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"I came for science. I'm leaving 'cause of witches. Welcome to the new dark ages!"
―Julius Dell[src]

Julius Dell is a teacher at Midtown School of Science and Technology. In 2024, he chaperoned the school's Europe trip alongside Roger Harrington to accommodate the victims of the Snap.


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Science Vacation

After the Blip, Midtown organized a school trip to Europe in the summer of 2024. Dell volunteered to lead the trip with fellow teacher Roger Harrington. When they arrived at Hotel DeMatteis, Dell was very disappointed in Harrington's choice, which proved to be very low-end. Dell had a similar reaction when he attempted to visit a museum he wanted that was closed. Dell criticized Harrington for not researching the trip further before they actually went. However, once they arrived in Europe, the trip's plans were quickly disrupted by Mysterio and his plan. After some manipulation by "Nick Fury," Dell would announce to the students that their original plan to travel from Venice to Paris was changing and that they were now going to Prague, much to the dismay of Peter Parker.


Flash, Dell & Harrington

Dell and Harrington take the students to the opera

Upon arriving in Prague, Dell and Harrington originally planned for the students to enjoy the Carnival of Lights, until their plans were once again disrupted. Knowing that Mysterio planned another Elemental attack that night, Fury secretly provided the group with opera tickets. When the two teachers announced the change of plans, everyone was very disappointed. However, various students, including Parker, Ned Leeds, and Betty Brant, would sneak out and fortunately survived the attack.


When their trip was again redirected to London and Parker announced he had to leave the trip, the entire group began to get suspicious. When the group was caught in the middle of the Battle of London, Dell and the others survived and were able to return to the United States.


Julius Dell is a serious and reliable teacher who works along with his colleague Roger Harrington at the Midtown School of Science and Technology. When Peter Parker's class was to travel to Europe after they were resurrected from the Snap, Dell accompanied them along with Harrington as a chaperone. During the trip, he wanted to make the students feel happy and excited at the prospect of having new experiences, while not forgetting his love for science. He has also been shown to have some degree of interest in World of Warcraft and the NBA.

However, much like his colleague and the whole class under his supervision, Dell greatly dislikes perversion and voyeurism. After Brad Davis, one of the students under his charge, was revealed by fellow student Michelle Jones, or MJ, to have photographed fellow student Peter Parker half-naked with the Seamstress during their stop in Austria, Dell was not amused. Believing Davis to be a pervert, Dell warned him that taking pictures in the bathroom was not cool.





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