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"Do you know how many rebellions I've put down? How many worlds I've conquered? How many Avengers I've killed? And you think you can beat me? I am Kang!"
―Kang the Conqueror to Ant-Man[src]

Victor Timely was a scientist from the 31st Century who discovered the Multiverse's existence and joined the Council of Kangs in ruling over the foreseeable realities. Deeming the council's actions to be destroying the Multiverse, Timely sparked the Multiversal War, seeking to conquer as many worlds as possible as Kang the Conqueror. However, the council decided to banish him to the Quantum Realm, where he allied with Janet van Dyne to rebuild his Time Sphere, until he was betrayed after van Dyne discovered his true nature. Kang was once again trapped in the Quantum Realm, using that time to conquer part of it and build an empire in Axia.

Years later, after taking Darren Cross under his wing, Kang had ordered the capture of Ant-Man and Cassie Lang, holding the latter prisoner unless Ant-Man would succeed in claiming the Multiversal Engine Core to escape the Realm with his new empire and enact a new dynasty. However, Kang's attempts were thwarted by a revolution by the Freedom Fighters. In his last opportunity to escape, he had a brutal duel against Ant-Man, which resulted in Kang being shrunken and decimated by his own Engine Core, though his death inadvertently alerted the Council of Kangs about people interacting with the Multiverse, prompting them to take their own measures.


Multiversal War[]

"Every version of me. My Variants. Throughout the Multiverse. Playing with time, like children. But I saw how it ends. I saw their chaos spreading across realities. Universes colliding. Endless Incursions. I saw the Multiverse. And it was dying. All because of them. So, I took control."
"You mean you started a war."
―Kang the Conqueror and Janet van Dyne[src]
Multiversal War screenshot

Kang starts the Multiversal War

While living on Earth in the 31st century, Victor Timely discovered the existence of the Multiverse, which consisted of alternate universes and alternate versions of himself. Timely's Variants had been discovering the Multiverse at the same moment and made contact, sharing knowledge and technologies with each other, in an effort to improve their timelines.[4] However, Richards realized that the reckless actions of his Variants was causing chaos that was spreading throughout the entire Multiverse. He saw the ultimate demise of the Multiverse due to the collisions of the universes and Incursions.


Kang conquers timelines

Timely decided to take control, adopting the name of Kang the Conqueror, and sought to conquer as many timelines he possibly could, starting the Multiversal War between his Variants.[2] All Variants had been fighting one another in an ultimate struggle to annihilate other timelines and leaving only the one they had conquered. During his conquest, Kang fought and killed the Avengers from numerous timelines, to the point when he could not tell one from another. However, the Multiversal War was eventually put to an end, when one of the Variants weaponized Alioth to emerge victorious and created what he called the Sacred Timeline, keeping other Variants from entering it.[4]

Exiled to the Quantum Realm[]

Meeting Janet van Dyne[]

"What is this place?"
―Kang the Conqueror to Janet van Dyne[src]

With He Who Remains' death, the Sacred Timeline branched, which allowed his Variants, including Kang, to re-establish contact with it.[4] The Council of Kangs, having deemed Kang too dangerous, chose to banish him into the Quantum Realm in an attempt to prevent a new war, since Kang was still seeking to conquer the Multiverse.[2] Kang was ambushed[5] and put into his Time Sphere, where he was exiled to the Quantum Realm, a dimension where time and space do not abide to the human laws of physics.

Kang is Banished

Kang is banished to the Quantum Realm

Due to his Multiversal Engine Core being sabotaged, Kang stranded through the realm, until the Time Sphere crashed and Kang was confronted by the predators of the realm. However, he was saved by Janet van Dyne, who was also trapped in the Quantum Realm, and Kang helped her by shooting down one of the predators that nearly pounced her. He introduced himself as a scientist who traveled into the Quantum Realm before his ship crashed off-course, and van Dyne helped him in need. She asked if the Time Sphere could get them out of the Quantum Realm, and Kang replied that it could take them anywhere they wanted. Van Dyne had the Time Sphere being brought to her homestead near the crash site, so they could investigate together.[2]

Rebuilding the Time Sphere[]

"I can give that to you. Time. It’s not what you think it is. It’s a cage. And it does everything it can to break you. It’s not until you free yourself from it that you see just how small it always was. We’re going to get out of here. She’s gonna open the door… and you’ll be there. I promise."
―Kang the Conqueror to Janet van Dyne[src]

Back at her homestead, Janet van Dyne helped Kang to examine the Time Sphere and find the way to make it operational again. They realized that the problem was with the Multiversal Engine Core and worked tirelessly to recharge it, however, nothing worked. Van Dyne would later remarked that she never met a person like Kang, remarking how lost he was, and that they found friendship in each other. Kang would listen to van Dyne telling him about her life, about her daughter Hope, whom she called "Jellybean".

