"Please, stop! I'm... I'm sick."
―Junkie Jake to the Masked Man[src]

Junkie Jake was a drug user living in Hell's Kitchen, willing to commit any crime for the promise of a new high.


Killing an Innocent

Living in an apartment block which was ravaged by nearby bombings, Jake spent his days taking drugs. He was approached by a man working for Wilson Fisk, who offered him a supply of high class Steel Serpent Heroin, in exchange for him murdering an elderly woman living in his building. Jake agreed and attacked Elena Cardenas, stealing her purse and stabbing her multiple times before escaping.[1]

Confronted by Daredevil


Jake is confronted by Daredevil

The night after the murder, Jake sat in his apartment and injected himself with the Steel Serpent; as his mind became foggier, he believed he was hallucinating when he saw the man in the mask, inside his apartment. It proved to be no illusion however and the man violently confronted Jake, throwing him into broken glass. Although Jake attempted to deny any involvement, the man had discovered Elena Cardenas' purse. Eventually Jake gave in and explained how he was hired and gave the location of the warehouse where he had met his employer. Before leaving, the man in black ordered Jake to surrender himself to Sergeant Brett Mahoney at the police station.[1]


Before he could surrender himself to the police however, Jake was discovered by Wilson Fisk's men, who threw him off the roof of his building to his death, as punishment for speaking out about Fisk's criminal activities.[2]





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