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For the Gibborim who possessed Jonah, see Magistrate

"Your battle is with your disease, not with me. I'm only here to help."
―Jonah to Magistrate[src]

Doctor Jonah was a physician from Melbourne who was used by the Magistrate as a host for decades. The Magistrate eventually abandoned this body at the end of the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site, leaving Jonah to die from a heavy wound inflicted by Nico Minoru.


Unusual Patient

"My name is Dr. Jonah. I'm the specialist they brought in from Melbourne. I'm sorry they've kept you back here alone for so long."
―Jonah to Magistrate[src]

Jonah was called to the United States of America from Melbourne to study the case of a mysterious dying patient, a preacher who had spent years performing healing miracles but who was irreparably suffering from a condition which made him weak and caused his skin to peel away. Jonah declared the case to be interesting and was willing to take risks to try and cure the preacher. However, while he adjusted the patient's medication, the preacher began rambling about how he would do something to Jonah, which would eventually cause the preacher to control him. Jonah gently responded that he was here to help the patient, whose real enemy was the disease.

However, as Jonah remained near the dying preacher, the Gibborim who was actually possessing the preacher, known as the Magistrate, took possession of Jonah's body, causing an explosion in the medical facility. From this point, Jonah would progressively lose control of his body to the Magistrate, who eventually came to fully control his body.[1]

Perimortem Awakening

"Where am I? Why are you crying?"
"Dad. Dad, it's me. It's your daughter Karolina."
"Who are you?"
―Jonah and Karolina Dean[src]

Magistrate remained in control of Jonah's body for decades, helping David Ellerh to found the Church of Gibborim and fathering a daughter, Karolina Dean, by having an affair with Leslie Dean. It was only in the late moments of the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site that the real Jonah regained consciousness, as the Magistrate had actually left to possess Victor Stein.

Jonah found himself lying on the ground, heavily wounded after Nico Minoru had stabbed his body in an attempt to kill the Magistrate. He realized that there was Dean crying over him and, when she stated that she was his daughter, Jonah had to admit that he did not know her before passing away.[2]


  • Expert Physician: Jonah was a physician who specialized in infectious diseases. He was called from Australia to deal with a patient whose condition left his other doctors helpless.