As Kang and van Dyne talked, she confided to him that during the last time she saw Hope, van Dyne lied that she would come back to her. Kang told van Dyne that with his Time Sphere, he could give her back the time she could have spent with her daughter. He mused that time is a cage that keeps them all trapped, but turns out to be much smaller than it seemed, after you get out of it. He promised van Dyne that he will do everything he can, so van Dyne could upkeep her promise by coming back to Hope at the very exact moment she promised.[2]

Van Dyne's Betrayal[]

Kang the Conqueror (Quantumania)

Kang regaining all his powers and armor

"I told you time isn’t what you think. I can make it… so you never left her. Hope is going to open the door and you’ll be there."
"And how many worlds will die if you get out?"
"Not yours. She’ll never know."
Janet van Dyne and Kang the Conqueror[src]

Years later, Kang and Janet van Dyne finally succeed and reactivated the Multiversal Engine Core, which would finally be their way out of the Quantum Realm. However, as they were putting the core into the Time Sphere, it relayed Kang's memories of the Multiversal War to van Dyne which horrified her. Kang was slightly confused by van Dyne's sudden mood change and assured her that they can leave, but she suddenly asked him who Kang is. Kang told her that it was who he needed to be and tried to reason with her, saying that he owes van Dyne and wants to keep his promise by bringing her back to her daughter. Van Dyne asked him what will he do after he gets out to the Quantum Realm, to which Kang replied that he is going to win and activated the Time Sphere, gaining access to his armor.


Kang getting betrayed by Janet van Dyne

Kang assured van Dyne that he has the power to make it so she never left Hope in the first place, but van Dyne only asked him about the worlds that will die after he gets out. Kang replied that he will spare her world and her daughter, while also remarking that she has no way to stop him. However, van Dyne used her Wasp Suit to steal the core and escape, but Kang created a shock wave to destroy the homestead and knock van Dyne down. He started approaching her and demanding the core back, prompting van Dyne to use the Pym Particle Discs to enlarge the core, rendering it unusable and trapping Kang in the Quantum Realm, without a chance of getting out.[2]

Conquering the Quantum Realm[]

The Rise of the Conqueror[]

"The Conqueror burned our homes. Our stories. He built his citadel on the bones of our people. Some of us escaped, found others on the run. We gathered who we could to fight. It was never enough."

Despite being trapped, Kang recovered his power and the access to the 31st century's technology and weaponry, which allowed him to conquer the Quantum Realm. He built his own empire, using the Quantumnauts as his troops, and ruled over his empire with an iron fist. Janet van Dyne and some of the Quantum Realm inhabitants became Freedom Fighters, seeking to bring down Kang's regime, but their attempts were fruitless. Kang came across of Darren Cross in a malfunctioning Yellowjacket Suit, who was also trapped in the Quantum Realm. Kang rebuilt his disfigured body and turned him to the Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing, making Cross his personal servant.

Eventually, van Dyne was able to be liberated from the Quantum Realm by Hank Pym and his Quantum Tunnel, which left Kang without any chance to escape. Some of the former Freedom Fighters chose to switch sides and pledge their loyalty to Kang, such as Krylar. Kang was informed by M.O.D.O.K. that Cassie Lang was using the Quantum Satellite to send signals to the Quantum Realm, which could potentially be used as their way out. Kang had M.O.D.O.K. to hijack the signal and open the rift, which brought van Dyne, Cassie, Pym, Scott Lang, and Hope van Dyne into the Quantum Realm, putting out an order to capture all of them alive.[2]

One Last Chance of Getting Out[]

Negotiations with Ant-Man[]


