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"You absolutely do not get to drink for free."

Josie is the owner of Josie's Bar in New York City.


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Meeting Nelson and Murdock

In 2015, Josie worked behind the bar in her establishment, Josie's Bar, when Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson entered; they were celebrating leaving Landman and Zack and deciding to create their own law firm, Nelson and Murdock.[3]

Nelson's and Page's Night Out

Josie served Foggy Nelson and Karen Page when they entered Josie's Bar.[4]

Helping Mourners

Mourning the death of Elena Cardenas, Karen Page, Foggy Nelson, and Matt Murdock entered Josie's Bar.[5]

Foggy Nelson Drinks Alone

Josie tended bar and waited tables as Foggy Nelson ordered a whole bottle of alcohol and drank alone. Karen Page entered Josie's Bar; seeing Nelson, Page reached behind the bar and got a glass to join him; Josie did not stop her.[6]

Serving Marci Stahl

"You know that buffalo wouldn't make me a vodka martini? I had to settle for just vodka."
Marci Stahl to Foggy Nelson[src]

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  • In the comics, Josie owns the self-named Josie's Bar, where illegal trade often occurs, though she does not allow murders in her bar, and urges her patrons to solve their "differences" outside, often using a shotgun to discourage them from doing it inside.

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