"I don't make mistakes."

Karnak Mander-Azur is the trusted and loyal advisor/family member of the Inhuman Royal Family. Following Maximus' coup, Karnak was forced to flee to Earth, where he suffered a heavy trauma that greatly affected his powers. After meeting a group of marijuana dealers, Karnak slowly recovered until he was able to flee from Reno and ultimately reunited with the rest of the Royal Family.

Karnak was devastated by the death of his cousin Gorgon, who sacrificed himself during a fight with Maximus' forces. Upon returning to the Moon, Karnak sought a way of reviving him and ultimately succeeded by making Gorgon undergo a second Terrigenesis with the help of Auran's blood. As the city of Attilan was destroyed following Maximus' actions, Karnak joined the rest of the Inhumans and went to Earth one more time, preparing for a new life on the planet their ancestors had left.


Early Life

Face Tattoos

"Let's start with something easy, like your tats."
"It was a decision I made when I was still a teenager. The day I got this, I thought it was the greatest idea I'd ever had. Now, I look into a mirror, it's a reminder of how far I've come. Who I used to be. And who I am now."
Jen and Karnak[src]

When Karnak was a teenager, he decided to get a face tattoo, believing it to be the greatest idea he ever had. This tattoo would then come to serve as a reminder as who he used to be as teenager, and how he has grown since then.[5]


When he came of age, Karnak underwent Terrigenesis, emerging with the ability to instantly visualize multiple scenarios in his mind and thus see the flaw in everything. Later in his life, Karnak was then made the King's adviser, as well as the source for the right answers to the rest of his family.[6]

Consultant to the King

Training Maximus

"Gorgon! Calm."
"A sneak attack makes you -"
"Smarter. And, more cunning."
―Karnak and Gorgon[src]

Karnak and Gorgon training Maximus

Considering his lack of abilities and skills, Karnak and Gorgon decided to teach Maximus how to fight, much like the rest of the Royal Family. Karnak watched aside giving him tips about fighting as Gorgon threw Maximus around the room. When Maximus began to reject the idea of training, Karnak informed him that it is vital due to the position he is in as royalty. They decided to stop when Maximus attacked Gorgon from behind, making him angry. Karnak calmed him down, saying that a sneak attack is smart and cunning, things that Gorgon said Maximus had to be.[3]

Cleaning Up After Gorgon

Karnak tells Gorgon to put back a flag

"You could never handle anything like I do, that would almost as impossible as me handling anything as moronic as you."
"Now you're just being mean."
"Just staring a truth. Thanks to Terrigenesis, you will always be the one making a mess of things, I will always be the one cleaning them up."
―Karnak and Gorgon[src]

One day Karnak was playing chess with himself when he was interrupted by Gorgon who informed him that he had found a flag on the Moon's surface and had brought it back with him. Karnak then told Gorgon to put the flag back due to endangering their civilization, as a satellite will pick up that the flag is missing and notice his hoof prints on the ground. Gorgon then left to put it back as Karnak pointed out how the city would be destroyed if were not for his guidance.

Gorgon then returned after putting back the flag and clearing his prints, where he jokingly pointed out that the whole time he was trying to fix the situation how Karnak would. Karnak then stated that they would never be able to handle anything the way they do; Gorgon being irrational and destructive while Karnak is rational and subtle. Gorgon then pointed out that at least he can have fun, unlike Karnak who had not even moved a piece yet in his chess game with himself.[2]

Loyal to Black Bolt

Over the years of serving Black Bolt, he would develop a great loyalty towards him, as he stood by his side for everything and warned him of Maximus' suspicious behavior that began to develop.[6]

Meeting with the Royal Family

Karnak gathers with the Inhuman Royal Family

"What's that?"
"The little baby car?"
"No, what's that above it?"
"My hoof."
"You don't see a problem with that?"
―Karnak and Gorgon[src]

Karnak then called for the Inhuman Royal Family to gather about a new drone that Gorgon had retrieved. Karnak hacked the drone and discovered the surveillance footage showing Gorgon's hoof. When the family arrived, Karnak asked where his brother was, unaware of his secret mission from Black Bolt, to which he told Karnak to proceed with the meeting. When Gorgon arrived, Karnak then pointed out the hoof on the footage, to which Gorgon claimed wasn't a problem as the humans wouldn't notice.