Kang introduces himself to Scott Lang

"Let me make this easy for you. You will bring me what I need or I will kill your daughter in front of you, then make you relive that moment over and over again in time, endlessly, until you beg me to kill you. Do we understand?"
―Kang the Conqueror to Ant-Man[src]

While Krylar's attempt to capture Janet van Dyne, Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne, Kang sent out M.O.D.O.K. to attack the Freedom Fighters settlement and capture Scott and Cassie Lang. As he approached them at the Celestium's prison cell, Kang spoke to Scott and remarked that he is an interesting man. Scott tried to intimidated him by saying that he is an Avenger, but Kang was unimpressed due to all the Avengers he had killed throughout his life, briefly mistaking Scott for Thor.

Kang and Cassie Lang

Kang intimidating Scott and Cassie Lang

Kang told Scott that he is a man who had lost a lot of time, just like him, and they could potentially help each other, noting Scott's skills as a thief. M.O.D.O.K. tried to butt in and mentioned the last time Scott stole something from him, but Kang threw him against the wall with his telekinesis for speaking in his presence. He retorted that Janet was a better helper, which prompted a surprised reaction from Scott, and Kang was not surprised that Janet never told anyone about him.

Kang the Conqueror 2

Kang telling Scott Lang what he wants

Kang claimed that Janet stole his only ticket out of the Quantum Realm and Scott was the only man who could steal it back and return it to Kang. As Scott asked why would he help Kang, he informed him and Cassie that only he could stop the arrival of his Variants, claiming they exiled Kang because they were afraid of him. Kang then claimed that in exchange, he could help all of them to get back home, but Scott responded by rejecting his offer.

Ant-Man & Kang the Conqueror

Kang making his deal with Scott Lang

Kang then begun telekinetically torturing Lang, threatening to trap him in an infinite loop of watching Cassie die over and over, until Scott would beg Kang to kill him for good. Scott was visibly afraid of that, and when Cassie tried to tell her father not to listen to the threats, Kang turned his attention to Cassie and began torturing her as well. Kang gave Scott a choice of whether he wanted his daughter to live or die, threatening to break her, until Scott eventually accepted the deal with Kang. He then let both him and Cassie out their cells, and as Scott demanded him to not hurt his daughter again, Kang replied that he must bring him what he wanted.[2]

Retrieving the Core[]

Quantumania New Trailer (13)

Kang brings Ant-Man to the Multiversal Engine Core

"We had a deal."
"She'll be fine without you."
Ant-Man and Kang the Conqueror[src]

Kang then opened a portal, bring him, Ant-Man, M.O.D.O.K., and Cassie Lang to the ruins of Janet van Dyne's homestead and what used to be the Multiversal Engine Core. M.O.D.O.K. informed Ant-Man that his mission is to get through the eye of the storm and shrink the core back down, while Kang said that he will know what he is looking for when he finds it. Cassie suddenly broke away from the troops and hugged her father, while Kang ordered them to stand down and not shoot her. As the two said their goodbyes, the Quantumnauts took Cassie away, while Kang witnessed Ant-Man jumping into the storm.

Kang (Quantumania)

Kang confronts Ant-Man and the Wasp

The mission was successful as Ant-Man managed to shrink down the core with the Wasp's help, so Kang stepped in after they were joined by Janet who told Ant-Man that Kang cannot have the core. Kang retorted that Janet was not trustworthy, referencing her previous betrayal that had him trapped in the Quantum Realm for years. Seeing Ant-Man holding the core, Kang questioned what would be his next course of action, asking if he needed to take the core by force. Ant-Man asked Kang about his daughter and reminded Kang of their deal to let them both go after he gets the core, but Kang replied that Cassie will be fine without him.

