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"You help people right themselves. I've seen you do it a hundred times."
Benjamin Poindexter to Julie Barnes[src]

Julie Barnes was a waitress who had previously worked with Benjamin Poindexter as a suicide hotline operator.


Early Life

Dreams of Dance

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"My parents made the mistake of telling me I could be anything I wanted."
―Julie Barnes to Benjamin Poindexter[src]

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Being Kind

Meeting Ben Poindexter

"That's a lot to deal with, I'm glad you called."
"You're doing amazing."
Benjamin Poindexter and Julie Barnes[src]

Barnes photographed with all her co-workers

Julie Barnes worked for three years as an operator at the Brooklyn Suicide Prevention Center before quitting social work to pursue her dream as a ballet dancer. She ultimately failed her dream due to an injury. However, shortly before learning of Benjamin Poindexter's obsession over her, she was hired at the Presidential Hotel for double the pay of her previous job. Wilson Fisk, although she was unaware of his actions, had intervened to hire her, as he was working on his plan to manipulate Poindexter.[2]

Reunion with Poindexter

Barnes reuniting with Benjamin Poindexter

"How did you know I worked there for three years? You were only there for one."
"You mentioned it earlier. You quit to do ballet."
"Did I also mention ballet earlier? Specifically?"
―Julie Barnes and Benjamin Poindexter[src]

On her first day as a waitress, Barnes ran into former co-worker Benjamin Poindexter, who asked her to catch up after her shift. During their conversation Barnes realized Poindexter knew information about her that she did not disclose and began to suspect he had been stalking her. Freaked out, she made her excuses and Poindexter grabbed her, but let go when she yelled at him.[2]

Agreeing to Help

Barnes has a coffee with Benjamin Poindexter

"Okay. I'll help you, Dex. But, please, do not make me regret this."
―Julie Barnes to Benjamin Poindexter[src]

A few days after her incident with Poindexter, he surprised her on her routine jog and begged her to talk to him. She agreed and Poindexter explained that he had been following her because he wanted to act more like her. He asked for her help because he felt like he was drowning and needed someone to turn to. She agreed and made him promise he won't make her regret that decision.

Barnes being executed by the Cleaning Crew

Kingpin, who had been trying to manipulate Poindexter, ordered Felix Manning to kill Barnes when she went to work in order to prevent her from ruining his plans with Poindexter. After Manning's Cleaning Crew killed her, he took Barnes' phone from her corpse. When Poindexter texted her, Manning impersonated her and made him believe that she cut off her ties from him.[3]


Poindexter's Breakdown

"Fisk had her killed. He killed Julie, so he could replace her as your North Star."
Daredevil to Benjamin Poindexter[src]

Learning about her after interrogating Felix Manning, Poindexter was led by Daredevil to the location where Barnes' body was located. His subsequent discovery of her corpse and the realization that Wilson Fisk manipulated him, caused Poindexter to turn against Fisk and he went on a rampage to kill him. In his madness, Poindexter brought Barnes' corpse along to the hotel.[1]


"When we worked together at the suicide hotline, I saw the way you were with other people. Patient, compassionate, and I... I really need that right now."
Benjamin Poindexter to Julie Barnes[src]

Julie Barnes was a good, kind, patient, and compassionate person who wanted to help people. Her parents were never really involved in her life, but they raised her to have dreams, which, according to Julie, was a mistake. Despite leaving social work to pursue her dream as a ballet dancer, Julie remained open to helping people in need.




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