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"Well, there are no impact wounds. No glass, metal flakes or nothing. The impact is localized and focused. I mean, he was hit–"
"He was punched and he flew back over 20 feet. And the size of the hole and the punch is consistent with that of a human fist. And the punch was so hard, it bent back the shock plate of his Kevlar vest."
Misty Knight and Mark Bailey[src]

The Judas Gauntlet is a glove designed by Hammer Industries and used by Diamondback to give its user superhuman striking capabilities.


Assassination of Jackie Albini

"That cat with the hoodie punched that cop and he flew back, like, 20 feet, like he was shot from a cannon or some shit."
In an effort to shift public opinion on adversary Luke Cage, Diamondback dressed himself in a grey hoodie and, armed with the Judas Gauntlet, approached Jackie Albini, killing the man with one punch. As he left the scene, he proclaimed loudly that he was Luke Cage.[1]

Assassination of Damon Boone

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Duel at Malcolm X Boulevard


Diamondback wields the Judas Guantlets

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What If... Coulson
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  • Superhuman Strength: the Judas Gauntlet possess the ability to amplify a regular human's fists and punches to be greater than most, similarly to the strength of Luke Cage. Upon impact on Jackie Albini, Diamondback was able to deliver enough force that his chest caved inward and shattered his ribcage; the force also projected him several yards in distance and several feet into the air.



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