Kang then used his telekinesis to take the core, so Ant-Man and the Wasp both attempted to attack Kang, but he effortlessly knocked them away. Janet then witnessed Hank Pym crashing because of M.O.D.O.K.'s revenge attempt, but before she could run off to her husband, Kang stopped her in her tracks. He remarked that Janet left him to die in the Quantum Realm once before, wondering for how long her family would be able to survive there, and opened a portal to take her to the Celestium.[2]

Dynasty Preparations[]

Kang the Conqueror (Quantumania)

Kang awaiting Janet van Dyne's arrival

"You have no idea what I have lost. And I will burn them out of time for what they've done to me."
"You’ll be wiping out entire timelines. Murdering trillions of people."
"I wish that mattered, Janet."
―Kang the Conqueror and Janet van Dyne[src]

Kang had Janet van Dyne to be brought to him, while he was sitting in his Time Sphere and awaiting her. Kang questioned what did she saw back in the day, which made Janet turn against him, and she replied that what she saw was a megalomaniacal monster Kang actually was. Kang told her that he holds a power to witness the end of the Multiverse itself and could not look away from it no matter what, and when Janet what was the reason for that, Kang answered that it was himself.

Kang of the QR

Kang explains his plan to Janet van Dyne

He showed her the branches of the Multiverse and revealed that his Variants was playing with them like children, causing chaos and unwittingly bringing the Multiverse to its doom, so he decided to take control. Janet argued that what he did was starting a war and all he wanted is to wipe away any universe that poses a threat to him, calling him a monster again. Kang, however, claimed that he was merely a conqueror, and he must burn down the old world to build a new one in its place.

Kang scars

Kang vowing to destroy all of his variants

She retorted that Kang never cared about saving anyone and only wanted the revenge on his Variants for his loss. Kang lashed out, claiming that Janet had no idea what he truly lost, saying that he will burn all of his Variants out of time for what they had done to him. Janet could barely believe that Kang would murder trillions to achieve his revenge, but Kang replied that it hardly mattered in the end.[2]

Uprising in Axia[]

"It’s over."
"You still can’t see it. It’s never over."
Janet van Dyne and Kang the Conqueror[src]

As the preparations of the Multiversal Engine Core were in progress, Kang had Janet van Dyne to witness the empire he had built and the army he was going to bring for his conquest. He then addressed his Quantumnauts with a speech, stating that together they will forge a history and take revenge on those who dared to banish him, as the Kang Dynasty shall conquer the eternity. However, his speech was cut short, as the broadcast was hijacked by Cassie Lang who rallied the Freedom Fighters and other Quantum Realm inhabitants to rebel against Kang and his forces. Kang then ordered M.O.D.O.K. to find Cassie and kill her once and for all, while his troops held Janet in her place.

QR Kang

Kang coldly taunting Janet van Dyne

Kang then put the core into its place and ordered to begin the launch, however, the Celestium was suddenly attacked by Giant-Man, who was furious at Kang for breaking their deal. In response, Kang sent out his forces to bring Giant-Man down, but he was rescued by the Freedom Fighters who started an uprising in Axia. As the Freedom Fighters fought his troops and Giant-Man was approaching his citadel, Kang ordered to launch the core immediately, covering the Celestium with a force field. He initially could not breach it, but with the Wasp's help, he managed to get through and damage the citadel, prompting Kang to escape the rubble.

Kang Quantumania

Kang descends to put down the rebellion

Once Kang stood back and witness the ruins of his empire, Janet told him that it was over now, to which Kang only replied that it is never over. Kang then personally descended to participate in the battle, killing any Freedom Fighter on his way. Being confronted by Jentorra and Xolum, Kang effortlessly knocked them both away and reflected Xolum's energy beam back at him, which killed him. As the Freedom Fighters were falling back, Kang was faced by Ant-Man, the Wasp and Stature, who immediately charged at him. Kang fought off both the Wasp and Stature, but Ant-Man managed to pummel him into his own citadel, before Kang knocked him back.

Axian Ruler

Kang confronts Ant-Man, Wasp and Stature

Kang then ranted about how he has defeated many rebellions, killed many Avengers, and questioned their belief that they can beat him, remarking that Lang "talks to ants". Just then, Hank Pym arrived with an army of technologically advanced ants that started laying waste to Kang's forces and attempted to attack Kang himself. Kang put out a force field, barely managing to hold off the ants, but still being able to force through them. However, M.O.D.O.K. suddenly arrived, having had a change of heart due to Stature's advice, and manages to disable Kang's force field at the cost of his own life. Kang was left defenseless against an army of ants that instantly swarmed him and damaged his armor, carrying him away.[2]

Final Stand-Off[]

