A collection of quotes from the villain Kaecilius.


Doctor Strange

Spoken by Kaecilius

"We will now receive the power to destroy the One who has betrayed us. The One who betrays the world."
―Kaecilius to his Zealots[src]
"You cannot stop this, Mister Doctor. This is the end and the beginning. You are a doctor. A scientist. You understand the laws of nature. All things age, all things die. In the end, our sun burns out. Our universe grows cold and perishes. But the Dark Dimension... it's a place beyond time."
"You ever wonder how she managed to live this long? So, you know. The ritual gives me the power to overthrow the Ancient One, and turn her Sanctums down, to let the Dark Dimension in. Because what the Ancient One hoards, Dormammu gives freely. Life, everlasting. He's not the Destroyer of Worlds, Doctor, he's the Savior of Worlds."
―Kaecilius about the Ancient One and Dormammu[src]
"People think in terms of good and evil, but really, time is the true enemy of us all. Time kills everything."
―Kaecilius to Doctor Strange[src]
"We don't seek to rule this world. We seek to save it!"
―Kaecilius to Doctor Strange[src]

Spoken About Kaecilius

"Come on, look at your face. What makes you think Dormammu is the kind of guy to keep his word? Dormammu made you a murderer. Is that how good his kingdom can be?"
Doctor Strange to Kaecilius[src]
"Just as you gave Kaecilius power from your dimension, I've brought a little power from mine."
Doctor Strange to Dormammu[src]


"Master Kaecilius. That ritual will bring you only sorrow."
―The Ancient One and Kaecilius[src]
"Daniel, I see they made you the Master of this Sanctum."
"And you know what that means?"
"That you will die protecting it."
―Kaecilius and Daniel Drumm[src]
"...Mister Doctor?"
"It's Strange."
"Maybe. Who am I to judge?"
―Kaecilius and Doctor Strange[src]
"This world doesn't have to die, Doctor. This world can take its rightful place alongside so many others as part of the one, the great and beautiful one. And we can all live forever."
"Really? What do you have to gain out of this new-age dimensional utopia?"
"The same as you. The same as everyone. Life. Eternal life. People think in terms of good and evil, but really, time is the true enemy of us all. Time kills everything.
"What about the people you killed?"
"Tiny momentary specks within an indifferent universe. "
―Kaecilius and Doctor Strange[src]
"Yes, you see? You see what we're doing? The world is not what it ought to be, humanity longs for the eternal, for a world beyond time, because time is what enslaves us. Time is an insult. Death is an insult. Doctor, we don't seek to rule this world. We seek to save it, to hand it over to Dormammu who is the intent of all evolution, the *why* of all existence."
"The Sorcerer Supreme defends existence."
"What was it that brought you to Kamar-Taj, Doctor? was it enlightenment? Power? You came to be healed, as did we all. Kamar-Taj is a place that collects broken things. We all come with the promise of being healed, and instead, the Ancient One gives us parlor tricks. The real magic she keeps for herself."
―Kaecilius and Doctor Strange[src]
"The Mirror Dimension. You can't affect the real world in here. Who's laughing now, asshole?"
"I am."
Doctor Strange and Kaecilius[src]


"I am death, and pain!"
"You'll die protecting this world!"


Doctor Strange Prelude

Spoken by Kaecilius

"That relic you hold has far too much power to be contained by someone who doesn't fully comprehend the mystic arts."
―Kaecilius to the Witch[src]

Doctor Strange Prelude - The Zealot

Spoken by Kaecilius

"Time is unmerciful... I knew before the doctor even set foot in that room that you were lost to me, just as our son was lost to us, and you were going to be joined together in a place I could not follow. I failed you both..."
―Kaecilius to Adria[src]
"Hidden in these pages are the fragments of a ritual... but it appears to be one that I cannot perform alone."


"Do you feel the Ancient One to be a great teacher? Do you feel that you have found the truths which you had sought out when you came here?"
"I haven't."
"And if there were more that I could teach you...?"
"Then we'd be eager to learn."
―Kaecilius and the Zealots[src]
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