Black Bolt then told the family that they should do nothing about it, which led to Maximus to once again bring up how he believes that should take over the humans before they get to them. During the discussion, Karnak kept silent while the rest handled Maximus.[6]

Terrigenesis Ceremony

Karnak attending a Terrigenesis ceremony

"Terrigenesis simply provides our species with what it needs in evolutionary direction forwards. Flawless genetics."
"Hardly. It's nothing but random. The archaic luck of the draw has been obsolete for centuries."
―Karnak and Maximus[src]

The Royal Family then gathered later for a Terrigenesis ceremony for Bronaja and Iridia. During the ceremony, Karnak stated his belief on Terrigenesis which Maximus thought to be nothing but random. Karnak then stated that nothing really matters in the long run due to the fact that the universe itself will be gone with all of its inhabitants gone as well, until he was stopped by Black Bolt due to his overly serious and dark tone, which Gorgon explained is the reason he isn't asked to give birthday toasts. Karnak, along with the rest of the family, observed as the two Inhumans underwent Terrigenesis, one fully manifested, and the other yet to manifest.[6]

Triton's Disappearance

Karnak talks to Black Bolt about Maximus

"You think you're being tough with him, you are not. He has the ear of the people, and he undermines your decisions. You're blind to his intentions. That's one of your greatest weaknesses. Regardless, you have my loyalty. Never doubt that."
―Karnak to Black Bolt[src]

The Inhuman Royal Family then gathered for dinner, where Karnak foretold the events, to a servant who he was attracted to, of the next two days of them being together, starting off full of fun, but then turning to Karnak developing annoyance towards the servant that would lead him to wanting to kill her, offending her. As Gorgon watched, confused on the things Karnak was saying, he then stated that he is his own worst enemy for seeing every flaw, which Karnak believed it was his gift.

Maximus then joined the family revealing the news of Triton's apparent death on Earth. Karnak then watched as Duodon displayed the moments of him getting shot, but maintaining his emotions as he revealed that he was unaware of Triton's mission as Black Bolt only consoles him whenever he pleases. Maximus then used this incident to further his argument of heading to Earth, but Black Bolt continued to reject him. As Maximus left, Karnak revealed to Black Bolt that Maximus is dangerous due to him having the ear of the people and Black Bolt not being aware of his true intentions. Karnak then reconfirmed his loyalties remain with Black Bolt as he left.[6]

Uprising in Attilan

Maximus' Betrayal

Karnak is ambushed by the Royal Guards

"We are in the middle of a coup, Maximus has betrayed us."
"Wait what?"
"He has the Royal Guards with him."
"But I'm the head of the Royal Guards. Send Lockjaw to get me."
"No. I don't have time to spell it out for you!"
―Karnak and Gorgon[src]

After sending Gorgon to Earth to find Triton, Karnak continued to the drones that they have collected over the years, appeared to be disappointed with the machine. He was then approached by the Attilan Royal Guard under orders from Maximus, who had started a coup against the Inhuman Royal Family, to capture or kill them. Karnak then ran through different scenarios of the fight until he came out victorious. After defeating the guards with ease, Karnak headed for the rest of the family to warn them of the attacks they were about to face. As he headed for Crystal, he was called by Gorgon, who he informed him that he had to stay on Earth as it was no longer safe in Attilan.

Karnak warns Crystal of Maximus' coup

Karnak then reached Crystal's room where he told her about the coup, and that they had to escape down to Earth. Crystal refused to go down without helping the rest of the family first, and ordered Lockjaw to teleport him down to Gorgon's location. Karnak tried to escape from Lockjaw, but couldn't, causing him to be taken down to Earth, leaving Crystal in Attilan.[6]

Stranded on Earth

Karnak climbs down Haloa Ridge

"I need to find my King."

Karnak then arrived on Earth in Hawaii where he was on top of a mountain, nowhere near where Gorgon was, making him express the stupidity of Lockjaw. Karnak then knew that he had to find Black Bolt and regroup with the Inhuman Royal Family. He then climbed down the mountain, but fell when the dirt collapsed, causing him to crash on the ground, knocking him unconscious. When Karnak woke up, his fall caused him to have trouble with his abilities. He then continued to find Black Bolt, using his powers to guide him, which ended up leading him back to where he fell, leaving him confused. Karnak then decided to stop searching and sleep, not knowing what has happened to him.

