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A collection of quotes from the [[Zealots|Zealot]] '''[[Kaecilius]]'''.
A collection of quotes from the [[Zealots|Zealot]] '''[[Kaecilius]]'''.

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DS Kaecilius Poster cropped

A collection of quotes from the Zealot Kaecilius.


Doctor Strange

Spoken by Kaecilius

"All things age. All things die. In the end, our sun burns out. Our universe grows cold and perishes. But the Dark Dimension, it’s the place beyond time."
"People think in terms of good and evil, but really, time is the true enemy of us all. Time kills everything."
"I am death, and pain!"
"You'll die protecting this world!"
"We don't seek to rule this world. We seek to save it."
Kaecilius to the Ancient One[src]

Spoken About Kaecilius

"Come on. Look at your face. Dormammu made you a murderer. Is that how good his kingdom be?"
Doctor Strange[src]


"Daniel, I see they made you the Master of this Sanctum."
"And you know what that means?"
"That you will die protecting it."
Kaecilius and Daniel Drumm[src]
"Mister Doctor?"
"It's Strange."
"Maybe. Who am I to judge?"
Kaecilius and Doctor Strange[src]
"The Mirror Dimension. You can't affect the real world in here. Who's laughing now, asshole?"
"I am."
Doctor Strange and Kaecilius[src]
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