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"It must be a generational thing 'cause I don't understand half the things my mom's into."
―Kamran to Kamala Khan[src]

Kamran is a Djinn-human hybrid and the son of Najma.


Living in Jersey City

Coles Academic High School

Kamran bumps into Kamala Khan at school

Kamran was a high school senior and he and his mother moved to Jersey City, New Jersey. He transferred over to Coles Academic High School. One day in 2025, he ran into Kamala Khan in the hallways while trying to get to his class. Later that day in the cafeteria, Kamran walked past Zoe Zimmer and her friends when she asked him if he was a new senior. She then invited him to a party she was having in which he agreed to attend.[1]

Zoe Zimmer's Party

Kamran in the pool

"You’re kind of on my shirt."
―Kamran to Kamala Khan[src]

Kamran attended Zoe Zimmer’s party at her house. While there, he took advantage of the swimming pool and jumped off the diving board. Upon getting out of the pool, he was met by Kamala Khan, Bruno Carrelli, and Nakia Bahadir. He told Khan she was standing on his shirt before introducing himself to them. Suddenly, police sirens sounded outside in the front yard, ending the party.

Kamran offers a ride

Kamran offered to drive Khan, Carrelli, Bahadir, Paul, and Miguel away. As he drove them away, he bonded with Khan about similar interests. He parked outside the Circle Q and exchanged numbers with Khan, before saying goodbye to them. Later that night, he texted Khan asking if they could do driving lessons the next day.[1]

Driving Lessons

Kamran waiting for Kamala Khan

The next day after the school day was over, Kamran waited by his car for Kamala Khan. When she came over, he smiled at her. He then let her go to the driver’s seat and he hopped into the passenger seat. Khan drove them into the city and parked on the street nearby the Bombay Spice Restaurant.

Kamran takes Kamala Khan to a restaurant

They went inside the restaurant and sat by the window, where they discussed Kingo and his plays as well as their mothers liking him. Suddenly, Khan put the menu against the window and told him to hide his face as she had seen her brother. However, he and his fiance came inside and found them. Khan told her brother that Kamran was their cousin, but he questioned Kamran‘s British accent, but Kamran covered it by saying he binged an English show. After he and his fiance left, Kamran took Khan home.[1]

Rescuing Kamala Khan

Kamran rescues Kamala Khan

"Kamala, get in!"
―Kamran to Kamala Khan[src]

A few nights later, Kamran and his mother arrived at the scene where Department of Damage Control units were trying to take Kamala Khan into custody. When she fell onto the street, he pulled up and opened the passenger door for her. She hopped inside, surprised to see him, and he sped off. As he drove, he introduced her to his mother and Khan was surprised that he seemed to be fine with her wearing the Captain Marvel cosplay suit.[1]


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Powers and Abilities


"You really belly-flopped it back there, man. That had to hurt."
"Don't think so. Didn't really feel a thing."
Bruno Carrelli and Kamran[src]
  • Hybrid Physiology: As part Djinn, Kamran is capable of performing feats greater than an average human.
    • Enhanced Durability: During Zoe Zimmer's party, he bellyflopped into her pool, but showed no discomfort from the impact and walked out unharmed.


  • Expert Combatant: To be added
"Hey, hey, I know what ammi means, okay?"
―Kamran to Kamala Khan[src]
  • Bilingualism: To be added


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Behind the Scenes


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