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"I didn't know at the time, but Karen Page killed Wesley."
"Mr. Fisk, if there's something you want me to do, just ask."
"I want you to kill Karen Page."
Wilson Fisk and Benjamin Poindexter

Karen is the tenth episode of the third season of the television series Daredevil.


Hunted by Fisk and haunted by mistakes of her past, Karen seeks refuge at the church. Matt finally gets his shot, and Dex goes in for the kill.


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Year 2004. Karen Page lives in Fagan Corners, Vermont, attends parties and sells drugs with her boyfriend Todd Neiman. Her father Paxton and brother Kevin run a diner Penny's Place, although Karen mostly takes care of the business. Karen finds out that Paxton bought a new grill for $5,000 and voices her concern, since their diner is not doing well, but Paxton is convinced that the ski business would mean more customers for them. Kevin notices Karen's addiction and how negatively live in Fagan Corners affects her, so he re-enrolls her in college.

Karen is displeased with her father and brother's actions and Neiman suggests her to stop taking care of the business, but Karen cannot, since it was the last thing left from her mother. Later, Paxton calls for Karen to a family diner to celebrate Karen's enrollment in college but Karen tells him that she cannot go, since the business will not last without her. Paxton tells her that he knows about Karen's involvement with Neiman and that his influence is bad for her and the family, as it affects her work.

Karen eventually lashes out and tells Paxton about how he is unable to run the diner without her and he cannot accept the fact that the business is going under and that Penelope will never go back. She tells Paxton that Penelope always hated Fagan Corners and the diner but stayed because she loved Paxton, much to Paxton's anger. Karen then goes to scratch the lottery tickets that Penelope bought before her death, so the Page family could leave the town one day, although Paxton tells her not to do that, but the tickets turn out to be losing.


Karen meets with Neiman outside but Kevin tries to stop her and gets into a fight with Neiman. Karen stops them and they drive away to their trailer, after getting high and drunk, however, they find the trailer being burned down by Kevin. Enraged, Neiman attacks Kevin and tries to kill him but Karen stops Neiman by shooting him in a shoulder with a gun. Karen and Kevin drive away, as Karen angrily asks him why did he ruin everything, and Kevin tells her that he did not want lose Karen, like he lost their mother. Distracted, Karen does not notice that they went off-road and the car crashes, killing Kevin.

Karen and Paxton are heartbroken at Kevin's deaths, as Paxton blames Karen for everything that happened in their family. Paxton tells Karen that Bernie Cohen made sure that Karen will not get charged for the car crash, but tells her to leave the town and never go back, since he does not want her there.


Present. Page is hiding at the Clinton Church, reminiscing over what happened with her family, while Paul Lantom notices that Page is troubled and comforts her. Page asks for an advice, and Lantom tells her about Matt Murdock who blamed him for the choices Lantom made and how they affected his life. Lantom assures Page that no matter what she had done in the past, she can be redeemed and suggests her to attend the mass he organized.


Wilson Fisk is informed by his FBI contacts that Page was located at the church and orders Benjamin Poindexter to kill her, as a retribution for James Wesley. As Poindexter dons the Daredevil's Suit, Ray Nadeem drives him to the church, concerned about Poindexter's intentions. Meanwhile, Daredevil finds out about Fisk's plans but if he leaves now, he might not get a second shot at taking Fisk down.

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Poindexter enters the church and starts attacking civilians until Page comes out and stands before him. Poindexter prepares to attack Page, only to get confronted by Daredevil who decided to rescue Page. Poindexter overpowers Daredevil and throws a Billy Club to kill Page, however, Lantom saves her with his own life. Furious, Daredevil attacks Poindexter and engages in a fight with him, while Page gets civilians out of the harm's way and evades Poindexter's attacks. Poindexter ends up brutally beating Daredevil up before Page knocks him away and forces him to escape, leaving wounded Daredevil in Page's hands.


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Freek-a-Leek Petey Pablo
  • (Flashback) Karen Page pours alcohol down an ice luge at a frat party, then deals drugs in a dorm room.
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Fagan Corners John Paesano
Headstrong Trapt
Drowning Man Dummy


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