Karnak is threatened by Reno

The next day, Karnak continued his search for Black Bolt, still suffering from the injury to his head when he fell, which caused his abilities to not be as effective. Karnak eventually came across a man who was running a farm, growing marijuana. Due to his presence, the Reno began to threaten Karnak, believing he was going to interfere with his operations. Another man then approached Karnak from behind and held a knife to him, causing him to surrender and being tied up.[6]


Karnak is captured on Earth

"My family, they need me."
"His family? How don't we know his not apart of some cartel come to kill us?"
"I need to find Black Bolt, Medusa, Gorgon."
―Karnak and Reno[src]

Karnak tried to explain to them that he was of no threat, and that he was simply lost, trying to find his king. The group then discussed what to do with him. Ted suggested to let him go, believing that he isn't a cop due to his tattoos. When asked about his Com-Link, which he explained he would use to talk to his king if only it wasn't broken. Karnak then pleaded to the group that he needed to find his family, who were also stranded on Earth, but the group were still to suspicious of him causing problems for their operations.

As the group discussed Karnak, he was looking for the best outcome to escape from them. He ran through a scenario where a kicks over a table which would break a support beam, collapsing the roof. When Karnak then went to attempt this, he failed, still suffering from his head injury.[5]


Jen tends to Karnak's wounds

"I'm someone who doesn't make mistakes. Now, since I hit my head, I don't know, I can't see the consequences of my decisions as clearly as I could, if at all."
"I'm sure it'll be alright."
"I'm not so sure. What I am sure of is that in my current state, I'm not of any use to my family."
―Karnak and Jen[src]

Later, Jen came to Karnak to tend to his wounds before they got infected. Karnak made it clear that he had no intention of causing a problem for their operation as he just wanted to find his king. She then told him that if he wants to leave alive, he would need to start telling them who he is. She then asked about the origin of his tattoos, which he went to tell her about, which led to him opening up to her about since his fall, he believes himself to not be of any use to his family, unlike how everyone would rely on him for the right answer. Karnak then made the decision that he would like to stay with this group, considering his current state.[5]

Moving On

Karnak is told he can stay

"We took a vote on what to do with you."
"I die in service of the -"
"Get up. I lost that vote."
"You can stay."
"As long as you're useful."
Reno, Karnak, Jen and Ted[src]

That night, Reno came in after his group had made a decision of what to do with him. Believing that he was about to be murdered, Karnak shouted his last words to be of his service to King Black Bolt, but it turned out that they had let him stay with them, as long as he was useful to their operation.[5]

Bonding with Jen

Karnak spend some time with Jen

"You know what I think?"
"You'd like me to make an educated guess?"
"I think you spend way too much time stuck inside your own head."
"Do we need to go into the water?"
"We don't need to, we want to."
Jen and Karnak[src]

The next day, Karnak, along with Jen, who had started to grow a liking to him, began to work on their operation, showing them ways to make the farming easier for them. During this time with Jen, Karnak slowly learned to not think about everything so much and even started to develop feelings for her as well. Karnak and Jen then went for a walk with no actual course or destination in mind, which Karnak soon become more audacious towards, considering he has lived his whole life making choices.

Karnak goes swimming for the first time

They then walked down to a beach where Karnak experienced seeing sand and an ocean for the first time. Jen then began to take off her clothes to go swimming, which she then invited Karnak to join, who did not know how to swim and was hesitant at first. Karnak then joined her where Jen kissed him due to her carefree attitude, which Karnak was slowly adapting to himself. Not to their awareness, they were being watched by Reno, who still did not trust Karnak. The two then returned to the camp where Jen invited Karnak to sleep in her tent with her, to which he accepted. Later that night the two made out in the tent where he pointed out the complexity of removing her bra.

