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"I’d given up on my body. I thought, 'My mind’s the only thing I have left. I should at least try to elevate that.' So, I sat with gurus and sacred women. Strangers carried me to mountaintops to see holy men, and finally I found my teacher. And my mind was elevated, and my spirit deepened."
―Jonathan Pangborn to Stephen Strange[src]

Jonathan Pangborn is a former Master of the Mystic Arts who was trained by the Ancient One but later chose to leave Kamar-Taj as he only wanted to heal his paralysis. He later lost his powers and his ability to walk after Karl Mordo attacked him.


Early Life

Trained at Kamar-Taj

"There were deeper secrets to learn there, but I didn't have the strength to receive them. I chose to settle for my miracle and I came back home."
―Jonathan Pangborn to Stephen Strange[src]

Jonathan Pangborn was rendered paralytic following an accident at a factory that he had worked at and consulted Stephen Strange, only to be told that his injury was inoperable. Pangborn took physical therapy and eventually made his way to Kamar-Taj in Kathmandu, Nepal, where he was taught to use magic by the Ancient One. He later left Kamar-Taj as he had wanted nothing more than to use his abilities to walk again.[1]

Powers Questioned

Sought by Doctor Strange

Pangborn meeting Stephen Strange

"The place you're looking for is called Kamar-Taj. But the cost there is high."
"How much?"
"I'm not talking about money. Good luck."
―Jonathan Pangborn and Stephen Strange[src]

While playing basketball one day with friends, Pangborn was visited by Doctor Stephen Strange who greeted him by noting his medical history. When Strange revealed who he was, Pangborn noted that Strange's assistant Billy had refused to allow Pangborn to see Strange as he was deemed untreatable due to his injuries, therefore Strange would not get credit for curing him as it was impossible.

Pangborn decides to help Stephen Strange

Strange then revealed he was coming to Pangborn because he was looking for his own miracle, revealing that he had been in a car accident that crippled his hands. Taking pity for Strange's condition, Pangborn told him the story of how he met the Ancient One who cured him and revealed the location of Kamar-Taj despite his initial reluctance, warning him that his journey would come at a great cost, wishing him good luck in his new quest.[1]

Karl Mordo's Betrayal

Pangborn working at his machine shop

"The true purpose of a sorcerer is to twist things out of their proper shape, stealing power, perverting nature. Like you."
"I've stolen nothing. This is my power. Mine."
"Power has a purpose."
Karl Mordo and Jonathan Pangborn[src]

Pangborn returned to work until, several months later, he was confronted by Karl Mordo, who reminded him of how he had been carried into Kamar-Taj on a stretcher before being eventually being cured by the Ancient One. Mordo claimed that he had been away for some time and had now finally come to his own realization about the Masters of the Mystic Arts' true purpose in their world.

Pangborn paralyzed because of Karl Mordo

When Pangborn was accused of stealing and manipulating magic, Pangborn argued that he was only using his own power. Fearing Mordo's intentions, Pangborn attempted to attack him with a crowbar, only for Mordo to knock him down and strip him of his powers, causing his paralysis to return. As Pangborn asked Mordo why he was doing this to him, the former Master replied that there were too many sorcerers misusing their powers.[2]


"He had a choice, to return to his own life or to serve something greater than himself."
Ancient One to Doctor Strange[src]

Pangborn is a humble man of small goals. After mastering enough magic to treat his injuries, rather than seeking true enlightenment and further power, he settled for his small miracle of being able to walk and decided to return to his normal life. He is compassionate as he took pity on Stephen Strange's condition, despite the latter having previously rebuff him for a cure for his paralyses. At the same time, it is possible that like Strange originally was, Pangborn was afraid of taking on dark forces to protect the world and left the Mystic Arts out of both selfishness and fear.


Former Powers

"He channels dimensional energy directly into his own body."
"He uses magic to walk?"
Ancient One and Doctor Strange[src]
  • Magic: After getting paralyzed, Pangborn went on a quest to find a healer. This included getting taken to mountain tops and other rituals. One day he was found by a Master of the Mystic Arts and was taught how to perform magic to stable his condition.
    • Eldritch Magic: Pangborn constantly drew on dimensional energy to bypass his paralysis, channeling it into his body to allow it to function normally. He was later stripped of his powers by Karl Mordo as part of the former Master's quest to rid the world of sorcerers who, in his perspective, misused their powers.





Behind the Scenes


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