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"I was just out of law school. No one here took me seriously. They had every right not to. The job just didn't come naturally to me like it did for you. So I worked my ass off to learn this business. And then, I won the respect of my colleagues. And, yes, part of me wants to stay because I feel connected to Dad. But the other part wants to stay for me. For what I achieved. I earned my position. I'm not gonna just walk away. Not without a fight."
―Joy Meachum to Ward Meachum[src]

Joy Meachum is the daughter of Harold Meachum, who, together with her brother Ward, spent her life building Rand Enterprises to its current position. However, upon Danny Rand's return, the Meachum siblings saw their work put in jeopardy as Rand planned to claim his birthright within the company.

Having experienced the loss of her father again alongside the betrayal of her brother, she aligned herself with Davos in an effort to seek revenge while starting anew and independent from Rand Enterprises. With the Iron Fist removed from Rand, she quickly regretted the partnership with Davos and sought the aid of Mary Walker for protection.


Early Life

Friendship with Rand

Meachum on a holiday with the Rand family

Along with her brother, Ward Meachum, Joy was raised by Harold Meachum without mother who eventually died. Harold brought up his children into a business world and they were groomed to take over the Rand Enterprises someday. As such, she and her brother became associated with Danny Rand, the child of Harold's colleague, Wendell Rand. While Joy became Danny's close friend, Ward was abusive towards him and would often bully him.[3] When Joy was twelve, Harold took them to summer vacation in The Hamptons. She was very impressed by horses which she saw and said to her father that she wants to become a horse breeder when she grew up.[4]

Joy spending time with Ward and Danny Rand

Then Harold was diagnosed with terminal cancer and he didn't have long to live. For three years he suffered from illness and Joy visited him every day. Joy turned him over in bed to stop him getting bed sores and sang him "Crazy In Love" however eventually, her father died from cancer.[5]

When she grew up, Joy studied in Pierson College and made friends with Mika Prada. However, Prada stole at least three her boyfriends and her favorite teacher. Joy hated her with a passion but pretended that she liked her.[6] After Pierson, Joy studied law at Columbia University. Following her graduation, Joy inherited Rand Enterprises because the Rand family had gone missing and were presumed dead. Alongside Ward, who became CEO, Joy worked at Rand as Chief Council.[3]

Running Rand Enterprises

Danny Rand's Return

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Walking into Ward Meachum's office, Joy meets eyes with the stranger that claimed to be Danny Rand. Visibly disturbed, she shied away from him when he attempted to embrace her. After asking to speak with Harold Meachum, she and her brother informed him that he had passed away from cancer and demand that he leave the premises. Becoming frustrated, she was frightened by his movement before security escorted him out. Later, she conversed with her brother about the incident and went home.

Arriving at Rand Enterprises Building and into her office, she is surprised by the appearance of Danny Rand. When asking him how he managed to get inside without being detected, he responded that he knew all the entrances and exits, perceiving it as his second home. She agreed to speak with him but warned him that she was armed with mace and had a button to alert security. Pouring him a cup of water, Joy explained that while Ward was persistent that he was not Rand, she partially believed that he was Rand by appearance but accepted that he died in the crash. She listened as Rand began to divulge his experience during the day of his parents' death. She watched as he became dizzy and collapsed on the floor, standing over him next to Ward. While he lie unconscious, the two had him transported and enlisted as a patient at Birch Psychiatric Hospital for treatment.[3]

Joy, later, regretted the decision to drug him; however, Ward reassured her that she did the right thing and that they could have reproted him directly to the police.[7]

Raj Patel

Assisting her brother with a business situation with Raj Patel, Joy joined the two for an approaching dinner. Dress formally, the two approached a limo, inside Patel awaited them with champagne and glasses. They traveled to Metro-General Hospital, where Joy told him about Kevin Kennedy, a dying boy whom was an organ donor that possessed O-negative blood. Upon his death, she informed him that his liver would go directly to Patel's nephew Terence Patel, but only if he were to sell Red Hook Pier to Rand Enterprises.[8]

Managing Ward

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Removal of the Meachums

Reviewing the story written in New York Bulletin by Karen Page, Joy expressed admiration for what published but was quickly taken aback when Lawrence Wilkins arrived in her office with security, telling her that the Board had an emergency meeting and voted the Meachums out of Rand Enterprises.[9][4]

Meeting Her Father

Ward's Initial Interaction

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Family Reunion

Meachum is finally reunited with her father

Returning to the building, Meachum was led up the elevators and stairs to the penthouse. Entering inside, she stood shocked to find Harold Meachum living inside.[10]

Deal with the Devil

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Meachum was carried by Harold and accompanied by Ward into Metro-General Hospital, rushed for the bleeding wound to her abdomen.[5]

Seeking Revenge

Recruited by Davos

Joy speaks to Davos about killing Iron Fist

"He destroys everything he touches. Isn't it true your world fell apart after his return?"
"Things changed for me."
"And you know that if you have any hope of returning to your old life, he must be removed."
Davos and Joy Meachum[src]

