Joqo is the Kallusian representative within the extraterrestrial alliance known as the Confederacy.



Meeting Glenn Talbot

Joqo was the representative of the Kallusians in the Confederacy. He joined a Confederacy meeting summoned by Qovas and, like the rest of the Confederacy members, he was surprised to see Qovas arriving with a human, Glenn Talbot, who introduced himself as Earth's mightiest hero and claimed to renegotiate the deal struck between the Confederacy and HYDRA.

Joqo remained silent as Talbot requested to fully become a member of the Confederacy. As well as Crixon refused to consider such an option, and when Talbot murdered Crixon by absorbing him into his own organism. Following this event, Joqo left the Confederacy meeting room, leaving only Talbot, Qovas and Taryan in the room.[1]





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