"Karl's dedicated his life to saving others."
"Now he's burying anything that could expose him. I'm guessing, after this conversation, you could be next unless you tell me where to find him."
"You're wrong. And I won't do anything to hurt him. If you're gonna use that strength on me, do it. Until then, I'm gonna play through."
―Justis Ambrose and Jessica Jones[src]

Justis Ambrose runs Ambyhose Hosiery Inc., and went to university with Dr. Karl Malus.


"This is my son, Eric. He was born with severe craniofacial dysostosis, a genetic disorder. He wasn't expected to live past age five. I met Karl at university. He had made some incredible breakthroughs, but his techniques were years away from being approved. Eric didn't have that kind of time."
"So you paid Karl to experiment on your son?"
"I would have given him every penny I had. Karl risked his entire career to save my boy."
―Justis Ambrose and Jessica Jones[src]

Justis Ambrose is the heir to Ambyhose Hosiery Inc., and the father of Eric Ambrose. When Eric was born, he was diagnosed with severe craniofacial dysostosis and was not expected to live past the age of five years old. Ambrose met Karl Malus at university, and allowed him to experiment on his son in an effort to save his life. The procedure was a success, allowing Eric to live a normal life.[1]

In return, Ambrose used Ambyhose to pay for Malus' credit card and car rental payments. This information was used by Jessica Jones to confront Ambrose over his association with Malus in an effort to discover his whereabouts. When Ambrose was not as forthcoming as she would have liked, Jessica paid a visit to Eric. Ambrose reluctantly told her where Malus lived.[1]







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