"We take your picture, we take you to lockup."
―Kalama to Black Bolt[src]

Lieutenant E. Kalama is an officer of the Honolulu Police Department who took Black Bolt in custody.


Arrest of Black Bolt

"Are you not speaking? Or you one of those smart-asses that's waiting for your lawyers to come and get you?"
―Kalama to Black Bolt[src]

Kalama was present at the Honolulu Police Station when Officer Beach brought Black Bolt, who had caused a car accident and sent a police car in the air with his sole voice. Kalama tried to have Black Bolt answering his questions, but to no avail.


Kalama places Black Bolt in custody

When Black Bolt gently broke out of his handcuffs, Kalama drew his gun and pointed it at Black Bolt like the other policemen. However, Black Bolt slowly put the handcuffs on Kalama's desk and cooperated with the policemen. Kalama informed Black Bolt that he would be sent to the Oahu County Correctional Facility.[1]


  • Handgun: As a police officer, Kalama carries a standard handgun he drew when Black Bolt broke free of his handcuffs.





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