Mad Kang

Kang fights Ant-Man one on one

"I want you to remember. You could’ve gone home. You could’ve seen your daughter again. But you thought you could win."
"I don’t have to win. We both just have to lose."
―Kang the Conqueror and Ant-Man[src]

Kang managed to survive the attack of ants and furiously attack Ant-Man, right after his allies managed to get out of the Quantum Realm through the portal. Having his armor heavily damaged, Kang immediately rushed toward the portal in an attempt to gain his freedom, only to be knocked away by Ant-Man. The two engaged in a fight, in which Kang repeatedly stomped down on his head to the point that his helmet broke. Kang remarked that Lang should have looked the other way and not involve himself in his business, to which Lang replied that he was never great at that and charged at him. Kang ultimately bested Lang in a fight, saying that he could have gone home and be with his daughter, but threw it away due to thinking that he could win.

Kang death

Kang gets sucked into a vortex

As Kang had Lang in a headlock, he suddenly responded by saying that he only needed for both of them to lose and hit the Multiversal Engine Core with blue and red Pym Particle Discs. Realizing what he had done, Kang immediately let go of Lang and rushed towards the portal once again, but was knocked back by the Wasp who came to aid Lang. She proceeded to blast Kang with her stingers, until Lang delivered a finishing blow and punched Kang into the unstable core. As the core started to collapse, Kang was sucked into a vortex and screamed from pain, before disappearing in the one last burst of energy.[2]


Worse Fate[]

"We did beat him, right? I mean, yeah, that’s what happened. He… He was getting out and he didn’t get out. I think. But he also said something bad was coming and that everyone would die if he didn’t get out. Wait. So, did I just kill everyone? Is everyone gonna die because of me? Oh, my God. Oh, my… What did I do?"
Scott Lang[src]

Returning to his normal life, Scott Lang began to ponder on Kang's words that a threat bigger than him was coming. He became increasingly paranoid as to whether or not killing Kang was the best idea, remembering how Kang said that everyone would die if he did not escape. Lang tried to brush it off but his doubts remained as he tried not to think about Kang.[2]

Council of Kangs' Meeting[]

"None of us killed him. They did. They’re beginning to touch the Multiverse. And if we let them, they will take… everything we’ve built."

Meanwhile, Centurion called Rama-Tut to tell him that the exiled Kang had died. Immortus soon arrived and revealed that the fallen Kang was defeated by Ant-Man. Concerned that the Avengers were slowly discovering the existence of the Multiverse and would destroy everything they had built, Immortus decided to call upon the Council of Kangs to handle the issue.[6]

Monitored by the TVA[]

Kang TVA File

Hunter B-15 looks at a report about the Uprising in Axia

"I got those reports on the Variants of He Who Remains."
"Do any of them know that we exist yet?"
"Nope. I guess one of them caused a little bit of a ruckus on 616 adjacent realm, but they handled it."
Mobius M. Mobius and Hunter B-15[src]

Kang's conquest and attempted escape of the Quantum Realm did not go unnoticed by the Time Variance Authority. However, the TVA did not have to intervene since he was successfully defeated by both Ant-Man and Wasp.[3]


"And now you wanna wipe away any universe that's a threat to you. That’s what monsters do."
"That's what conquerors do. They burn the broken world. And they make a new one."
Janet van Dyne and Kang the Conqueror[src]

On the surface, this iteration of Kang was calm and collected, merely showing a desire to escape the Quantum Realm and initially helping Janet van Dyne return to her own timeline to see Hope. He pretended as a traveler lost in time and hid his true nature from van Dyne until the latter found out his true plans through touching his Time Sphere. Beneath this calm and controlled demeanor was a ruthless and cunning conqueror, prone to losing his temper when he did not get what he wanted, as he had been trapped in the Quantum Realm for so long and wanted to leave desperately, to exact revenge on his enemies and to conquer timelines. As his plans to start a new dynasty were foiled by Ant-Man and his allies, Kang became increasingly violent and desperate in his ways and decided to kill Ant-Man and his family even though he promised to spare them if they delivered Kang what he wanted.

