"That is Lady Karaba. She is a demented brute."

Lady Karaba is an alien noblewoman and a guest at the Inhuman auction hosted by Kasius at the Lighthouse who sought to buy Quake as her warrior.


Buying Inhumans

Kasius' Inhuman Auction

"10,000 for the telepath!"
"Kasius doesn't need money, he wants weapons. Five Culverian Blasters!"
"This is an auction, Lady Karaba, not a flea market. Take your useless toys back to the mudpits you crawled out of."
Gaius Ponarian and Karaba[src]

Lady Karaba was invited by Kasius to come to the Lighthouse for an auction during which the Inhuman Quake, known as the Destroyer of Worlds, could be purchased. Karaba made the trip to the Lighthouse along with several other bidders. She was present at the dinner held to welcome the guests and asked Kasius about his method for keeping the human population of the Lighthouse under control.

Later, Karaba attended the first fight between Ben and Melinda May. Once the fight over, Karaba offered to purchase Ben for five Culverian Blasters, only to be chastised by Gaius Ponarian for not offering money. However, Kasius finally had Ben executed for having lied to him. Afterwards, Karaba watched the long desired duel between Quake and Sinara. When the latter was defeated, Leo Fitz assaulted the audience and Karaba was rendered unconscious by his I.C.E.R. before being able to attack him.[1]


"Her affection a curse to anyone who receives it."

Enoch described Karaba as a brutal and crazed woman, stating that winning Karaba's affection was more of a curse than an actual reward. As an Inhumans enslaver, Karaba shows no remorse at the idea of purchasing Inhumans in the sole purpose of having them fight formidable opponents.


  • Knives: When Leo Fitz assaulted Kasius' guests, Karaba wielded a pair of knives to retaliate. However, she was knocked unconscious before being able to actually use them.[1]






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