Karnak wakes up next to Jen

The next morning, Karnak woke up next to Jen, noting the fact that people would usually leave after sleeping with someone, but instead Karnak stayed due to his newly found fondness towards her. He then expressed his love of spending time with her, to only then ruin it by pointing out some of her imperfections.[7]


Karnak slices a bullet in half

"Your kind tends to react badly to anyone different. Especially those in authority. And charging through the jungle to the police won't stop Reno from hunting us."
'I can't stay here."
"No, but we can go back to camp."
―Karnak and Jen[src]

When Karnak and Jen exited the tent, they were ambushed by Reno who threatened them with a gun. Reno shot at Karnak, but by using his Inhuman abilities, he was able to stop the bullet with his hands, slicing it in half. Unfortunately, he was not able to see one of the bullet halves hitting Jen. The two then ran away from Reno who continued to shoot at them, but they managed to escape from him by hiding in the hole that Reno had dug and buried Ted. The two then continued to escape but Jen could not continue on due to her injury getting worse. Karnak sat Jen down and went through different scenarios on how to remove the bullet without causing fatal injuries to Jen. Karnak was then able to remove the bullet without causing injury to Jen by pushing it through from the back. He then stitched her up and the two headed back for the camp to defeat Reno.

Karnak tends to Jen's wound

The two then headed back for camp where they would attack Reno, only to not see anyone there. Karnak then began to feel doubt about the plan, which he has never felt before, but Jen assured him that everyone feels doubt and that it is what helps them work out problems and find different solutions. The two then entered the camp where Karnak tried to find a weapon to defeat Reno with. He then came across a staff which he was automatically able to master, when suddenly a group of men arrived, causing them to hide. Karnak then waited until night where he sneaked up upon the group and attacked them with ease using the staff and his abilities. When one of the men tackled Karnak, Jen then burned the crops, letting the two flee until one of the men knocked out Karnak and tied the two up.[2]


Karnak reunites with Gorgon

"You are a welcome sight too, my King"
―Karnak to Black Bolt[src]

Karnak then woke up upside down and tied up by the group, where he was interrogated about who he is. He then told them the truth about being an Inhuman from Attilan, which they did not believe due to the obscurity of it, causing them to beat him. Suddenly, Gorgon then rescued him, by defeating all the men with his stomp. Karnak then thanked Gorgon for rescuing him, where he thought he was going to tell him about how irrational he was being. The three then left the camp and tried to escape, but Jen couldn't continue running so they stopped, where they heard a fight going on back at the camp, so Karnak and Gorgon prepared to attack the approaching enemy, when it was revealed to be Black Bolt and Medusa. The family then reunited after being stranded, where Karnak expressed joy towards seeing his king again.

Karnak says goodbye to Jen

Jen then interrupted them by informing them that they had to leave as she had to call the police about the situation, and that the police would then interrupt their plans to return to Attilan. Karnak then asked for her to join them, but Jen told him that she couldn't. The two then took a moment to talk, where Karnak believed that she was sending him off before morning much like what he believes people do after sleeping together, but she assured him that they have to go their own way. She then kissed him and told him to not be so hard on himself, as a little doubt is good for him. As she left, Karnak then recorded their time spent together which was one day, six hours and forty-six minutes. Locus then fainted due to her being shot earlier, and Karnak then pointed out that her wounds were fatal, resulting in her dying shortly.

Louise Fisher showing Karnak her tracker

The family, along with Louise Fisher, then continued their search to find Crystal, who had been revealed was on Earth. They tried to think of how to find her without Locus' abilities, which Louise then tried to locate a signal she could have left like the rest of the family when she arrived. As she did this, Black Bolt then sought out a plan from Karnak for when they return to Attilan to defeat Maximus. However, Karnak still believed that it would not be best for him to make any decisions in his current state. Louise then returned to inform them that she has located where Crystal landed on Earth right as a Com-Link that she had taken from Locus began to vibrate, alerting Karnak's attention. Medusa answered the call which was from Auran threatening to kill people if they didn't return to the lab where Black Bolt recently escaped from.

Karnak doubts his ability to fight

The family then discussed what they should do, as they still had to find Crystal, but Auran would still be a problem for them if they don't go to her. Black Bolt then decided for Karnak and Gorgon to rescue Auran's hostages while the rest went to find Crystal, despite Karnak believing it to be unwise to split up. Karnak then began to doubt himself in fighting Auran, but Medusa reassured him that he is Attilan's greatest fighter, even at half his strength, which Gorgon objected to. Karnak then agreed to the plan, and the two headed to the lab as the rest of the group went to find Crystal.[2]

