"Punisher comes to Juárez, we'll kill his ass."
Mexican Cartel Member[src]

Ciudad Juárez, commonly referred as Juárez, is a city in Mexico, often considered the world's most dangerous city.


Mexican Cartel

"They're bringing up some heavy munitions from Juárez. Military-grade."
Turk Barrett to Daredevil[src]

With Wilson Fisk arrested every other major gang in New York City tried to grab up everything he had left. This included the Mexican Cartel. In order to improve their position in New York City, they began bringing up heavy, military-grade, munitions from Juárez, which they stored in a warehouse at the meatpacking district.[1]

During his anti-criminal crusade, the Punisher continued to kill the members of the Cartel until only one was left. He fled to Juárez, where he received a hero's welcome and as he was celebrating, he was shot and killed by the Punisher using a sniper rifle who was across the border in El Paso, Texas.[2]


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