This Kang held deep enmity for the Council of Kangs who imprisoned him and swore to burn them out of time. This desire of revenge against his enemies was his greatest weakness and blinded his rational mind, preferring to beat Scott Lang ruthlessly for foiling his plans instead of just escaping when given the chance to do so. This also made Kang prone to emotional outbursts when he suffers from a defeat.

Kang was also extremely ambitious and power-hungry. Before his exile, he had conquered a number of realities and killed countless heroes to establish power. He held no empathy for the people of these timelines and simply massacred them all. In his own twisted way, he believed that conquering the multiverse was to save it from his Variants in the Council of Kangs and prevent incursions from happening. In this sense, he believed that he was doing the right thing and justified his killings and murderous rampages with a “royal purpose”. Kang, due to his instability, was vulnerable to self-deception, since the main justification for his actions was that he saw a creator god of realities by destroying others. Kang even stated that if he couldn’t escape the Quantum Realm, all of reality would be destroyed by his Variants, showing that this Kang truly believed himself to be doing the right thing. Even after being banished, Kang conquered the Quantum Realm which was essentially his prison for eternity, and built his own empire on top of the homes of the original inhabitants, displacing them and forcing them to group as Freedom Fighters, showing that he held no empathy for other people and cared only for his own interests and desires. He also grouped a giant army which he used to monitor and force the inhabitants of the Quantum Realm into oppression, and to wipe out resistance entirely.

This Kang saw normal people living in different timelines as lesser beings and worthless to him. As Kang possessed the ability to travel through different timelines and universes, he was essentially erased from the equation and thus was able to see the Multiverse in its entirety, consisting of countless timelines. Kang sees himself as superior and that others' lives do not matter as they cannot see beyond their universes. He viewed timelines as simply as new lands to conquer so as to "preserve peace" among timelines.

Kang was also deceptive, as shown from how he hid his true nature from van Dyne in the Quantum Realm and merely masqueraded as a traveler lost in time, gaining the trust of van Dyne so that she could help him rebuild the Multiversal Engine Core to allow Kang to continue his conquest after escaping.

Kang also exerted an extremely condescending manner to both his subjects and his enemies. Considering his cruelty to M.O.D.O.K., Kang only viewed his subjects as pawns to achieve his own goals as he killed Darren Cross immediately after Cross changed sides and became worthless to Kang. He only saved Cross as he saw what Cross could do for him, viewed Cross as a mere replacement for van Dyne in helping him escape, and treated Cross harshly, demanding him not to speak in his presence. To his enemies, Kang was much crueler, using his powers to render his enemies unable to move and forcing them to work with him, such as forcing Ant-Man into working for him after torturing his daughter Cassie in front of her father, and warning Ant-Man that he would have to see Cassie die endlessly if he didn’t comply, showing Kang’s tendency to mentally torture his enemies into submission. During the uprising, Kang brutally killed many Freedom Fighters without a thought even when the rebels escaped. Kang looked down on Ant-Man, stating that he only “talked to ants”, and underestimated his abilities during the Uprising in Axia as he didn’t expect the heroes to be able to beat him at all, Kang himself having killed countless Avengers from different realities before. Even as ruler of the Quantum Realm, Kang did not show any empathy to the inhabitants whose homes were displaced by Kang himself, and chose to rule with an iron fist, viewing them as lesser beings and thus neglecting their freedom. He also mercilessly killed many members of the Freedom Fighters as they attempted to thwart him in the Uprising of Axia.

Despite his ruthlessness, Kang seemed to at least have some honor, as he offered to change the timeline of Janet van Dyne such that she would not waste decades of time and with her daughter, as his token of thanks for her help in repairing the Time Sphere. He also offered to keep Janet van Dyne's timeline safe from his conquering once he escaped as he sees himself in debt to van Dyne. He seemed to truly see van Dyne as a friend, at least before van Dyne turned against him and joined the Freedom Fighters.