Connecting with Gorgon

Karnak and Gorgon make a plan of attack

"I'm seeing the one flaw you're not seeing."
"I can't wait to hear this."
"Auran and her people don't know that you're broken. They think that the "All Mighty Karnak" is going to be heading their way. So, give them what they expect. There is no flaw, if they don't know there is one."
Gorgon and Karnak[src]

As the two arrived, they sneaked up discussing the plan to get inside the building undetected, seeing as Auran was likely at a window ready to snipe them. Karnak then stated that he was not able to see any way the plan go fail, due to his injury still affecting him, but Gorgon realized that Auran doesn't know that Karnak's abilities aren't working, so he told him to bluff, as they would not expect it, seeing as Karnak as a reputation of making only smart and effective decisions. Gorgon then cut the power to the building to make their break in easier for them.[3]

Fight against Auran

Karnak approaching the building

"It doesn't make sense, he wants me to shoot him. It's got to be a trick..."
"Please don't shoot me. Please don't shoot me."
Auran and Karnak[src]

After alerting their attention, Karnak then began to approach the building, in hoping that Auran wouldn't shoot him, buying his bluff. She fell for his trick and Karnak then made his way inside the building and went to rescue the hostages and defeat Auran. Karnak then knocked out a few of Auran's soldiers as he entered, before finding Sammy, where he then knocked out Flora. Karnak then noticed Mordis approaching, so he decided to hide, aware that he is extremely dangerous. He then tried to emotionally defeat Mordis by talking to him about his Terrigenesis, lying about how he tried to defend Mordis and not let him be locked up, which he was actually extremely for due to Karnak being scared by him. He soon then got Mordis distracted that Gorgon could then sneak up on him, letting Karnak knock him out. They then freed Sammy and went on to find Auran.[3]

Death of Gorgon

Karnak and Gorgon defeat Mordis

"I tried to get to him. He's gone. Gorgon's dead."
―Karnak to Black Bolt[src]

Gorgon then told Karnak that he was going to fight Auran alone, so he then went to defeat the rest of the soldiers. After Auran was defeated, Karnak then freed Evan Declan where he discovered that he and Maximus were in cahoots together. Karnak and Gorgon then tied up all of the enemies, but when the got to Mordis, he then refused to be taken and attempted to kill them, but Gorgon restrained him, but he couldn't stop him. He then told everyone to get out of the building as he then used his hooves to collapse the building onto of the two of them, killing them both.

The Royal Family mourning Gorgon

The building collapsed as Karnak got out along with everyone's else. He then went back in to search for Gorgon, only to find him underneath some rubble. Karnak used his abilities to confirm that he had passed, so he began to clear the rubble. He was then joined by Black Bolt, where he informed him of his death, and the two carried Gorgon outside. They then laid him down and the rest of the family mourned his death.

Karnak and Medusa interrogate Evan Declan

The family then chased after Auran and her soldiers who had escaped as they were mourning Gorgon. They were able to corner them quickly, and then began to interrogate Declan due to his involvement s with Maximus. As Declan's explained what Maximus was asking from him, Karnak figured out it was so he could go through Terrigenesis again in hope to become an Inhuman.[3]

Fighting Back

Sending a Message

Karnak and Medusa discuss how to deal with Maximus

"This has to stop! We can not go around killing everyone. Remember what you represent. What kind of king would you be if you killed your own brother? What kind of kingdom would Attilan be if you descended to that level?"
"There will be no kingdom unless we act!"
"Actions have consequences."
"A lesson Maximus is about to learn."
Medusa and Karnak[src]

The next morning the family wrapped Gorgon's body and decided that they had to deal with Maximus before someone else dies. Black Bolt informed them that they had to send a message to Maximus, so he ordered Karnak to kill Auran, knowing she would heal from it, to get Maximus' attention. Medusa protested that she did not think that killing Maximus or anyone would fix anything, but Karnak stated that if they do not act, Attilan will be lost. Crystal then transported back to Attilan to inform Maximus of their demand to negotiate with him. When Crystal returned, she informed the family of the parley being at mid day, which Karnak claimed to be a good time for an execution, which Medusa informed that there can be no killing.[4]

Triton's Return

The Royal Family reunite with Triton

"We thought you were dead."
"I was wounded in the attack. We set a meeting place in advance should anything go wrong. Our king felt it best that Maximus believe that his plan was working."
"Why were we kept in the dark?"
"I'm sure he had his reasons."
Medusa, Triton, Crystal and Karnak[src]

Black Bolt then informed the family that they had to go to another destination, the beach where they had originally meant to be transported to at the beginning. Black Bolt then told Lockjaw to howl, causing a figure to approach through the ocean, revealing to be Triton. The family hugged Triton, after believing him to be dead, when he revealed that he was in hiding should the mission he was sent on failed. When Triton asked about Gorgon, they showed him the body. They all then transported to a bunker underneath Attilan that the family, excluding Black Bolt, didn't know about and made a plan to defeat Maximus.