Meachum eventually found out that her father had once more died for good, so she left New York City without telling anyone. She met with Davos in Paris, talking about how Danny Rand and her Ward betrayed her and she got sick of putting up with it. Davos remarked that Rand destroys everything he touches, commenting how Meachum's life fell apart after his return, which she confirmed. Davos told Meachum that she had no chance to get her old life back, unless Rand is removed with it, and Meachum agreed.[11]

Upon returning to New York, Meachum and Davos devised a plan on how to get their revenge on Rand by stealing the power of Iron Fist from him. Using Meachum's money and contacts, they reached out to Mary Walker and hired her to spy on Rand and collect all the information on him, with the intention to attack him when they are ready. Also, Meachum got in touch with the Crane Sisters, who would provide Davos with a tattoo that was needed for a ritual to transfer Chi from Rand to Davos.[12]

Long Awaited Meeting

Meachum mets with Ward and Danny Rand

"All I want is what I've worked my entire life for. And a chance to make something of my own."
"And to punish me."
"It's not about you."
―Joy Meachum and Ward Meachum[src]

Selling away her house, Meachum rented a new apartment and send messages to both Ward and Danny Rand, asking them to come but making it look like that they asked each other. Both Rand and Ward were surprised and confused at seeing Meachum back in New York City, but she only told them to come inside, so they could talk. Meachum jokingly remarked how this was her first official meeting since she moved back, and when Ward hopefully asked if she is coming back to them, Meachum replied that that was not the case. Meachum explained to Ward that she was intending to buy out of Rand Enterprises and showed him and Rand a divestment package that she prepared with the help of an outside firm.

Ward was frustrated that his sister was ignoring his calls for months only to show up for this, but Meachum reminded him how he was eager to leave the company not too long ago, when Lawrence Wilkins tried to kick them out. Rand tried to tell Ward to ease up and not be too hard on Meachum, but she was fine with that, saying that she missed his bickering. Looking at the stock options and expired patents Meachum wanted to walk away with, Ward assumed that all she wanted was to take his job, but Meachum said that it was not about him. Meachum told them that she wanted to take what she worked her entire life for, so she could have a chance to make something on her own, explicitly remarking that she was not interesting in punishing her brother.

Meachum then reminded that he had been lying to her about their father for years and she did not take that lightly, although Ward thought that they put that behind them. Meachum asked them for any counter-proposals, Ward angrily rejected her offer. Meachum was rather calm about that, as Rand told Ward that they need to respect her and agreed to sign her offer, so they could put everything that happened with Harold and the Hand in the past. Ward said that he cannot sign it but Meachum reminded him of Rand's 51% share in the company, although Ward called that a mistake and left. Meachum then walked Rand out, before he said that he was proud of her and wished her luck in her new beginnings, which she thanked him for.

Meachum talks with Davos about their shipment

Later, Meachum was drinking wine when Davos visited her, offering him a glass but Davos refused, saying that he needs to maintain his physical well-being. Meachum asked Davos about the status of the shipment they were waiting for and Davos told her Hai-Qing Yang changed the price they agreed on, expressing his disgust for dealing with someone like him. Meachum then told Davos how she had to look Rand and her brother in the eye and act like she was not planning anything with Davos, which he thought Meachum would enjoy. Meachum replied that she did at first, but then Rand sincerly wished her luck with she was doing around, which did not sit well with her. Davos reminded Meachum that she should not be wavered by Rand, but Meachum assured him that she will not stop that easily.

Davos came back after talking to Rand personally and Meachum asked if he had done anything to him and why risked by approaching him. Davos explained that he had the opportunity to snap his neck but he showed mercy to his brother, offering him a chance to make it right and give the Iron Fist on his free will. Meachum said that Rand, Ward and her father had been lying and manipulating her, and once Rand came back to her life, everything she had crumbled in front of her. She said that Rand deserves to understand what it feels like to have everything he had ripped away from him, which Davos was delighted to hear.[13]

Dinner with Enemies

Meachum and Davos tell tales of their meeting

"Danny called earlier and invited us to dinner at his place tonight."
"How would he know we know each–"
"He ran into Ward at the auction. He must've said something. We have to go. They're obviously suspicious of our friendship."
―Joy Meachum and Davos[src]

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Dealing with Walker

Meachum tells Davos she will handle Walker

"You didn't give Danny the photos. But you did. And Danny's met you... but he hasn't met you."
"In a manner of speaking."
―Joy Meachum and Mary Walker[src]

Meachum and Davos paid Mary Walker a visit at her Apartment, both confronting her on Danny Rand's possession of the photographs she had been tasked to take. Though Walker denied actively giving the photos to him and Davos attempted to attack her, Meachum advanced that the two calmed themselves; the three remained in the apartment throughout the night in an effort to gain some explanation to Rand knowing about her presence.[1]