Powers and Abilities[]


"I couldn't beat him. He was too powerful."
Janet van Dyne[src]
  • Kang the Conqueror's Armor Capabilities: Kang did not have any innate powers; instead, he used a neuro-kinetic suit of armor that provided him with numerous abilities. The armor was so powerful, it enabled him to go toe-to-toe with superhumans, whilst simulating superhuman conditioning and energy projection. Said to have murdered countless versions of the Avengers, his warrior-oriented mind coupled with this armor made him a fearsome threat to reckon with. Having conquered innumerable alternate universes, Kang the Conqueror was one of the most dangerous beings in the Multiverse and was feared by his own variant selves.
    • Superhuman Strength: The armor enhanced Kang's strength to superhuman levels. He was able to flick away Ant-Man and Wasp's combo attack with a wave of his hand, an attack that would have knocked out most of the enemies. He was also capable of grabbing and throwing the inhabitants of Axia during the Uprising with ease.
    • Superhuman Durability: The armor enhanced Kang's durability to superhuman levels, allowing him to survive numerous circumstances that would have otherwise killed a normal human. The armor's durability allowed him to survive being knocked away large distances by the Multiversal Engine Core's enlarging, the collapse of his tower, numerous blasts from the Wasp's Stingers, being punched many times against a wall by Scott Lang in his Giant-Man form, being held by Cassie Lang in her giant mode, and being ripped apart by an enormous swarm of technologically advanced ants.
    • Superhuman Speed: The armor enhanced Kang's speed to superhuman levels, enabling him to swat Wasp out of the air before she could react and even flick her and Ant-Man away in their miniature forms.
    • Superhuman Agility: The armor enhanced Kang's agility to superhuman levels, making him capable of evading and dodging attacks from Ant-Man and Wasp even in their miniature forms.
    • Superhuman Stamina: The armor enhanced Kang's stamina to superhuman levels, allowing him to battle against countless Freedom Fighters, Ant-Man, Wasp and Cassie Lang without showing any signs of exhaustion.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: The armor enhanced Kang's reflexes to superhuman levels, seeing Ant-Man and Wasp when in their miniature form and flicking them away with a wave of his hand. Kang was also able to accurately fire an energy blast at Janet van Dyne while she was flying away in her miniature form.
    • Energy Projection:

      Kang attacking the Freedom Fighters

      The armor allowed Kang to fire blue energy from his hands in the form of singular blasts and continuous beams, both of which could knock down or completely disintegrate whoever they were aimed at. The armor also could project energy in the form of a giant blue shockwave that could destroy anything or anyone caught in the shockwave, including entire planets. These shockwaves could also be projected from his force-fields. Additionally, the armor could absorb energy fired at Kang, converting Xolum's yellow energy beam into the armor's blue energy and killing him by redirecting it back into his head.
    • Telekinesis: The armor gave Kang telekinesis, which he could use through various hand gestures, allowing him to move, rotate, and even slowly crush whoever it was targeted at. Kang could also completely remove all motion from a moving object, freezing Janet in place and Jentorra's spear in mid-air. He also used this ability against Scott Lang and Cassie Lang when they were imprisoned, torturing Ant-Man and his daughter to force them into working for him.
    • Force-Field Generation: The armor allowed Kang to create blue force-fields, which could temporarily withstand large swarms of enemies such as technologically advanced ants or intense explosions such as the enlarging of his Multiversal Engine Core to massive proportions.
    • Portal Creation:
      Quantumania New Trailer (13)

