"Honestly, Tahiti is too good to be true."
"I know. It's a magical place."
Phil Coulson and Karine[src]

Karine was the woman Phil Coulson remembered as his physical therapist in his false memories of Tahiti.


Phil Coulson was resurrected and had lost his will to live. In order to return him to the man he was, a Memory Overwriting Machine was used to implant memories in him that he had taken a vacation in Tahiti to recover from what he thought was a near-death experience at the hands of Loki prior to the Battle of New York. In the memories was a physical therapist and masseuse named Karine.

When Coulson was captured by the Centipede Project, the Clairvoyant had charged Raina with uncovering how Coulson returned. She persuaded him to voluntarily use the Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine to reveal what happened immediately after his death. Coulson originally remembered Karine and his time on vacation. As he thought deeper, his memories began to change; Karine transformed into Goodman worked with Streiten, monitoring Coulson's vitals.[1]


  • It is unrevealed if Karine is an actual person, or just a fictional character implanted into Phil Coulson's memories to replace Dr. Goodman.


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