Meachum being chocked out by Mary Walker

While Davos left the apartment for the bowl, Meachum stayed with Walker. As she conversed her, she poked around her belongings, eventually coming across a letter that detailed Walker's disorder. She was briefly clutched and choked by Walker before cowering away into the floor. Quickly, Meachum reasoned that Walker had not purposely given away the photos and allowed her to continue her task of capturing Rand, requesting that she did so as Walker.[12]

A Dissolving Partnership

"Look, you have your Iron Fist. I'm very happy for you. Every good boy deserves one. But this cannot blow back on me. I am building something."
"You can't compartmentalize who you are, Joy. You don't just get to pretend this never happened."
"That's exactly what I get to do. This is my life we're talking about. Everything that I've worked for."
―Joy Meachum and Davos[src]

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Offer for Protection

"I can take your money, run protection, but it's a Band-Aid. If this guy Davos decides he wants to hurt you, all bets are off. And if you don't want to run, you need to eliminate the threat."
"Eliminate is a word with connotations."
"No, it isn't. It's just what it sounds like. You can look over your shoulder day and night forever, or you can hire me to make the problem go away."
Walker and Joy Meachum[src]

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Interrogated by Misty Knight

"I haven't been arrested, I haven't been Mirandized, and I haven't spoken to my lawyer."
"I will just call this you and I having a chat in a mutual friend's apartment."
"And if I try to leave?"
"We'll see how far you get."
―Joy Meachum and Misty Knight[src]

To be added

A Possible Future

"I was gonna get out. Start my own business. See what my life could look like. My life. 'Cause only then could I even consider coming back and seeing where we stood. Two people, fully independent, trying and seeing what fences we could mend."
"I want that. Yeah."
"I know you want that, Ward. You've made your wants perfectly clear. What I'm saying is that maybe I could someday want that, too. But it has to be on my time. Not when you're ready. When I am ready."
―Joy Meachum and Ward Meachum[src]

To be added

Rejoining Davos

"I think I was more afraid of letting go than I was of you. Fate brought us together for a reason. I can't keep ignoring that. I told you I was done and that what we did to Danny was enough. Maybe it wasn't. I heard what you did to his leg."
"He gave me no choice. What I'm planning, Joy, goes so far beyond revenge. It's about building a future we could be proud of."
"But you had to start with yourself first. Become the person you wanted to be. So if I want to make the world better, I have to be better."
―Joy Meachum and Davos[src]

To be added

Betraying Davos

"You're out of your mind and someone has to stop you. Denigrate Danny all you want, you stole the Fist from him. You stole it. Which means you're no better than the criminals you claim to despise. It makes sense that you hang out with a bunch of teenagers, because any adult, one-eyed sycophants excluded, would instantly see how full of shit you are."
―Joy Meachum to Davos[src]

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Visited by Walker

"You know, you're one of the few people who knows both sides of me. I could use that. I could use your influence, your connections... your reach. It's not over between us, Joy."
"Don't I get a say in that?"
"That's one of the things I love most about you... is your sense of humor."
Mary Walker and Joy Meachum[src]

To be added


"In our dealings, you present strength. You ask no quarter, give no ground. You see victory in your mind's eye, and you make it real. I respect that."

Joy is a woman who feels she has no control over her own destiny. Given a company in her father's will and forced to work a job she was terrible at, she fought tooth and nail to climb the ranks and gain respect from her co-workers, learning business solely for that reason.

In the business room, she has a steely strong personality, but outside of it she is constantly searching herself, prone to bouts of staring and hesitation. She can also be quite timid around others, and will only believe someone when shown definitive proof. She even regretted drugging Danny Rand and leaving him to be taken to Birch Psychiatric Hospital, since she held a strong belief in who he really was. In truth, Rand became a reminder of the family members she had lost and the goodness in herself that she suppressed and the morality that she tries to ignore for the sake of business.

On the bright side, she is an expert detective and extremely resourceful. Every time she wants something done, she proves that she is more capable of it than even her brother Ward, proving to her father that she was a far more worthy successor to his legacy.

She is abhorrent of dishonesty, which caused her to push away her brother and Danny for lying about Harold being alive, even when they explained that they were doing so to keep her away from the Hand. Despite walking out on her father after discovering his ruthless and manipulative nature in betraying Danny after the latter had helped him escape the Hand, she later came to regret turning her back on her father right before his death. Leaving the company, she would grow to harbor a deep resentment to Danny Rand for "ruining her life", more than eager to accept Davos' offer to kill him whereas before she would have been repulsed at the very thought, such as when she would not approve of her father and Danny's plans to kill Bakuto and the Hand.


"Yeah, I didn't go to war school, but I have an MBA and I know a little something about assessing risk."
―Joy Meachum to Davos[src]
  • Expert Businesswoman: To be added



  • Handgun: Meachum kept this handgun by herself while she waited in her apartment, knowing that either Davos or Mary Walker would go there looking for her. As Walker entered inside, thinking the apartment was empty, Meachum explained that the gun was in case it was Davos coming for her, but then warned Walker not to approach her, threatening her with the gun.

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  • In the comics, Joy Meachum was a brilliant business woman who was set to take control of Rand-Meachum, Inc. one day.


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