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"I couldn't see another way to kill that thing. We're safe now, okay? Quit howling."
"The other guy I hired isn't safe. He's frozen in the vacuum of space."
"Yeah, well, I'll take his cut, too. Relax. You can keep his rations."
―Jones and Virgil[src]

Jones was a resident in the Lighthouse who was hired by Virgil to sneak S.H.I.E.L.D. in when they arrived from the past. He was killed by a Vrellnexian as Phil Coulson arrived.


Hired by Virgil

Jones, along with Jerry and Deke Shaw was hired by Virgil to smuggle guests from Level 3. When Vrellnexians attacked them, Jones shot at the window and sucked Jerry out into space before Virgil sealed the room. After Virgil scolded Jones for his recklessness, they were startled by the newcomer, Phil Coulson. Jones aimed his Plasma Gun at Coulson in defense before Virgil eased his worries. Hearing the roaches, Jones urged them to leave. Virgil, however, wanted to stay and wait for the others. Jones disagreed and was on the verge of leaving before he was killed by a roach seconds later.[1]


Jones's body was found by Deke Shaw. Shaw took his body to a storage room, where he removed his Metric. Shaw would then put his Metric in Melinda May's forearm to keep her under the radar.[1]



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