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"And the next thing I know, I wake up back in my apartment, covered in blood."
Karen Page[src]

Karen Page's Apartment is the place where Karen Page lives.


Arrest of Karen Page

"I didn't do this! I didn't do this!"
Karen Page[src]

Karen Page next to Daniel Fisher's body

Karen Page woke up on the floor in her apartment with no memory of the previous night and was horrified to see her colleague Daniel Fisher was dead besides her, with the knife used to kill him in her hands.

Two officers of the New York City Police Department burst into the apartment and ordered Page to drop the knife. Scared, Page claimed she was not responsible for Fisher's murder, but the two officers ordered her to get on the ground and arrested her before taking Page to the 15th Precinct Police Station.[1]

Attack on Karen Page

Under the rain, Karen Page arrived at her apartment, staring at the blood stain left by Daniel Fisher's corpse, and nervously recovered the thumb drive with the information regarding the Union Allied Construction files she had hidden in her bathroom.

However, just as she left the bathroom, she was ambushed by Rance, one of the men working for Wilson Fisk, who hit her until she was knocked down. Rance retrieved the thumbdrive from the floor, and went to stab Page with a pocket knife. The man in the mask opened the door and rushed to fight Rance.

A brutal fight began inside the apartment, breaking Page's furniture with no fighter gaining the upper hand against the other one. Page watched as both Rance and the man in the mask fell to the street through a window.

Into The Ring.PNG

While knocked in the ground, Murdock remembered a memory of his childhood, with his father telling him he should get up and work hard in order to not end like his father. He also remembered how his father made him touch his face in order to realized how beaten he was after a boxing match. His father's words telling him to get to work still resonated, so Murdock got up in order to finish his fight.

Rance descended through the stairs and restarted the fight, almost being able to strangle Murdock. Murdock was able to evade Rance's knife and broke his arm, using the pain he suffered to distract him long enough to approach a nearby construction site. Murdock heard a chain hitting metal pipes, and quickly grabbed it to restrain Rance and knock him until he lost consciousness.

Tired from the fight, Murdock fell to the ground, but quickly got up to see Page staring at him in the street. Page asked who he was, but the man in the mask only told her that he would get the thumbdrive he just retrieved from Rance in the right hands. Page told him that he could not take the information to the police and he could not trust anyone, so Murdock told her they would tell it to everyone instead.[1]

Permanent Reminders

"And a man broke into my apartment and tried to kill me. He dented the wall where he bashed my head into it."
Karen Page[src]

Karen Page tried to return to a normal life following the death of Daniel Fisher and gaining a new job at Nelson and Murdock. However, as she tried to return to her apartment, many things permanently reminded her of the traumatic experiences she had suffered

Page tried to clean Fisher's blood out of a carpet, but she was unable to do it. Also, she noticed that one of the walls was dented in the place where Rance bashed her head into when he tried to kill her.

Due to this, Page preferred to stay at night at her new place of employment, the Nelson and Murdock Law Office, instead of returning to her apartment.[2]

Kidnapping of Karen Page

Karen Page returned to her apartment, following an argument with Foggy Nelson at Josie's Bar, and calling Matt Murdock and Ben Urich on her way home.

However, before she could enter inside and while she was fishing for her keys, an assailant muffled and kidnapped her.[3]

Alcohol and Nightmares

Karen Page drinks in her kitchen, reeling from pain

Karen Page returned to her apartment, having been kidnapped by James Wesley and escaping after managing to kill him. As soon as she got inside and locked the door, Page grabbed a bottle of whiskey and drank more than half of it while she cried.

Page got into the shower and frantically rubbed her body trying to clean herself, and grabbed the bottle before going to bed and trying to get some sleep. Page suffered a nightmare where Wilson Fisk had discovered that Page had killed Wesley and warned her that killing got easier the more it was done. Page woke up screaming, right at the moment where Fisk began to strangle her in the nightmare.[4]

Abducted by the Hand

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An Unexpected Reunion

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