Karnak learns about Maximus' work with Evan Declan

Meanwhile, Karnak sat down alone with Evan Declan, where he explained what he was doing with Maximus. Declan explained that Maximus was getting him to study other Inhuman DNA so he could transfer it to himself, which Karnak understood was Terrigenesis. When Declan questioned his presence with the Royal Family, Karnak informed him that Black Bolt would have a reason for keeping him with them.[4]

Parley with Maximus

The Royal Family meet with Maximus

The Inhuman Royal Family the new transported to have their parley with Maximus where they would trade Evan Declan so he could go through a second Terrigenesis, and they would regain the throne back. Unfortunately, Maximus crossed them and refused to give up the throne, knowing that Black Bolt couldn't hurt him in the parley. The family then returned to the bunker, vowing that when they see Himmel next, he will kill him.[4]

Bringing Back Gorgon

Karnak tells Black Bolt of his idea to bring Gorgon back

"The Queen. The Queen has her hopes and so do I. If we are to win, we need our captain. I reviewed Declan's research and there's a flaw in it of course. Let's let Maximus figure it out on his own. But I have a fix and I want to use it to bring Gorgon back through a second Terrigenesis. It's dangerous, and I can't be sure it'll work."
―Karnak to Black Bolt[src]

After evaluating Maximus' plan to go through a second Terrigenesis, and Evan Declan's research, Karnak thought that he would be able to resurrect Gorgon by putting him through a second Terrigenesis. Karnak went to go tell Black Bolt about his theory, when he overheard Medusa telling a story of when they were younger and she gave Black Bolt a second chance. Karnak believed the current situation with Maximus was not the same as with Black Bolt. Karnak then pleaded the idea to Black Bolt who rejected the idea due to it being too dangerous as those who go through a second Terrigenesis could have serious side effects, which Karnak believed to be nothing but stories as no one has actually go through it. Even through Black Bolt ordered him to not do it, Karnak decided to try anyway.

Karnak fights the Attilan Royal Guard

Karnak then went to locate Auran, as he believes using her blood would bring Gorgon back. Karnak waited as Auran and her soldiers arrived, where he the new went through the outcomes of the fight until he got it right. He then approached them, defeating all the soldiers, including kicking a blast from a gun back at one of the soldiers. He then talked to Auran, pointing out how he noticed that she was beginning to doubt Maximus and that she feels bad for Gorgon's death. Karnak finally convinced Auran to help him and told her he was going to need her DNA.

Karnak and Auran attempt to bring Gorgon back

The two then grabbed Gorgon's body and put it inside the Terrigenesis pod. Karnak then went to take some of Auran's blood, which he found out she is scared of needles. Karnak then injected Gorgon with Auran's blood and then started the Terrigenesis process as Auran told him about her abilities possibly not working, which Karnak then told her about his struggle with his abilities. When the process finished, Karnak then opened the pod but was sadly disappointed when nothing happened. They were then alerted by approaching guards, causing Auran to flee and Karnak to close the pod and flee in a different direction.

Karnak is arrested by the Attilan Royal Guard

Karnak made his way through the palace to escape the guards and return to the bunker, but he noticed two guards approached, causing him to hide. After some evaluating, Karnak revealed himself to the guards, arrogantly stating that he could defeat them three different ways. Suddenly, a guard sneaked up on Karnak and held a gun to his back causing him to surrender, where was then put in the silent chamber.[4]

Gorgon's Return

Karnak is shocked by Gorgon being alive

"Hey. It's me, Karnak, your cousin. We're friends. Allies. We're family!"
"Karnak, please help me."
―Karnak and Gorgon[src]

As Karnak sat in the chamber, he attempted to find any weakness that would help him escape, alas he was unsuccessful. Suddenly, the guards returned and brought Gorgon, who had successfully resurrected from the second Terrigenesis, and locked him in the chamber as well. Karnak was surprised to see his cousin once again, believing to have previously failed as he did not account for Auran's healing abilities to take longer than he expected. When Karnak tried to talk to Gorgon, he noticed that something was wrong with him as he didn't recognize Karnak and even attempted to attack him numerous times until Karnak calmed him down.

