"What'd your father die of?"
"Mustard gas. He was in the 107th Infantry. I was hoping I could be assigned-"
―Doctor and Steve Rogers[src]

Joseph Rogers was the father of Steve Rogers and a soldier with the 107th Infantry Regiment of the United States Army. He was killed during World War I.


World War I

Joseph Rogers married Sarah Rogers, and conceived a son named Steve. Joseph fought with the 107th during World War I dying as a consequence of mustard gas attack before his son was born.[2]


For his death, while serving with the United States Army, he was awarded the Purple Heart Medal. After Joseph died, Sarah had to raise Steve by herself, lamenting that Joseph left them too soon, and noting that Steve was very much like his father, wanting to follow Joseph's steps as a soldier. When his wife died in 1936, she was buried next to him.[2]




  • In the comics, Joseph Rogers was an Irish immigrant who had his son after World War I.



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