The Judas Rifle is a sniper rifle designed by Hammer Industries in order to fire Judas Bullets.



Diamondback was able to obtain one of these firearms as part of his black market dealings, and kept it for himself. Once he decided to step up and deal with Luke Cage himself, following Cage's interference with one his dealers, Cornell Stokes, Diamondback sniped on Cage and was able to shoot one of the bullets on Cage's stomach.[1]


Diamondback attempting to kill Luke Cage

Claire Temple managed to take Cage into an ambulance, but they were chased by Diamondback into Harlem's Women Clinic, where he shot another bullet, perforating the wall and making it explode. Cage went to confront Stryker, first in close quarters inside the clinic, and then stalling him preventing from firing again inside United Palace Theater, where he left Stryker unconsciuos. Stryker followed Cage, and shot another bullet to him, that made Cage fell inside a garbage truck, where Stryker hoped he would die.[2]

Diamondback then took his rifle to Harlem's Paradise, and he assembled it to shoot the last Judas Bullet he had with him while Cage bumped inside and caused a hostage situation. Stryker managed to ambush Cage while holding Candace Miller hostage, and shot at him while Cage rushed to rescue her. However, Cage managed to avoid the bullet, that ended up hitting a chair and causing it to explode.[3]



Yuri Zaikin taking close aim at Jeffrey Mace

One of the Judas Rifles was obtained by the Watchdogs and given to hired mercenary Yuri Zaikin. Zaikin acted as an sniper during an ellaborate plan to assassinate S.H.I.E.L.D. director Jeffrey Mace, firing the Judas Bullet at him. However, Daisy Johnson managed to notice Zaikin's presence and warned everyone to get down. Mace grabbed a nearby podium for cover, and Zaikin's shot missed, hitting the podium and then making it explode.[4]


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Behind the Scenes

  • The prop used for the Judas Rifle is the Fostech Origin-12, modified in imitation of a sniper rifle.


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