When Karnak revealed that it was him that resurrected Gorgon, he again attacked him and nearly killed him, if it wasn't for him still not completely recovered. Karnak then assured Gorgon that he would help him get better much like how he did, but he stated that they needed to escape from the chamber. As Karnak tried to think of a way out, Gorgon began using brute force to smash the chamber, which worked due to the chamber being designed to withstand Black Bolt's sonic waves. The two then escaped from the chamber and proceeded back to the bunker to reunite with the rest of the family.[8]

Attilan's Demise

Karnak attempts to find the flaw in Maximus' protocol

"Attilan was born in strife. It will now die of the same disease."
―Karnak to the Inhuman Royal Family[src]

Karnak and Gorgon came across Triton where they learnt of Maximus' contingency plan to destroy Attilan unless he prevents it every hour by scanning his hand. The three then attempted to disable the protocol, but Karnak was not able to indent if you any flaws in it except that Maximus didn't know what he was doing when creating it, meaning the dome could collapse at any time, whether Maximus stops it or not. Black Bolt then joined them to be shocked by Gorgon's return, which he ordered Karnak not to do. Karnak told Black Bolt that he is aware he went against him but it was only because he wanted Gorgon back desperately. Karnak then informed Black Bolt of the situation with Maximus' protocol, causing them to go back to the bunker to discuss plans to evacuate the Inhumans city.

Karnak is told to look after Gorgon

When they returned, Medusa, who also was against bring Gorgon back, scolded Karnak but dropped the matter due to bigger problems occurring. Black Bolt told Karnak that Gorgon was his responsibility and he had to keep him safe. They then talked about how they were going to get all the Inhumans to evacuate the city as they would not be able to stop the protocol. Karnak then said that they could connect their Com-Links to the camera and announce to everyone to evacuate. As Medusa attempted to persuade Maximus to stop, the rest along with Triton went to connect their com-links so they could give a message to the city due to the dome quickly becoming more and more unstable.

Karnak listens to Medusa's speech to the Inhumans

The family then all reunited where they decided that it was time to announce the evacuation. They all headed outside to give the message, and Karnak stayed with Gorgon Andy watched Blackness Bolt and Medusa give the speech. As Karnak watched, he didn't notice Gorgon disappear from him. Shortly, Karnak saw that Gorgon was gone and persuade to find him as he was his responsibility. Karnak eventually found Gorgon wondering around, as Karnak tried to get Gorgon to follow him as the city was near collapsing. Karnak the sympathized with Gorgon as he understood that the decision he made to bring him back was extremely selfish and caused Gorgon to go through extreme pain, so which is why he allowed him to decide whether he would let himself stay and die or leave the city. However, Karnak didn't want to Gorgon's to stay and promised that if he left, he would help him get better.

The Inhuman Royal Family Leave Attilan

Gorgon finally decided to leave, so the two headed to the throne room where the rest of the family were waiting to transport from Attilan with Lockjaw. As the two approached, Crystal hugged him, glad that they didn't get trapped in the destruction. As they prepared to leave, Karnak announce don't that the Attilan that was born in strife, will now die from it, but Black Bolt reassured him that Attilan wouldn't die. Karnak then pointed out how they had to leave and should leave Maximus to face the consequences of his actions, but Black Bolt had to make sure that everything was resolved, meaning they had to make sure Maximus was dealt with. The family then left, leaving Black Bolt behind.[8]

New Life on Earth

The Inhuman Royal Family start a new life on Earth

"People of Attilan, welcome home. We face an uncertain future, but we face it, with hope. Not as a conquering army, but as friends, who have come back to their birthplace after a very long time away. Here, on Earth."

