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"I came for science. I'm leaving 'cause of witches. Welcome to the new dark ages!"
―Julius Dell[src]

Julius Dell is a teacher at Midtown School of Science and Technology, who chaperoned the Europe trip alongside Roger Harrington to accommodate the victims of the Snap.


Science Vacation

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Julius Dell is a serious and reliable teacher who works along with his colleague Roger Harrington at the Midtown School of Science and Technology. When Peter Parker's class was to travel to Europe after they were resurrected from the Snap, Dell accompanied them along with Harrington as a chaperone. During the trip, he wanted to make the students feel happy and excited at the prospect of having new experiences, while not forgetting his love for science. He has also been shown to have some degree of interest in World of Warcraft and the NBA.

However, much like his colleague and the whole class under his supervision, Dell greatly dislikes perversion and voyeurism. After Brad Davis, one of the students under his charge, was revealed by fellow student Michelle Jones or MJ to have photographed Peter Parker half-naked with the Seamstress during their stop on Austria, believing Davis to be a pervert, Dell warned him that taking pictures on the bathroom was not cool.





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