      Kang opens a portal to the Multiversal Engine Core

      The armor gave Kang the ability to create blue portals to wherever he chooses. He created a portal to the Multiversal Engine Core directly so that Ant-Man could help him shrink and retrieve the core for him.
    • Platform Creation: The armor allowed Kang to create circular, blue platforms made of energy that allowed him to levitate in any direction, or allow him to get to the battlefield from his throne room by levitating down and attacking his enemies.
    • Technopathy: His armor was able to interact with ambient technologies around him emulating a form of technological interfacing. He was able to unlock the cell that had held Ant-Man and Stature during his conversation with them.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Being a version of Victor Timely, Kang has massive levels of intelligence. Able to manipulate, outmanoeuvre, outsmart, outfight and outdo any threat and opponent, he is a force to be reckoned with. In time, he was able to create a massive empire with just his armor as a starting point, including aircraft, weapons, architectural marvels and other equipment that he needed, after being left stranded in the Quantum Realm without a way to escape. He is also hinted to be smarter than his variant selves, with Rama-Tut's inquiry to Centurion if he was truly deceased proving that he may be capable of faking his own death.
  • Master Tactician: Kang, being a Conqueror, is an extremely seasoned tactician. Before being banished to the Quantum Realm, he had already used tactics and power to destroy and annihilate timelines. After being banished, he posed as a harmless traveler to gain the trust of Janet van Dyne so that the latter could help him rebuild his Multiversal Engine Core. After regaining his a fraction of his powers and his suit, Kang easily became the ruler of the Quantum Realm, putting down a number of revolutions led by the Freedom Fighters and other inhabitants. He also built his own army and warcrafts to prepare to enact his dynasty when he could escape.
"He's got weapons and technology centuries beyond anything we can dream of. He took his prison and made it his empire."
Janet van Dyne[src]
  • Master Scientist: Kang was definitely gifted in the sciences and other similar disciplines as his variants, whereby his mastery of them had enabled him to discover inter-dimensional travel and advanced technology. Being a scientist from the 31st Century, his mastery was probably higher. Kang was aware of phenomena such as Incursions and the Multiverse and had great knowledge of them.
  • Master Engineer: In the art of invention and the understanding of machinery, Kang was an undeniable master. From his armor to the Time Sphere, from the epic scale of his Empire to his weapons, aircraft and technology, his mastery was evident. His armor was able to simulate superhuman endowment with his Sphere capable of multiversal travel.
"You're an Avenger? Have I killed you before?"
"They all blur together after a while."
―Kang the Conqueror and Ant-Man[src]
  • Master Combatant:
    Kang stomp

    Kang fighting against Ant-Man

    Kang was a master in hand-to-hand combat. Known to be a warrior and a creature of conquest, he had conditioned his mind and body to be more of a military commander, rather than an exploring scientist. He had trained to the peak of mental and physical conditioning and was a damning threat in unarmed combat. He was able to defeat both Ant-Man and Wasp, even whilst utilising their shrinking ability. They were no match for him in hand-to-hand combat. He also defeated Ant-Man in a one-on-one showdown with minimal ease. Kang dominated the latter with his formal combat skills, leaving Ant-Man bloody and bruised, whilst incorporating combos and downable punches to the body. Kang's combat form is so superior he almost killed Scott in the process of their showdown. He was said to have murdered countless variants of the Avengers, who have gifted warriors in their ranks.
  • Master Marksman: Kang was a master marksman. He was able to accurately shoot thousands of Freedom Fighters without missing. He even managed to blast Janet van Dyne out of the air, despite her being shrunk down and a significant distance away from him. His hand-eye coordination was so greatly developed that he was able to perceive a shrunken Ant-Man and Wasp and swat them aside, when they launched an attack against him after claiming his Core from them. During the Uprising, he was able to vaporise a revolutionary who was charging towards him without even looking at them.


Other Equipment[]

The Conqueror (QM)

Kang putting his armor back on

  • Kang the Conqueror's Armor: Kang possessed a neuro-kinetic suit of armor that provided him with numerous abilities that he used throughout his conquest of the Multiverse and later while ruling his empire in the Quantum Realm.
  • Multiversal Engine Core: Kang created the Multiversal Engine Core as a power source for his Time Sphere to travel anywhere in space and time of the Multiverse. Due to its inner workings being capable of manipulating the fabric of Ant-Man's existence when enlarged, it can be said that this technology is more than meets the eye.


  • Time Sphere: Kang built the Time Sphere to travel across the Multiverse. When it was deactivated by the Council of Kangs, he used it as the throne of his empire in the Quantum Realm. The technology was neuro-kinetic as his armor, and responded to his mental commands.


"From this fortress, I will take my revenge on those who banished me."
―Kang the Conqueror[src]
  • Celestium: Kang established a citadel in the city of Axia as his base of operations in the Quantum Realm. This citadel was the heart of his Empire, where he ruled it with an iron fist. As part of his intellectual, technological and engineering achievements, he was able to bind his Time-Sphere technology to the Citadel, allowing him the capability of leaving the Quantum Realm with his entire military might to another destination within the Multiverse.





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  • In the comics, Kang the Conqueror is a time-traveling enemy of the Avengers and the ruler of Chronopolis, as well as the love interest of Ravonna Renslayer. His real name is Nathaniel Richards, which is also the name of his ancestor from the 20th century, the father of Mister Fantastic.

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