The family then landed on Earth where they were soon joined by Black Bolt. They then changed into their normal royal clothes. They were then greeted by Louise Fisher who had prepared a suitable living environment for the people of Attilan to live in, now that they are on Earth. Black Bolt and Medusa the new made a speech to the Inhumans telling them that Earth was once again their home. The Inhumans would then go on to live in the settlement set up for them whichever would go unnoticed to the public world.[8]


"None of it matters in the long run, eventually the universe will grow darker till black holes dominate the cosmos, everything, everyone you've ever known will be sucked into the vast nothingness. No one will be left to observe this, no one left to care."

Karnak's mind is his greatest asset. Always prepared with a plan, his outlook on life is the glass is always half-empty and often cracked and dirty as well. Though his outlook can be grim, he has a droll, dry sense of humor.

Before Terrigenesis, Karnak apparently was having a mindset of a normal teenager, as suggested by him getting tattoos on his face. After Terrigenesis, Karnak would come across as serious and arrogant. He would often reprimand his cousin Gorgon for his mistakes. He had little to no sense of humor, and pointed out flaws in others. Because of this, he was often alone, not ever being invited to peoples' birthday toasts.

Upon arriving on Earth and hitting his head, Karnak began to show doubt in his usefulness. It wasn't until he met Jen, who managed to make him see that there are other ways to solve problems.

Despite his cold demeanor, Karnak does care genuinely for his family, as he was greatly saddened by Gorgon's death. He even went as far as to put him through a second Terrigenesis, despite both Medusa and Black Bolt saying otherwise in an attempt to revive Gorgon.

Powers and Abilities


"You know my power. I see the flaw in everything."
"And exploit it."
―Karnak and Auran[src]

Karnak is an Inhuman who achieved his genetic potential upon undergoing Terrigenesis, gaining superhuman powers.

Karnak measuring the probability of a bullet

  • Weakness Detection: Karnak's gift is the ability to see fault in all things, including people, plans, and structures, and exploit it. In combat, he can quickly determine the best strategy by analyzing his opponents and their weak points. He has a habit of telling his enemies how many ways he can defeat them. Karnak can mentally visualize scenarios to identify any flaws in his course of action, bordering on precognition, to know when and how to properly intervene the proceedings as they happen in order to turn an imminent outcome in his favor, such as when he sliced a bullet in half with his hand. Karnak also has an internal clock and compass. However, he has difficulty with his powers when he suffers injuries to his head.
  • Superhuman Durability: Karnak has greater durability than normal humans as he was able to survive a fall from the side of a cliff with only a minor head injury. He was also able to deflect and slice a bullet with his bare hand without suffering any injury. On another occasion, he was able to deflect an energy blast with a kick.


"Karnak... even at half your strength, you are Attilan's greatest fighter."

Karnak fights off the Attilan Royal Guard

  • Master Martial Artist: Karnak has shown to be a very capable fighter such as when he fended off multiple armed guards with his bare hands. His unmatched fighting skills are supported by the fact that he can play out different complex scenarios in a short span of time, until he is victorious. Medusa described Karnak as Attilan's greatest fighter even when not at full force.
  • Staff Mastery: Karnak is able to effectively use a bamboo staff to disarm and fight Tua's men. Even when the staff was broken into half, he could use it as batons.
"Everyone's always looked to me for answers."

Karnak deciding his next plan of attack

  • Master Tactician: Karnak is Black Bolt's most ardent supporter and strategist and is often seen as the royal family's planner and philosopher, due to being able to foresee the future. Upon learning of Maximus' coup with the Attilan Royal Guard backing him, Karnak realized that the best course action was for the Royal Family to relocate themselves to Earth, recommending Gorgon (who was already there) to stay where he was while he arranges for Crystal to have Lockjaw send the other members of royalty down to the planet.
  • Expert Physician: Karnak has a sufficient knowledge of the Human and Inhuman bodies. He was able to block the pain nerves of Jen, and remove a bullet fragment from her without any surgical intervention.


  • Com-Link: Like the other members of the Inhuman Royal Family, Karnak possesses a Com-Link which enables him to contact the rest of his family.






Appearances for Karnak

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  • In the comics, Karnak was never exposed to the Terrigenesis process, after the dramatic change that his parents witnessed in the transformation of their first son Triton. Instead, he was trained by the Inhuman monks of the Tower of Wisdom, where he learned to fight and to find weaknesses in his enemies after many years of exercise and mental discipline.
  • In Make Way For... Medusa, the clothes which he is wearing are a reference to the characters current look in the comics with a long green hoodie, white singlet and brown pants.


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