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"I'm committed to you now. I hope that you know that. But it does mean that there's something I have to do with my friends because if anything ever happened to you, I would never forgive myself."
―Karolina Dean to Julie[src]

Karolina Dean was a student at UCLA and a member of the Runaways. Heartbroken after Nico Minoru left her and the group, she started a relationship with fellow student Julie. Thanks to time travel, she helped a future version of Chase Stein stop a future Alex Wilder and save the life of Gert Yorkes, heavily changing the timeline which caused Dean to be erased from existence.


New Relationship

"You could have at least said goodbye."
"I didn't want you to stop me."
"I wouldn't have."
―Karolina Dean and Nico Minoru[src]

Dean with her new girlfriend Julie

Dean used to be in a relationship with Nico Minoru, but her girlfriend eventually left her as well as the other Runaways to learn how to develop her powers. Dean was deeply upset that Minoru had chosen to leave without even saying a word, but decided to move on and began a new relationship with Julie, a fellow student met at the UCLA, where Dean studied psychology.[1]

Another Reunion

"But still, why would any version of Alex want to kill Nico?"
―Karolina Dean[src]

On the day of the third anniversary of Gert Yorkes' death, Dean was feeling nostalgic and very sad, which was noticed by her girlfriend Julie, who noticed that she was not eating her breakfast. Dean thanked Julie for remembering the date of Yorkes' death, and insisted that she was moving on as she had promised her friends, although Julie feared that Dean was in denial. Dean then left for her class.

Dean later attended a reunion of the Runaways who had been gathered by the Hostel by Nico Minoru. Dean bitterly noticed that Minoru had not let anyone know that she had returned, just like she had never told that she was leaving in the first place or given any news. However, Dean quickly forgot her resentment in the face of the more urgent situation: a future Alex Wilder had attempted to kill Minoru, before being stopped by a future Chase Stein.

Warned by Stein that this future Wilder could come after the Runaways' loved ones, Dean returned home with her teammates, only to found Julie unconscious. She was then held at gunpoint by Wilder using the Energy Pistol, but he was restrained and incapacitated by Minoru. Once Wilder escaped, Dean took Julie to their room and assured her that Minoru's return changed nothing to their relationship. She also promised that she and Julie would go on a holiday cruise to forget the unfortunate incident.

Dean at Atlas Academy

Due to Stein having tracked down Wilder to the time before the Runaways found out the truth about PRIDE, Dean used a time machine given by Stein to follow him through the past, arriving at Atlas Academy. Dean secretly watched over her past counterpart, feeling embarrassed as she watched her open her locker which had been filled with lightbulbs to mock her Church of Gibborim beliefs.

Dean and the other Runaways then chased Wilder until he boarded a school bus, in which the Runaways confronted him. Since the situation escalated, Minoru used a spell to put down all witnesses to sleep, enabling them to capture Wilder and take him to the school gym. There, as Minoru was confronted about her reasons for living, Dean was upset when Minoru explained that she would have felt miserable she had remained with her girlfriend, as Dean was convinced that she could have helped Minoru find happiness.[1]

Timeline Altered

"Before we go, Karolina, I have to say it..."
"Don't. Just promise me you'll find me. Wherever we are."
Nico Minoru and Karolina Dean[src]

With the capture of Alex Wilder, Dean could have returned into her own time, but upon learning that Chase Stein actually wanted to go back into the past to save Gert Yorkes, she decided to come with him along with the other Runaways, even though Wilder alerted them that this would result in the disparition of the current Runaways.

Dean arrives at the Hostel

Arriving at the past Hostel, and with Wilder escaping once again, Dean discussed their plan to monitor the battle and ensuring their success, and she suggested that she could go against Morgan le Fay thanks to her Gibborim powers, though Nico Minoru thought that le Fay's magic would surpass them. Dean and Minoru then overheard their past counterparts as the past Minoru apologized to Dean, who insisted that she believed in Minoru and that she would always be there for her.

Dean and Minoru watched le Fay's arrival until the future Stein stepped in to confront the enchantress in Yorkes' place. As le Fay attacked Stein, Minoru protected him with a shielding spell, prompting le Fay to spot Minoru and Dean at their vantage point. Attacked by le Fay, Dean attempted to block her stream of dark magic with a light beam, but she was overrun and knocked back.

Dean is erased from existence

Eventually, despite being mortally wounded and Yorkes being attacked by le Fay, the future Runaways were successful and Yorkes was saved. As predicted by Wilder, the change in the timeline caused Dean and her friends to progressively vanish. Before disappearing, Dean made Minoru promise that she would not leave them again and that she would remain with her, which Minoru promised as she had found a way to implant this idea in her past self's mind.[1]


"We all pledged to move on, to try to lead normal lives. Which means having a future. With you."
"Sounds like another way of saying you're in denial. Which probably is normal, but it isn't healthy."
―Karolina Dean and Julie[src]

Dean retained a strong sense of optimism and the ability to believe in others. Although very saddened by Gert Yorkes' death and embittered by Nico Minoru leaving her without a word, she decided to move on with these unfortunate events and did her best to build a bright life, eventually finding love again with Julie. She still harbored some resentment towards Minoru, as she thought that she could have helped her find happiness should she have stayed with her, but ultimately decided that she would not let her return get in the way of her relationship with Julie, assuring the latter that she was committed to her only.

Dean kept her optimism during her time travel experience. When warned by Alex Wilder that saving the life of the past Yorkes would cause the current Runaways to be erased from existence, she expressed her confidence that the bonds connecting them would remain strong and that they would always share the same values of friendship and loyalty. Before disappearing, she also made Minoru promise that the new versions of them would remain together, once again showing her ability to believe in people being capable of making the right decisions.


"I have the power to take her on."
―Karolina Dean[src]

Hybrid Physiology: Being a hybrid with Gibborim heritage, Dean possessed various superhuman attributes based on light.

  • Light Beam Emission: Dean was able to project beams of light which are capable of injuring her enemies. It was, however, no match to Morgan le Fay's dark magic.






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