manipulation and cunning whereas the vast majority of his Kree brethren would prefer to do it through brute force and violence. Kasius undoubtedly believed himself above such violent actions yet he only hides a truly brutal nature behind a sophisticated facade. Under the effects of the Odium, though, Kasius' calm demeanor dissipates completely, as he strikes his opponents with fury and savagery all the while screaming in rage, in contrast to his confident and composed manner of speaking earlier.

Though he was willing to kill Faulnak and a Kree doctor with his own hands, Kasius still believed himself above manual labor until Sinara was killed and the humans he ruled all rebelled against him. Having nothing more to lose, Kasius only saw the hope of being reunited with his love in the afterlife once again and gain a shred of glory for his family name by facing Alphonso Mackenzie one-on-one. In the end, Kasius died as his family wanted him to - fearlessly and to the death with an enemy.

Powers and Abilities


Kasius' strength is enhanced by the Odium

  • Kree Physiology/Odium Empowerment: As a Kree, he has also of there natural attributes such as blue skin coloration as well as superhuman strength, durability, and recuperation. Kasius' natural physiology was further enhanced upon consuming the Odium.
    • Superhuman Strength: Kasius showed some degree of superhuman strength. He was able to fight Alphonso Mackenzie and almost beat him to death after drinking the Odium.
    • Superhuman Durability: Kasius was granted superhuman durability from the Odium, as he remained unaffected by the Shotgun-Axe's bullets.
    • Superhuman Agility: Kasius naturally has greater agility, dexterity, balance and body coordination than a normal human being.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: As with all Kree, Kasius possesses a healing factor which allows him to recover from injuries in a much shorter time than humans.
    • Pain Suppression: Kasius seemed to be unable to feel pain, enabling him to fight with rage until his death.


"I'm gonna beat your body with your own skull!"
―Kasius to Alphonso Mackenzie[src]
  • Combatant: After taking the odium, Kasius was able to fight Alphonso Mackenzie on seemingly equal terms. However, he appeared to mostly use brute strength rather than actual skill in his fight with the latter.



Kasius shoots the Kree Doctor in the head

"You were always more interested in the power behind a weapon. The ability to kill. The craftsmanship was what caught my eye."
"Once again, misplaced priorities."
"These particular tools from Earth seem a nice cross-section of our areas of interest."
―Kasius and Faulnak[src]
  • Colt 1860 Percussion: Kasius used this revolver from his collection in order to execute the Kree Doctor, frustrated as he had been unable to resurrect Sinara the same way Humans were resurrected.
  • M1 Garand: Kasius took this rifle from his collection and used it to kill Faulnak stabbing him with its bayonet from behind, and stabbing him again in the chest while he was lying on the floor to finish him off.
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Other Equipment

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"You are a beauty wore cultivating, but you must learn silence."
―Kasius to Jemma Simmons[src]

Kasius activates the Inhuman Control Device

  • Inhuman Control Device: Kasius had a device which could remove and restore Inhumans' powers in a push-button, allowing him to force Abby and Ben into fight pits and take away Quake's powers so she would no longer be a threat to him or any of his buyers.
"It burns through the body. All strength, no pain. A fearsome last stand. A brilliant flash of light and splendor."
  • Odium: Like every member of the House of Kasius, Kasius had the Odium liquid which grants superhuman abilities by drinking it. He used it as a last desperate measure to prevent S.H.I.E.L.D. from returning back in time and restore honor to his family, furiously battling Alphonso Mackenzie and overpowering him.


"Before I arrived, this place was nothing but wreckage, the rotted shell of a dead organism. But I saw it for what it could be."
―Kasius to Daisy Johnson[src]

Kasius inside his suites with Jemma Simmons

  • Lighthouse: As the ruler of the small human population surviving in the Lighthouse, Kasius resided in luxurious levels known as Kasius' Suites. Being served by a large group of servants, including Ava and Jemma Simmons, Kasius organized the place for his own pleasure. He enjoyed copious dinners and receptions with bidders he invited to purchase trained Inhumans who dueled in an arena called the Crater. However, Kasius eventually lost control over the Lighthouse when its residents, led by the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who had arrived into the Lighthouse, led a rebellion against his forces, ultimately causing his death.






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  • Kasius is the second main antagonist of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. who was created specifically for the series and who never encountered Phil Coulson in person, with the first being Jiaying.
  • Kasius is the second of two main antagonists to neither be an Inhuman or to have ever been affiliated with HYDRA, the first being Eli Morrow.

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